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Great White Shark Attacks 2016

Great White Shark Attacks 2016 yeah yeah yeah yeah like got stuck in my leg route and I
like instantly just just jumped like a Y and then I just kept coming at my board
not just like kicking and screaming and well see some teeth to get the teeth I just saw fins but instead of saying I
was alright for the taste to come at me i got swimming over there she had a couple punches in a punch it
in the back check the bull shark eats a lot of
different things and it’s going to test a lot of things and the way and test
things it’s it bites yeah a bull shark suddenly takes interest in
rivers calf ripping muscles from home ok the bottom of the cage just inches from
the jaws of death with no way out every time the great white thrashes his
razor-sharp teeth get closer and closer shot goes that when they were both use
the truck I’m letting you go back there and I think on the bottom line the
effect of this sort of cherry loses his air supply it’s now or never escape or drive as a
sharp went up again he’s through that mixture and he sort of put his hands up it’s a short down and then Jerry took
his chance and he went out the same windows of the shop owner Jerry makes it
to the surface but peter is still trapped by the shark he’s also lost his regulator and he’s
running out of oxygen and then those other guys to just the short moves in to
take his first bite it bumps Peter right here and that saves his life and then I
think if you didn’t look but then he just slipped up the cage it was just waiting for the
opportunities and when she stopped flashing around like that I just had a finite and I shot down by john an amateur video camera captured
the moment when a great white truck yeah yeah yeah yes his leg off the trigger lego it going by the time the camera finished
recording heather boswell had suffered not one but
two fight for the great white the footage is by far the most detailed
record of a great white attack I turned around and I thought dorsal
thing over here its kind of towering over me in the water Great White Shark Attacks 2016


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