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Head to Head with AP Bassing

– Welcome back to another vlog. We’re fishing. Sorry about last episode
with the lack of fish. Muskie fishing is difficult, but back in the boat, bass
fishing for the first time with Samuel Moore from Sam Moore Media. – Suh, dude. – We’re doing a derby today.
– Derby. – Sam and myself versus,
who’s this guy in the front? Why are you in our boat? – I’m just testing out–
– Ooh, a little hair. – Yeah, I know, I kinda like this. I might take this thing.
– What rod is that? – [Jay] We are against
Alex Peric and Sam Sobe. You guys are practicing for the Lake of the Woods
Kenora Bass International. – We are, we are.
– How are you feeling about that? – After today, probably pretty good. – Pretty good?
– Yeah. – Okay, I’m guaranteeing more
fish than the last video. We’re doing our biggest three smallies. And the loser… If we lose, we have to
film some promo material for Googan Baits, which
makes sense considering we’re both photographers.
– Yup, yup. – If they lose… You have to kiss him on the lips. – Okay, that’s fine, deal. No, no.
(laughing) No, no way.
– You said it, you said it. You said it.
(mumbling) – [Jay] How about you have
to eat a bag of Googan Baits between the two of you. You have to eat a full pack. – No way.
– Yes, yes, yes. – [Samuel] Sure not doing that. – All right, that’s a challenge. – No, no!
– If they lose, they have to eat– Eat the drop shot baits, that’s not much. – (slurps) You suck it, like gummy worms, just like, like–
– They’re limited edition right now, we can’t get them.
– You’ll each eat one? Okay, they’ll each eat– Can I choose it or does it have to be a drop shot? – [Sam] What’s the biggest craw you got, you got five incher? – No, no, no. It’s gotta be the craw,
the crack and craw. – [Alex] No, no, the drag and drop. – Okay, they’re gonna eat a
drop shot bait if they lose. Each have to eat one, and we will film it. Okay, we’re going fishing. Biggest three smallies. Starting in three–
– Is there a scale? – Two. One.
(rock music) – [Announcer] Versus. – Okay, that’s enough Alex for this video. Sam. A little introduction for Sam. I shot Sam’s wedding. If you guys are following
on my YouTube channel, you saw the behind the
scenes of Sam’s wedding. Sam and his beautiful wife,
Kelly, got married last May in Twin Cities area.
– Amazing day. – And that’s kind of where
our friendship started. And, he came up for a shoot
last year in Northern Manitoba and here we are in Kenora
doing a little smallie fishing. This is his wheel house, so I’m glad I’m– They’re more largie guys. We got Sam who’s a smallie guy. So, what’s the plan today? What are you thinking? What are they gonna bite? – These guys are gonna go uber slow. They’re gonna think it’s gonna
take a lot of waiting around. And, I think we’re gonna catch big fish, boom, boom, pace pretty quick. I mean, I don’t know, we caught one–
– Clear water. – At the launch here
in like, three seconds by the side of the boat, so. We find some fish, we’ll catch them. – [Jay] Here we go. Boo!
– Let’s do it. – Alright. Spot number one, we got a
big shelf near deep water. A little bit of sand and I think we’re gonna do jerk
baits and tubes probably and just cover some water, see
what these fish are doing. Look at that. See that shore line
there, all the boulders? – [Samuel] I like me some boulders. That’s a nice boulder. – [Jay] That is a nice boulder. (heavy base music) And we had a follow. Here’s a fish. – [Samuel] There you go, that’s it. – [Jay] Nice. We are hooked up! That’s a good fish. Look at that, we do have
a big net in the back. – I know, but (mumbling).
– That net is hilarious. That’s a good one. Man, just crushed. Oh, there’s a follower. – [Samuel] Oh yeah, I can
drop down and catch one, that’s a real thing. – [Jay] Yeah, I thought I saw
a follower here, I can net it. – [Samuel] You’re good,
that’s a real thing. I did it like six times the other day, like, literally, it was unreal. I got him, watch this. – Oh, dropped down, he’s gonna bite again. – [Samuel] Maybe he’s
just too small for me. – Oh, he’s on you, get ready. Get ready. – [Samuel] He’s moving down. I might try to nab him real quick, dude. – Oh, good one. Oh. (laughs)
– Oh, my god! – Oh, there’s– Look at this other fish! (laughs) Oh, my goodness.
(laughing) There’s another one right there. – Are you kidding me?
– Oh, man. – [Samuel] Yeah, that’s gold. I knew–
– That other one almost came out of the water
to check what was going on. – Dude, unreal, unreal.
– That was ridiculous. – Give me some. – Unbelievable.
– So good. I mean that’s a solid fish. That’s a solid chunk of fish.
– That’ll be some good stuff. Two 13 for the first one. (water splashing) That’s a good start. – Dude, yours is like,
yeah, two two seven. – Two two seven?
– A little big. – Sweet. We goin’! Time for a little update
on the day so far. We have three in the light well. We’ve done some culling. We’ve caught, I don’t
know, ten bass maybe. Maybe not quite ten. Like we were saying before, the footage we just showed
you guys of the followers, that is something that
is so key to watch for because these bass will group
up, and when one gets hooked the other asks like, “What’s
going on, what’s going on? I want to see.” So, they’ll follow you right to the boat, and right there it shows
you that having a rod ready, just like, have a tube or a herrijig reeled up to the tip over
the side of the boat. As soon as someone hooks
up, if he sees one, you toss that bait over and
it’s surprising how often you can actually catch that second fish and, often, it’ll be the bigger fish. But, what are we seeing so far? Jerk bait’s been really good. Sam’s throwing the A-rig now and they seem to be on
these deeper ledges. These are definitely
summer pattern fish and we haven’t cracked three pounds yet, but that’s still our goal. I want ten pounds for three. I don’t know if we can,
but actually we can. Of course we can, there’s
big fish in this lake. We just, we just need
to catch some big fish before the weather comes, so keep going. – [Samuel] Oh, no. – [Jay] Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. – [Samuel] That’s just
not right, you know. That’s just not right – [Jay] We got 12 pounds for three fish. Is that good? – Do you really? – [Jay] What do you have? – Oh!
– Come on, come on! Unreal.
(mumbling) – My Go Pro wasn’t rolling.
– That’s fine. – [Jay] Come on! – Go in the well. – Yeah, yay!
(laughing) – [Jay] How are you guys doing? Do you think we gotcha? – No. – [Jay] No? – Not a bad start. – They got some decents. They got a fish on that gap right there. That’s a good fish. – [Samuel] Oh, my goodness. – [Jay] Sobe. – [Samuel] Let’s just say, uh. – Oh, oh, yeah!
(laughing) Sobe get it. – [Samuel] Get it in the boat. Get him in the boat.
– Fling it, fling it. – You want a sneak peek? – [Jay] Bring it over here. – Ho ho, ho ho.
– I can’t see. Show me.
– Ho ho. – [Jay] Lift a couple up. – Look at ’em all. Big brownies. – [Sam] Big brown fish,
big fat brown fish. – [Jay] They might be bigger. Oh, that one’s pretty good. (laughs) Did you actually catch them graphing them? – Yeah, I did, except that last one. – [Samuel] That’s freaking fun. – [Jay] Oh, we need to figure it out. How much time we have left?
– Is your friend a grapher, Sam?
– Yeah. – Yeah, we should get the
hell away from these guys. These guys are trying to fish. – [Jay] How much time we got? How much time we got left? – It’s time to go. Let’s just end it. (energetic techno music)
– No. – [Samuel] I mean, we got time. 5:30, right? (heavy base music) – [Jay] It’s just, it’s that dark water. Like, the fish are in that dark stuff. – [Samuel] I think that
there’s multiple things going on there, you know. I thought that was little fun, you know. – [Jay] Ooh, that’s a
good one, oooh, oooh. – [Samuel] Rods down, and
keep it to your right. Keep it to the right.
– To the right? – Yeah.
– Okay, I’m bringing him back to you, right now. Oooh. (laughs) Oh, yeah.
– (laughs) That’s beautiful. – Oh, man, that’s a treat.
– Oh, yeah, that’s a sweet treat.
– Three plus all day. All day, woo! – Jacket’s coming off, it’s game time. – [Jay] Okay, update, what’s going on? Tell the viewers what happened
the last couple minutes. – Seventh inning stretch happened, right? Seventh inning stretch. We met up with the boys. They flashed, well, first they cut us off. Caught like a solid probably
two and a half three pound fish right in front of us. You know, no hard
feelings or anything, but if that’s how you gotta do it, that’s how you do it and me and Jay decided to switch things up found a nice little flat, rolled up, and it’s been hammer time ever since, man.
– Been good. It’s been good.
– Hammer time. Let’s freaking go.
– We got a couple minutes left. In the words of Mike
Iaconelli, never give up. – [Samuel] That’s right. – That fish was huge. That was like a pound upgrade
from our smallest fish and that was on a tube. We had four fish follow to the boat, like a group of four followed
Sam’s lure to the boat and we just had to work it
slower with the tube. Basically, what we realized today is these fish are not super shallow. They are summer time and
they’re in that darker ledge. If you guys remember that video we did with Terri this spring, we
talked about that darker ledge and we’re not seeing fish today. Like, we’re seeing them
follow, but we’re not seeing them in the water swimming. So, that’s why we know
they’re just out of sight and we’re marking a couple
on the graph in that six to 10-foot range, so let’s go. Is this it, final fish of the tournament? Oh, it’s gone. – (laughs) Just a little bitty guy. – We’re gonna head back and
see how the other boys did. They were messing with us before. They cut in front of us,
caught a big one, so. We’ll see their fish. We’re pretty good, though. Okay, let’s weigh ’em up, weigh ’em up. You guys first. How was the rest of your day? – It was good, caught a bunch.
– Yeah? – You guys catch any big ones? – [Jay] All bigs, yeah. We crushed ’em. – They’re so big.
– Okay, Alex, tell me. Tell me about the day. – Well, we don’t have a scale, so we’re gonna have to
weight a couple of these to figure out.
– But, you got three in the well. – That’s a good one.
– Ooh. – Two seven one.
– Two seven one? I’m gonna release this.
– Two seven three. – Two seven three. I’m gonna release this one right away. – [Jay] Nice. Okay, that’s one. Was that your biggest you just weighed? – I don’t know. They’re all about the same.
– So, you guys crushed ’em. – Two–
– Two eight two. That’s a good one, dude.
– Two eight two. Two eight two. How big is that one?
– Two five. – [Alex] Two five? – So, he replaced your four six. That was your, that was their best fish. Awesome guys.
– Good job, good job. – Clean, clean, clean. – [Alex] So, what does that add up to be? – We’ll do it right now. – Do you guys have yours already weighed?
– Eight 11. – [Jay] Can you tell me about
how you caught ’em today? Can you show me a little
quick tackle puck? – We honestly caught ’em
a bunch of various ways. One being the Googan Baits drag and drop, one being the net rig,
one being a top water. – Nice.
– That top water fish was sick.
– Yeah. I caught like two other
ones on that shore. So, yeah, so how you guys feeling? – [Jay] I think it’s gonna be close. – It’s gonna be very close.
– Dang it, it’s gonna be really close.
– Very close. – [Jay] Don’t pull that
big one out right away, so. – I don’t know which one’s the big one. They’re all big.
– We need to crunch the numbers, though. We need to know what that
final fish is gonna be, so when it hits the scale
there’s just pandemonium. – How was fishing today? – [Jay] You know, this just
gets me excited for KBI. One of my highlights of my
summer is three day tournament on Lake of the Woods. It’s the biggest bass tournament and coming up soon and, actually,
you guys, Sobe and Alex, you’re fishing in it, so I’m excited to go head to
head on a bigger scale. – Fish number one. Giant bass. Aw, man, big, that’s not good. – No.
– That’s not good, he says. Alright, just so you guys can validate it. You got it, two two seven. Alright, fish number two. – Alright, clear.
– Nice. Nice.
– Clear. It’s good fish. Great color on that fish, too. Got it?
– Is that good? – Yeah, if you he goes
quick, it goes quick. Got it?
(beeping) What is it? – Ah, it is two seven.
(exhaling) So, right now, you guys
have four point nine eight. – So, someone do a
little bit of math here. – You need a three. – We’re about to cut–
– How big does it need to be? – A three would give you eight pounds. – And what did you guys have?
– Eight 11. No, you don’t even need–
– Eight point one. – You need a two five about. – [Jay] What do we need? Do we know for sure?
– Ah, we’ll just weigh it. (laughing) – [Jay] We will know. It’ll add it up for us. – If this over three pounds, we win. – [Jay] And they have to
eat some Googan Baits. – Googan Baits.
– So, are you ready to eat some Googen Baits, maybe?
(laughing) Maybe not. (laughs) – You guys ready?
– I hope I’m not hungry. – [Samuel] For Jay, choo
choo choo choo choo choo. – [Jay] We even weighed
this one, so we’ll see. – Oh, man, big ‘un.
– Give me a good hold on that. – It’s not my fish. He’s the guy who caught it.
– Can you give me a horizontal, horizontal with that baby? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Oh, come on, come back out again. There it goes. (laughs) Unreal, perfect specimen. – [Jay] Nice. – Great fish.
– Alright, this is it. – Alright, Alex, and the official weight? – They definitely have us. Whoa.
– Whoa. – Three four.
– Woo! Good fish, buddy.
– It’s a maggie. You guys had, we had eight point three. Or I mean, I had–
– What? (laughing)
(clapping) – We had eight point one.
(drum roll playing) They had eight point three. (loud rock music) – That’s a good derby.
– I told you it’d be close. – [Jay] Good job. Good job, buddy.
– Sammie, good job. Good job, boys. Good job.
– That’s bogus. – Happy to take home a big W. First W of the year. Next one’s gonna be KBI, just kidding. Sam, awesome boat driver and net man. – Boat driver’s about
it and net man, yeah, professional net man today. – It doesn’t matter who
catches them in a tournament. We’re gonna film them eating
some Googan Baits now. (loud chomping) Alright, boys, here we go. – We lost. We lost to Jay by point two ounces. – Close.
– It was close. We didn’t get a kicker.
– They caught that kicker. – Jay got a kicker on the tube, so. – Jay’s like, “I’ll throw in the tube, throw in the tube all day.” He’s talking about, “Oh, big tube guy.” It’s gonna be good. – [Samuel] Oh, dude. (laughs) – It’s too long. I’ll take it in pieces.
(laughing) (coughing)
– How was that? – Mine didn’t go down.
(laughing) – I swear to God, it’s
easier eating a bug than– – [Jay] Wait, you say fish eat them? (gagging)
(laughing) – Okay, last piece. (gagging)
(laughing) – Do I go for this big
piece or do I chop it up? Ugh.
– Dude, those– (laughing)
This is good. What’s the scent on ’em? – What’s the scent?
– Anise? – [Jay] Slodge? (laughing)
What was that? (laughing)
(spewing water) – Too big. – You gotta cut it into pieces. – [Jay] Okay, just end
the video, just end it. – Hold on, I’m almost there. (gagging)
(laughing) – That was good. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. If you guys wanna subscribe, subscribe. You guys wanna subscribe, subscribe. We will catch you guys next time. Is this it Jay, are we fishing? – This is it.
– This is it. – Maybe, Tuesday? – [Jay] Maybe. – Probably not, Jay’s too busy for me. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you for having me
on your channel, Jay. We will catch you guys next time on another episode of AP Bass. – See ya! – We will catch you
guys on another episode of Jay Siemens vlogs. – See ya!
– See ya! Boom. (heavy base music)


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