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G’Day, It’s JD here we are at The Rocks Foodie Market, let’s go check it out! Hello food lovers, in our tour of Sydney
we visited The Rocks Foodie Market, The Rocks is located in Sydney Harbour right
next to the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Circular
Quay, The Rocks Foodie Market features a variety of delicious street foods and
are operated by some of the friendliest vendors I’ve ever met. Today we try some
unique Venezuelan Arepas, and I savor grilled crocodile meat for the first
time. The Rocks Foodie Market operates on
certain days of the week, check the links in the description for more information. Kofta, Wagyu beef burger, it’s an awesome grill, this place look it’s got all these different meats, there’s wild meats, Kangaroo, Crocodile,
I can’t wait. I’m eager to try I think one of the meats, either kangaroo or
crocodile, they have emu as well, that’s a gentleman cooking the okonomiyaki now, it looks really awesome slicing and that one’s ready, This one’s Venezuelan, really
interesting I’ve never had Venezuelan food before, it’s really colorful as well. So it’s like a banana, but you have to cook it, the planting caramelized very well. this one one is Pork Arepa, this is beef, shredded beef, chicken and salad and avocado. okay and this is black beans with
feta cheese. That we call it in Venezuela domino, because it’s black and white. okay please enjoy okay. thank you very much.
Wow we got our Arepas now I can’t wait to try them. All right I’m gonna have to get a
crocodile skewers, well I’ve never tried crocodile meat before, I’ve tried kangaroo
meat many times, that’s what the crocodile meat looks like. now friends does it
taste like chicken? Salty chicken,
from Queensland, Queensland oh it’s farm from a Queensland. How are you doing today? yeah good friend, how are you? fantastic
away from where from ? Melbourne,
Melbourne ? yeah, I’ll drink that.
So would you like to show us and explain a bit about what you cook here.
kangaroo you know kangaroo is the leanest meat in the world, Kangaroo is the leanest meat in the world, Crocodile, that’s what we’re
trying, Emu, little bit dry now because it’s very hot today, yep,
beef, lamb, lamb is great too, chicken Salmon halloumi cheese, yes and usually
you have charcoal you say so today’s an over 30 degree day so there’s a total
fire ban it’s not allowed to light a charcoal fire so they using a grill. all
right we’ve got a crocodile meat yeah thank you very much alright, first let’s
try these Arepas, okay we’ve got them this is pulled pork, pulled pork Arepas, and
they’ve got it in this a reddish color pink colored corn tortilla and the
coloring is natural it’s made from beetroot, so that’s really good no
artificial coloring in here, and this is the the pulled beef Ariba in an orange
corn tortilla and that’s colored with carrots, look at the beef Wow
that’s the plantain, that’s the planting the lady fried, okay here’s the chicken
chicken and avocado, so the avocado looks good and there’s are bits of strips of
chicken look at that that’s a bit of chicken here look at that chunk of
chicken, and this and this is the the vegetarian one it’s got black beans and
feta cheese in there and it’s in a green corn tortilla and this colored with a
kale and spinach. Try bit of the plantain, I don’t remember the last time I
tried plantain, hmm
the textures a bit like an unripe banana, but it’s reasonably sweet bit sweet and
sourish and the caramelized bits are quite nice. all right we better move on
there’s lots of Arepas to try let’s try. Some of that pulled pork, have a look at it that’s pulled pork Arripa, let’s give it
a go mmm… this is Pork and the Pork’s marinated really well, I can taste a lot of flavors going on. Next I’m gonna try the Chicken
and Avocado, chicken and avocado Arepa, I’ll give it a bite, mmm.. chicken the avocado is really nice
tastes really nice and light and fresh, I think I taste a bit of lime in there as
well. This is really good! I love the avocado on there as well,
really really good. The crocodile’s from Queensland look, Wow almost looks just like chicken I didn’t know what they marinate it in but looks
good. Wow look at the meat there, it feels
nice and soft and juicy not too dry and not too tough. Okay,
I can’t wait to try it and they’ve given it some some of this green
I think that’s Salsa Verde. All right, it’s time to give their crocodile try,
now it’s cooled down a bit from the grill, I’m just try it as it is first. The marinate is really good and the meat,
now everyone thinks everything else tastes like chicken, but this Crocodile
meat is a bit different, I think it’s got way more texture than a chicken and
apart from the nice marinade they’ve got it in I think it’s a really got a really
nice salty flavor to it, not really salty, not too salty
sort of a taste of seawater salty. I’m gonna try it with some of the salsa
verde. That sauce is pretty good as well I
think that sauce has got coriander, bit of lime, parsley it’s sort
of like a pesto sauce. This is not bad, actually I’m liking crocodile meat it’s
the first time I’m trying it and I don’t mind it at all. mmm… as you can see the
meat is quite chewy but it’s not tough at all it’s actually quite tende The
crocodile doesn’t have any gamy smell or any weird smell to it, it’s
quite nice. All right there you go you’ve got footage of a man-eating
crocodile, how do you like it ? Have you tried any gamy food before ? Would you
like to try crocodile or emu or kangaroo if you came to Australia ? Let me know in
the comments below and don’t forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed this
video, and please subscribe to our channel for more awesome food videos, JD out!

  • Interesting your thoughts on crocodile meat. Crocodiles are a sort of "genetic cousin" of birds so I'm not surprised it's similar to chicken.

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