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Grandma, Chicken, and Meth, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER: OK. The reason I wanted to pull
you out and talk to you is you have a warrant. You’re probably going to be
going to jail tonight, OK? SUSPECT: All right. Can I call and get somebody to
come pick up my car and my dog? OFFICER: We could
probably do that. Do you have anything in the
car we need to know about? Guns, drugs, bombs,
anything like that? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: OK. SUSPECT: Just a dog
and some chicken. OFFICER: Just a dog
and some chicken? SUSPECT: Right. Yeah. OFFICER: All right. Do you mind if we
search your car? SUSPECT: I don’t care. OFFICER: OK, cool. OFFICER: Why don’t
we move the puppies into the bed of your
truck for a minute? SUSPECT: It’s only one dog. OFFICER: Oh, OK. Cool. SUSPECT: Come on, Daisy. OFFICER: Yeah. That’d be perfect. That way, she doesn’t have
to get scared or anything like that. OFFICER: That’ll work. OFFICER: And just go
ahead and right back to the front of the– OFFICER: Yeah, just go
right back to the front. Have you used narcotics in
the past at all or anything? SUSPECT: Yes, I have. OFFICER: OK. What was your drug of choice? WOMAN: My drug of
choice was meth. OFFICER: Meth? SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: When was the
last time you used meth? SUSPECT: I went
to prison for it. OFFICER: You went
to prison for meth? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. OFFICER: When was the
last time you used meth? SUSPECT: Oh, a long time ago. OFFICER: A long time ago? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. OFFICER: Something in here
that we need to know about? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: You got some weed. OFFICER: So there is
stuff in your car. So you’re lying. SUSPECT: Yes, I’m sorry. OFFICER: So how much
meth do you have on you? Let’s start telling the truth. SUSPECT: I have no meth on me. OFFICER: Let’s start
telling the truth, though. All right. SUSPECT: There’s a meth pipe. OFFICER: So she said she’s
got nothing in the car, but– SUSPECT: –paraphernalia. OFFICER: –this is a
meth pipe right here. OFFICER: When was the
last time you really used? Let’s be honest. SUSPECT: OK. Yesterday. OFFICER: You used yesterday? SUSPECT: Day before yesterday. OFFICER: [INAUDIBLE] Do you
have anything in your purse? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: You got
meth right here! SUSPECT: I know. OFFICER: So why are you lying? Why do we play the game? SUSPECT: I don’t know. I’m sorry. OFFICER: You have to
be honest, all right? OFFICER: You’re obviously
not ready to change your lifestyle because– SUSPECT: Yes, I am. OFFICER: –if you
were, we wouldn’t be standing here, having
this conversation with you. OFFICER: You’ve got
to quit doing dope. SUSPECT: I agree wholeheartedly. I was going to give
you a high-five, but– OFFICER: We’ll
pound it, all right? SUSPECT: OK. OFFICER: Right there. Bam. All right? All right. SUSPECT: OK. So can I make that
phone call now? OFFICER: So let’s
make a phone call. SUSPECT: Can I get my sweater
on and have a piece of chicken? OFFICER: Yep. Let’s put your dog in
the car real quick. OFFICER: We’ll let you
have a piece of chicken. All right. [INTERPOSING VOICES] OFFICER: Some chicken and meth? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. OFFICER: Chicken and meth? OFFICER: It’s like chicken and
fries, but different style. SUSPECT: Chicken
and waffles, no. OFFICER: No chicken and
meth, though, right? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: All right. Fair enough. OFFICER: It’s time
for you to change– SUSPECT: Change my ways. OFFICER: –your ways. You know what I’m saying? SUSPECT: You’re
absolutely right. OFFICER: I mean,
there’s only one person that can make this change. SUSPECT: I totally agree. OFFICER: All right. [DOG BARKING] MAN: [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Get down and
get on the ground now! OFFICER: Come on! [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Get down! OFFICER: Get on the ground! MAN: I do, sir. OFFICER: Heel! [INTERPOSING VOICES] OFFICER: [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Get on the ground! [INTERPOSING VOICES]


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