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Goose Hunting & White Bass on Wolf River- Larry Smith Outdoors –

(rock music) – All right team, charge. ♪ Take me out on the water – [Both Together] We fishing. ♪ Way out in the woods (gun firing) ♪ Where the breathing is easy ♪ The living is good ♪ Out in the great outdoors – [Larry] Welcome to
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great day to be alive. ♪ Outdoors – [Man] Holy moly. (country music) – Cody, what do you got there? – Oh, it’s food. You can’t have any though. – [Larry] But what do you mean? I’m protecting you. That’s why I have the firearm. – [Boy] No, it’s mine. – I tell you what, these kids nowadays, they don’t make ’em
like they used to and they’re crabby
in the morning. That’s the other part
I don’t understand. How you can you be crabby
on such a beautiful day like today? Hey, good morning and welcome
to Larry Smith Outdoors. Hey this morning what
we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be doing
some goose hunting and hopefully maybe a few
ducks will come into the field. We’re hunting over
some cut corn. Hey, we’re hunting
with out good buddy, Shotgun Shaffer and
his friend Mark, and of course, Cody. And I can’t believe, Cody, you’re up this
early this morning. He’s a little
cranky this morning so you kinda bear
with him a little bit. But, hey you guys tell us what are we doing
here this morning. – We’re on a the farmer just cut solid. There’s corn laying
all over the field. And we got a northwest wind and our field is
setup north to south so I’m kinda, I got some decoys
setup to the left. I got ’em all farther. And I got my decoys
setup closer. We got a pocket of about
40 yards in between. – Okay. – So, I’m gonna put my
decoys closer to the corn. The other decoys
out a little farther so when they come
in on a cross wind, you want yours
closer to suck ’em in to get in the
middle of that pocket. And then we’re standing, full corn hasn’t been cut yet, and we’re gonna shoot
’em when they come in. – You know Steve, you know I’m not, and I admit it, I’m not that good
at setting up decoys and I’ve hunted with you before, and it’s amazing how much
of a difference it makes to have the right pattern
when have set your decoys up. And boy, I’ll tell ya, when it comes to fishing
comes to hunting, you are always learning. And you were saying yesterday with the drizzle and the
rain that we’re getting here, that it’s really key to wipe the decoys off
themselves too, huh. Why is that? – I switched a
couple of years ago. I used to have a flocked
(inaudible), the plastic bodies. – Yeah. – The moisture gets on them. And the geese come over the top. You guys think they’re stupid, they live in parks. But they see that and they
see that glare on that body, they’re outta here. So I carry towels. I used to carry a torch
when we went to Canada. We’d warm ‘en up, wipe ’em down. I just buy fully flocked now. So now when they come in, they see the decoys. They don’t see the flare
or the shine on the decoys and then they come
into out decoys better. It’s just things I learn. I mean I’ll ask you for fishing but come to this stuff, this is what I live for. I live for goose hunt and
duck hunt everyday now. This is my time of year. – You know and a big thing too, is in Wisconsin here you know years ago, Steve,
and you know this. As a kid, you never saw
a goose all summer long. – Nope. – they just now we’ve
got all these geese that are staying here and it’s really kind of
an overpopulation of them. So, I mean it’s a big
thing to try to harvest some of these birds and
keep the numbers down. So, and they’re pretty
good darn eating. – Yeah. – Especially the
way you cook them. – I got ’em outta
there today for snacks. But, yeah, I used to get a tag, one tag for Horicon. – That’s what we got, too. – You go there and shoot
one tag and that was it. Now, from September
1st to the 15th, they’re letting you
shoot five a day. – Yup. – Then after that
’cause they know the migrators are coming
down a little bit. – Max, don’t eat that food. – We’re back to two a day. – Right. – Yeah, we’ll show you how
we set these decoys up. I got little stakes. They’re all flocked,
they turn, they wiggle. You want the wind to make
’em move a little and pivot and hopeful they’ll come in. – And what’s, hey what’s that other decoy
that we used the other day. – The wing waver. – What do you call it? – Wing weaver. – The wing waver. – It’s called the general. It’s scary how good it works. When you flap them
wings a couple of times, we’ll show you on camera. We’ll flop them and it
just brings them geese in. – Hey, and if there’s
anybody out there that has one of these and that wants to get rid of it, we’re looking for another one. So, just so later
on when we show it, make sure that if anybody’s
got one in their garage, in their basement and
they want to get rid of. Max stay away from that food. (laughing) Make sure you give us a call. Hey, stay tuned and let’s
see what happens this morning here on Larry Smith Outdoors. Doing a little bit of goose,
duck and goose hunting. – [Spokesperson] The
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private land owners, state and federal agencies, Wings Over Wisconsin
has been a leader in the preservation of our
natural wildlife habitat with donated dollars staying
in Wisconsin for Wisconsin. For information about
how you can join this great organization, or how to start a new chapter, please visit – Hey Larry, I remember I told you the
last time we were out, this is called the looker. It’s usually the mom
or dad in the family. – [Larry] Yeah, that’s
interesting, Steve. Okay. – I always want, I was taught a long time ago, people you always
want the mom or dad, their hind end into the
wind ’cause the birds have to fly into the wind. So I put the looker with
it’s back to the wind and all the feeders,
juvies, in front of feeding. So that’s the way I was
taught and it seems to work. I mean I’ve killed
a few geese, so. – Yeah, you have. You know and that’s
a funny thing. When you ever watch geese
and they’re anywhere, even in a park or
out in a field, there’s always a certain
percentage of them are always not feeding and
they’re always watching. They’re actually a
pretty smart bird as far as I’m concerned. – Feel that fabric on her? That way there’s no
moisture on there. – [Larry] Okay, now
if they were plastic– – It’d shine instantly. – It would. – And inside here
if you can see that, there’s a hole in there. This stake goes in there so you always take that pin, put it against the wind. – [Larry] Against the wind. – So this fits in here. There’s also a locking pitter
if you want to lock them but I always make
’em float around. So that sits in there
and there’s a groove that that pin rotates
back and forth. So allows the bird
to move a little bit. – Look more lifelike. – Bobs a little bit
like they’re feeding. – You know it’s amazing Steve, as a kid growing up I still
have a bunch of my decoys the older ones. And you wouldn’t even think
about using them decoys. They just, they just don’t work, you know? I mean these birds are
so used to seeing decoys and now with these new decoys, the look so lifelike, I mean it’s just the way to go. – Yeah, rule of thumb is when I’m hunting with
kids and everybody, if they’re flying over and you can see white
of their cheeks, they’re coming over, they’re low enough to kill. – Oh, that’s how you judge that because you know a lot of
people have a problem with that depth perception you know. So, and that’s a good
rule of thumb huh. – Yeah, cause a lot of times they don’t always land. They could come over, you could see the
white of their cheeks, you know they’re
within 25 yards. You see the whites, shoot ’em. – Take ’em, huh? – And they fly a lot faster
than you think they are. Like when they’re
coming sideways on you, I lead ’em by six, eight feet. – Oh that’s– – And when you’re
huntin’ waterfowl, you pull up on it cause
you’re done ready, hit their chest, go up to their head
and don’t stop. Keep swinging it past their head then pull the trigger. – And pull you’re saying
on a day like today with a light wind like that, you’re leading ’em
at five to six feet? – Easy, easy. – Holy cats. You know it’s hard
to really you know but if you think
about long it takes for that shot to get
out to that point when that bird is
moving that fast. – Yeah, we only have what it, I think these shells, these
still shot like 50, 60 yards. And then after that they just
drop right out of the sky. It’s made so that way the lead, it would carry for
a hundred yards. Now you can hunt in spots
where the shot only goes off 50, 60 yards it just drops. As soon as it gets
past this zone, it just falls out of the sky. – Hey Steve, you know what? When I go to Fleet Farm or go
up to Midwest Shooter’s Supply and I’m looking
for shotgun shells, and of course you
know, waterfowl, it’s all steel shot. There’s so many different
brands, and types, and speeds. When you’re hunting
geese, ducks and geese in a field situation like this, what do you think
the best shot is? Do you use two shot,
BBTs, you know fours. I mean three inch,
three and a half inch, two and three quarter, what do you use? – Today, I’m using
the Winchester Xperts. They’re 1550 feet per second, that’s the FPS says on it. – [Larry] Yup. – It’s 12 shot number three
inch, one and a half ounce, that’s the shot in there, and it’s BB. I mean, there’s no
fat on ’em right now. The geese come in
and there’s no fat. – Now this is an
interesting thing. I never thought about
you talked about this when I hunted with you
a couple weeks ago. I never thought about that, early in the season
like this the birds don’t have any fat on ’em. Where later in the season, sometimes I mean them
birds are 20 yards and your putting
the hurt on them and they just keep
going, and keep going so. – I’ve cleaned them ready where you clean them
and underneath the skin, there’s BBs that didn’t
go through the fat and never hit the meat. – [Larry] Wow. – And that’s how much fat, when the come from
Canada come down, that’s how you know it’s
gonna be a bad winter. Whenever the fat is
that bad on them, we’re gonna be a cold winter Like right now
there’s no fat on ’em. – [Larry] Okay. – So, I’m just using BB. Sometimes even if we hunt close, where we get the birds in close, I use twos and fours,
three inch twos and fours. That’s enough to knock
’em out of the sky. But today, we’re using Bbs and they make triple Bs, they
make three and a half inch. And when three and a half inch, boy you can reach
out and touch some. It hurts when you shoot, so. – So, are you telling me, I hope you’re not
saying this to me. – [Steve] I’m
trusting you today. – You’re not telling me we’re
gonna have a warm winter. I sure hope not. – Uh, I don’t know. Right now– – Cause I’m an ice fisherman and last year I got
cut short big time. (laughing) – This is the new hot item, man. The guys at work are
nailing me for this. It’s my venison meatball. I made these ones
Italian inside. Put a strip of onion
around, Vidalia onion, and wrapped in bacon. – So that’s how you
get away with sleeping in your machine? Because you’re feeding
the boss and stuff? – Just cause I’m an
operator and stuff. – Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? – Huh, worked that quick. – Cody, you don’t
want any of these. – Here, I’ll leave ’em
all for you, Larry. I already ate. – Check out the
inside of that, guys. – [Larry] Wow. When it comes to
migration of birds, you know we go out to
North Dakota all the time. And I tell you something, the last three, four years, we always go the
last week of October, we’ve been missing
the migration. And it seems that we’ve be
missing it by two or three days. And you were telling
me a little bit about how actually a
duck and how geese how when they migrate
how far they travel and then they rest up
for a certain time frame. – Yeah, the guy
with that ultralight was following them one time. They did a show on
National Geographic, Cody and I were watching. And they were doing, the geese would feed for
five or six days, seven days, even ducks, same thing. They’d get on it and they’d fly. And they go about
three to 500 miles, and they’d stop. And when they’d stop, they’d feed for five to six,
four to five, six, seven days to fatten themselves
back up again. And then they’d take
off and fly again. – Right. – So, go from Canada to Texas where they always go, is what, 3,000, 2,500 miles? So you figure they
gotta stop at least five times if you do the math, you know drop and feed. So they have to fatten back up and that’s why they
got the fat on them, for the migration
to travel like that. So, that’s what I was told. So if you see birds lands we got also so migrators come in, it’s like okay, you got at least a
week to hunt them. – [Larry] Wow. – Four days to a week. – I’m glad I’m not
traveling with them birds I tell you what because I’d be stopping
about every 10 miles. – Yeah. – At that rate. (soft guitar music) (shell clicking) Ready to go. Hey Steve! – Yeah. – [Larry] Is there
an app for the geese so you know when they’re
coming off the lakes? – I’m checking mother nature
to see what’s going on. – [Larry] Great. – [Spokesperson] Patrick,
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up with an ice rod worthy of the Beaver Dam name. But when we did, (sword slicing) boy, we nailed it. (ice crackling) (horn squawking) – [Steve] That’s
a decoy too guys right in the decoy. – [Larry] That is
absolutely crazy. – See when they’re up above you and when you’re calling
at them it echoes. You’ll hear it. Like if you’re over
there where my truck is, you’ll hear an echo and a bird doesn’t
echo when it talks when it honks at you. So, if they’re coming
from my right shoulder, I turn to my left (goose call squawking) and cluck at ’em. It’s bringing ’em in. And then when I let them go by, when they get over my decoys, I let ’em go by, I taught this from my cousin, he’s a pretty good caller. You let ’em go by get about
a hundred yards away from you and then you turn
yourself the other way and you throw out the hail call and that’s where
you guys going call. (goose call squawking) And instantly if you saw one
when we were filming before, hurry up Cody, here they come. Peter down guys, get ready. You’re ready, you’re
ready, you’re ready. Take ’em, take ’em, take’em. (gun firing) Buck, good boy. Right here, buddy. – [Larry] Nice job, that was cool. – Hey Maxy. – [Larry] Hey, I tell you what, that was the first nice
flock that came in. We got a couple other
bird singles come by but we seen that big flock
coming from the back there. So we let the singles go by. And I’ll tell ya, that flock there was about
a dozen birds in there boy and that was some fun
shooting right there. That was absolutely awesome. It’s well worth, Dan, getting
up at 3:30 in the morning. Hey Dan, we’re gonna home in time
to go to church today. – [Dan] You are. – Excellent. (slapping) (squawking) (gun firing) – [Steve] There’s three, three. You’re done, we’re done,
we’re done, we’re done, there’s three. – I told you we were gonna
make it to church today and that’s awesome. – And that was
almost a free dog. Some guy gave it to
me for a sandwich. – [Larry] What, a sandwich? – Yeah, I made him
a goose sandwich, he gave me a dog. – Are you kidding me? – [Steve] That’s how
good on a shotgun, dude. – I got a dog, you got a goose sandwich? I got three dogs. You hunt a lot of different
farms and I’ll tell ya that over the years it’s amazing the amount of farmers that don’t
want hunters on their land. And a lot of it’s
simply a simple thing of not picking up their
stuff that they bring in. It’s not different
than fishing, too. Is that a few years ago
you could pretty much hunt anywhere,
and fish anywhere. People would let
you on their land but it’s a whole
different deal now. What do you do different
so when you come on. – Well the guys I
hunt with I take out even if I’m by
myself or whatever, when we’re done we make
sure we stay in one area, we pick out all the houses. See where we got the empties? – Which are all
the empties, yep. Make sure that’s all picked up. – Pick them up. Whatever you do,
whatever you do, round your soda cans,
pick everything up, and when you’re done always
stop by the farmer’s house and say thank you. Like when I get my goose
done prepped with sausage, I stop by their house
or drop off beer, all that stuff just
to make ’em happy. ‘Cause there’s not
too many farmers that let us hunt anymore. – [Larry] Right. – And if you get a
farmers that’s mad, he’s not gonna let you hunt. Then guess what? – He’s gonna ruin it
for everybody, too. So that’s that is a huge thing. Simply comes down
to this, Steve, have a respect for the
land owner’s property. Very simple. – Shaking their hand
when you’re done. Seriously, a hand
shake goes a long ways. Like you say, you make them mad and
we’re not coming back and I like hunting. This is what I live for. That’s why my nickname’s
the shotgun chef. – Right, and you
know realistically, the farmers are happy that
you can hunt these birds and harvest them ’cause of the damage they do. – They tear up
everything they got. So, year, we make them happy and they say, we
go over and say hi. Like I say, this guy
her we’re hunting, he has my cell phone. He doesn’t like
what we’re doing, he’s gonna call us and
say get off the field. But, I call him prior
and say I’m coming on it with this many people. Can I drive in your field? And if he says no,
we don’t drive on it, we carried on like we did. I mean we carried
’em in 150 yards. – Right, which isn’t too bad. – Which takes a
couple more minutes. – Hey, so you know what? We got our limit. We could still make it to church but I think we still
have enough time, Steve. You got anything
cooking at your house? – God yeah. I got some recipes, I got some stuff at home. – We’ll let’s pick
up these decoys and let’s get over there. (laughing) – All right, Larry,
welcome home my friend. – Oh man. Cody, you better
get in here Cody. – Here’s what we got. Got some nice hoagies. – [Larry] Oh, I love hoagies. Is that an egg in there? – [Steve] Yeah, Green Bakery. Eggs, just scrambled eggs, caramelized onion. Now this is on the recipe look on Larry Smith Outdoors, I have breakfast sausage. It’s our recipe, this is venison. But in here, I put a little
chorizo the Mexican ah–. – [Larry] Oh, I love chorizo. – So I got chorizo,
a little wedge, – [Larry] Yep. – [Steve] Squeeze together on the bottom of below
that orange queso cheese you buy in the cans. I just happened to have
one made for myself ready. – Oh, is that good, Steve. Shotgun Chef, you
definitely got it dialed in. You know what? We got about 15 minutes
before we got to leave and get to church so. (laughing) – Pardon me. – Place was good that’s all I got to say. – What’s this green thing? – Hey. (laughing) – No more Sundrop. – [Steve] I hear ya. – We’re done. – [Steve] No more Sundrop. – We’re getting a divorce. – [Cameraman] Probably
be an ugly one. – Gonna be very ugly. I might be a little crabby
going down the road folks but we’re done with Sundrop. You got anymore for
on the way to church? – Yeah, I got something
on the stove for Dan. I know what he likes so. He likes the wife’s special
marina, marinara sauce. Follow me Daniel. Stay right there, stay right
there, stay right there, stay right there. Come on over. What I had here is
another hoagie bun. – [Larry] What? – [Steve] A little bit of
mozzarella on the bottom. – [Dan] Oh, man. – Take my venison meatballs, like a chainsaw eating. There’s stuff flying everywhere. – I gotta hurry up. I got to make it to church. – Here’s Mary’s, I can’t give the
recipe for that guys, but my meatballs
are on the website. We just had out in
the blind today, the stuffed meatballs. – [Larry] Oh, that was awesome. – [Steve] With onions and bacon. – [Larry] I think it really
made me shoot better. – I know it that I saw it. I was really impressed. I think that shooting
with sporting clay today helped you out, too. So folks, this is another one here. There’s mozzarella
on the bottom, little bit of onion mixed
in, the wife’s marinara sauce for those people that
aren’t married to my wife, gotta go to the store and buy
you’re own marinara sauce. Dan, I’ll take the
camera and you can enjoy. – Are we good? – [Steve] Yeah,
you’re own caveman. I know how much you like Mary. – Dive into that. – Lunch time here now. – The caveman finally
gets to eat some. – [Steve] Come one, put your elbows out Danny boy. – Oh, look at the sauce
coming out of that thing. Man. – [Steve] He can’t even speak. – That’s so good, man. That is so good. – [Steve] He’s going
down for seconds. – There won’t be stopping, no stopping I’ll tell
ya on the way to church. – [Steve] You guys are hungry. – Good hunting, great food. – Life doesn’t get any better. – Nope, life is great. – [Steve] Let’s
see your face, Dan, bring it in. (laughing) – I got messy face. You know I’m the editor, I might not put this in. – [Spokesperson] Subscribe
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favorite retailers. (majestic music) (country music) – You know what, yesterday we had such a great
shoot on the goose hunting and today we’re gonna
finish up our show by doing some walleye
and white bass fishing. The white bass have been
coming up the rivers because the amount
of current we’ve had. So, it should be an
interesting morning. We’re gonna start here in
Winneconne and see what happens so stayed tuned and
let’s see what happens to part number two on
Larry Smith Outdoors. (country music) So basically what
I’m doing here is I’m pulling upstream
most of the time. And I’m going up there we go. I’m going just
about a mile an hour and I’m tacking you know
I’m going up the river and I’m tacking back and forth
like this most of the time. Back and forth like
across the river. And it seems to work
out a lot better and I’m just pumping that fly. Letting it go back
and almost every time that sinker is hitting
the bottom right there. I’m not dragging the
sinker on the bottom but it’s hitting the bottom. Dale, you got one
there too, huh? And, Bill. Everybody’s loaded up again. Yeah. – [Dan] Not that bad, huh? – [Larry] Oh, you did get two. I was just kidding. Now all you gotta
do is lift right up. Let’s see if you can
get three next time. Ah, he did get three! (laughing) I was just kidding. Grab the line, Bill. Grab the line. Whew, that pepper’s
a little hot, Danny. – [Danny] Yeah, it’s biting now. – The reaper pepper. I didn’t think the first piece I was like ah, this is nothing. But (sniffs) my nose is running. Boy, I don’t know
what I got here. This is a couple white bass. No look. What is that back there? Oh my. See what I’m saying about flies? Look at the size of that pike that just hit that fly. – [Dan] Head first. – [Larry] Oh, lift up. Got get him. – [Dan] Gotta get him in there! – [Larry] Nice pike. Good job Dale. Holy man. That is absolutely
a beautiful fish. That is a nice fish. – On those itty bitty flies. – On them itty
bitty flies, yeah. I’ve caught sturgeon
on these flies. I’ve caught pike before. You know, catfish. There’s nothing that
doesn’t hit them flies. That’s a beautiful
fish right there. Look at the girth
on that thing, too. Nice fish. There he goes. All right. – [Dan] You want some
more reaper pepper? – Keep that reaper pepper. Dale, Bill, thanks for helping us
finish out our show here. Let’s take Danny
back up to shore here and we’re gonna help
up into the wolf and do some jigging, vertical jigging
for some walleyes. And I’ll tell ya, you know what? Like I always say, what a great day to be alive. – Shotgun! – Yeah, hold on. Filming a show. I’ll be right there. Hey, I’m sure that
nobody will mind but you know what? Secret recipe, I think we’ll analyze it.


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