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Here’s How Chick-fil-A Makes A Perfectly Crispy Chicken Sandwich | Southern Living

(upbeat music) We hand bread all of our chicken in the restaurant every single day. We start with this seasoned chicken breast filets. We use this one step. We kind of run our finger through and we flatten out this chicken. And what this does for us, is it makes this nice flat filet. This is gonna cook easier for us. This is gonna cook more evenly and it’s gonna make sure we’re covering that bun or the biscuit, whatever we’re putting the chicken on. This is just eggs and milk that we use, just to make sure that this flour really adheres to the chicken and gets that nice crispy coating that we love. So we just do a nice little dip in here. Give a little shake. This part’s easy and this is where the muscle comes in. We say that you want to lift your heels off the floor cause you wanna get even more muscle into this product. So what we’re gonna do, is we’re just gonna get our seasoned flour. This is just a seasoned flour that we’re gonna put on top of our filets. And we wanna press this flour in and we wanna press it pretty firmly. And so that’s when those heels coming off the floor. You’re using some calf muscles. And we flip this over and we’re gonna do that on each side of the chicken. So think about doing this for an entire shift. Our team members get their workout in. (upbeat music) So the most important part is frying the chicken. We’re gonna use this pressure fryer here. And one of the most important things to do when you’re putting this into the fryer is you wanna make sure the rough side of the chicken is down. This is gonna ensure that we don’t get a little pocket of oil cause these like to curl up a little when they’re frying. Another step we like to take before we put them in the oil is we kinda do a little dip first. And then kinda pick them up, and then put them in the oil. This is a great way for us to make sure that those don’t stick to the fryer basket. And then we tighten this as tight as we can. This is where the pressure comes in. And thankfully we have timers on these so all of this is automatic for us. Then they go into our pan. And that is our beautiful fried chicken filets.


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