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Greek chicken souvlaki | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello guys, Akis here, and today we will make the best chicken souvlaki you ever tried. This is one of my favorite recipes, I will show you the best way to cook the chicken skewers. I will show you the best way to make the most delicious yogurt sauce and we will serve them into pitas to make the perfect souvlaki! And let’s begin! First, we have to prepare the brine. This brine is perfect for any poultry, you can use it for turkey, for whole breasts of chicken, for a whole chicken… this is the best brine I know! So, I will share this recipe with you and it is easy to make. First, we add the water in a pot, then we will add the salt, bay leaves, peppercorns, garlic… one clove, two cloves, inside. We need half a lemon, inside, the parsley, and one tablespoon of honey. This is it! This is the perfect recipe for brine! Everybody can do it! And some thyme. This goes on heat and when the mixture starts boiling, we will set it aside for one hour until all these lovely ingredients infuse this brine. After one hour, the brine is ready and I passed the brine through a sieve, so it’s ready to infuse all the chicken I want. For this recipe, we need two chicken breasts and we will cut them into nice cubes. Of course, if we want to brine a whole chicken, we need to triple the dose of the brine because it’s not enough for a whole chicken. This brine is enough for two chicken breasts. And I will carry on with the rest of the chicken, cut into nice cubes like that, and dip them into the brine, like this… Now, the brine has the ability all this aroma that it has inside, to infuse the chicken with the thyme, with the lemon, with the honey, with the salt, and of course the bay leaves, and all the herbs we put inside. And after half to one hour, the chicken will be ready to be cooked! And my chicken is ready! Now, the whole procedure is very easy, we will make Greek chicken souvlaki in the proper way and I will show you how. First, we need pitas, nice pitas, Greek pitas, put them in a pan… a bit of extra virgin Greek olive oil, of course! Pepper, salt, a bit of oregano, and inside the oven for about three to four minutes until the chicken is ready. Now, for the chicken… the brine worked well and it’s time to pass it through a sieve and the chicken is ready! Set it aside, the brine, we don’t need it anymore! And the chicken is ready for the skewers! I have my skewers here, and my grill is already on heat, we want it to be extremely hot and make here nice skewers… and one more, the last one. If you’re asking, of course you can use chicken thighs, if you want, instead of chicken breasts and the chicken is ready! Now, I want the chicken here… I need Mr. olive oil, Mr. olive oil is here and it’s time to grill those bad boys, easy… Now, it’s time to prepare the sauce to serve this souvlaki. The sauce is very easy, we need Greek yogurt, we need a bit of honey, we need a bit of mustard… mix everything together and to make this sauce more kinky, I will add a little bit of lime zest and a bit of lime juice. This is it! La la la la! And… mix very well! And I think my pitas are ready! Lovely! We have the pitas, we have the sauce, the skewers are going well. Oh, my God! Look at this! This is because the brine made those chickens so soft and this is exactly what we want. And now, it’s time to prepare the skewers. We have four skewers, we need four pitas, one, two, three, four… and this is for me because I will make my souvlaki with double pita! Let’s try to put everything together! We want the sauce and because it’s a yogurt sauce, it could be a bit of a healthy meal because we have the yogurt sauce, we have the chicken skewers, we have all these veggies, we have a few carbs only from the pita, so it will be very, very healthy. Not extremely healthy, but it will be healthy. Now, it’s time to add the veggies… We have some lettuce, we have some tomato… some parsley, some onion… and if you want this freshness to your souvlaki, only the green part of a spring onion, chop chop, and add some… and look at this! It’s like tacos, Greek tacos! A splash of extra virgin Greek olive oil, and it’s time for the bad boy… the chicken souvlaki! Look at this tenderness! Now, how we do it… Take the pita bread, this way… We hold the pita bread very, very tight and then, we will take off the skewer. Look at that! You just pull out the skewer. Wrap it and the first souvlaki is ready! Let’s go for the next one. You can even pull the skewer here but it’s more fancy when you do it the other way because everybody thinks you are a magician. Now, my souvlakia are ready! I will take a nice chopping board, here, I will serve them… and this is it! Greek chicken souvlaki is ready! And please you have to subscribe to my channel, make comments underneath the video, and share this lovely recipe with your friends! See you next time, bye bye! Yia sas!


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