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How to Breed fish for Profit. Part 1. Fancy Guppies, Java Moss, Cherry Shrimp, African Cichlids.

  • So if I had a 50 gallon cherry shrimp tank, and sold each for $1, I would make a good profit? The store sells em for $3 per shrimp, and I sell them by the 50 per month. I would get $50 per month, and the store would accept, because they get 2 times the price they paid

  • Sadly petstores around here only accept donations or they'll give store credit (and i dont like to support chain petstores unless I have to)

  • A good way to get cheap tanks is craigslist. Even some for free, so far i've seen at least 5 free 50+gal tanks but they get snatched up within minutes of the owner posting them. So check everyday, multiple times a day.

  • I have the things I breed that I can ask the LFS if they have any interest in buying, but then I always ask, "What's something you'd like to sell in your store that you have a hard time finding?" and then contemplate whether it's something I have any interest in raising. If the LFS can buy whatever I'm breeding (some common thing) for much cheaper from a mass supplier, they generally (IME) don't have any interest in buying from a local, no matter how much they want to support the local hobbyist, because it's simply not profitable for them, and they're a business.

  • I'm a "shrimp nerd", and I think Rili shrimp are kind of stupid too. Most of them just look "messy" to me. If they were being bred like Oreos, with a full colored head and tail, and all clear in the middle, I might be more interested. But instead, they're just like… smeared. They don't have the same "wow" effect that Bee/Crystal/Cara shrimp do, which have opaque white background, rather than the clear segments that Rilis do.

  • Just curious what should you do if your competitor is a child and can bring their price really low and is there any tactics that a kid like myself to be taken seriously in the fish industry

  • hello cory , hey my friend 1st nice to meet you , i watch every video you have so far , love it .. learning from you ..
    today i got a question , why people in this hobby don't breed rummy nose ???

  • Cory is neon tetra good sellers like fancy guppys the reson im asking i watched your video im breeding guppys and have java moss orderd on ebay and i going to do cherry shrimp in the long run i have a 55 gallon tank and a 30 gallon tank im looking for anouther good seller in the pet store is neon tetra one of them or would you recommend something else

  • I just want to be able to afford my hobby. Even if I just get enough for fish food and supplies. Hopefully I can find someone who will buy something simple like this.

  • Lol… The guy selling fish for a living is basically telling everyone they can make enough money to support a beer habit selling fish. Hysterical.

  • thank you so much this helped me thank you thank you. I don't plan on breeding and selling. But now I know I can add guppies to my cherry shrimp tank 🙂 so its more fun to watch my tank on my days off

  • Check out the second video in the series here:

  • Great vid! Glad I watched it as I just got back into the hobby. 10 gallon, planted, full of starburst endlers livebearers. Things breed like rabbits on steroids.

  • So much great advice, whats sad is there are so few independent pet stores to buy from breeders. when I was a kid I used to sell rats to all the local pet stores…even worked at one for a while but they have since all dried up…its a wasteland of petco and petsmart's 🙁

  • New subscriber, and novice fish keeper. I have a lot to learn, and this channel will be added to my YouTube Academy playlist. 🙂 Thank you.

  • I bred balloon Molly’s with black molly and the result is a super cool looking fish. I’m a beginner I’m not a breeder just had good luck with these live bearers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done this.

  • This is a great video! My 8 year old daughter want's to do this with her guppies – they accidentally spawned. Thanks so much!

  • Cory, thanks for this series! Watched all parts and now we are starting! My daughter and I bought our 1st assorted guppy trio yesterday from our local pet store. We are starting out small and are excited about growing along the way! Thanks a million!

  • I love you, Cory! You always keep it real! I'm just wanting to supply a need in my area and make a few bucks doing it! Lol! Love your detailed advice, always! Thanks!

  • I wanna Breed Cherry Shrimp and Danios just to have more Shrimp and Danios for free lol. That is the plan anyways, and I also plan on cultivating and propagating harder to keep plants for trade in the hobby.

  • I always sold my Plants and big Fry’s for credit to about four shops in NYC. Since then I retired to the West Coast I got out of keeping fish. Now I’m moving back East, so I strongly believe I’m getting back into it. I kept Tetras, because I love them. Water Plants, because the fishes need the cover and food too.

  • Just an out of the blue ? But would it possible to breed a cherry shrimp with a blue shrimp and maybe get a purple shrimp? Lmao love the vids cory.

  • uhm… i have to shoot down the entire premise of your first argument about starting small. my family does business and buying entire factories to get into the game is EXACTLY what happens. those who do not know it either lack know how, lack confidence, lack people with know how willing to help them, or lack the financial ability to go forward. this is one extreme example: if john doe was starting a multi million dollar fish farming venture, and I decided to pay you a hefty 6 figure consulting fee for part time work during x number of years, you'd do it.

  • I am wanting to start breeding Guppies for a little extra money and to start my own business! I am going to school for business! I was wondering if you have more tip and advice to get started? at the moment I have 7 male Guppies! Them and my axolotl are what got me into this hobby! Oh and I love watching your videos they are very informative!

  • Just accidently threw away a whole batch of pictus catfish eggs not knowing what they were. Didnt know where to go to vent so I came here lol. Hoping they lay more soon

  • I love your videos! I've been a fan for a few months now and I always find myself getting excited when I see a new upload from you haha you're very informative and I love your passion! Keep up the great work!

  • there's times I give my fancy guppies away I just feel awkward asking for money to a business when I'm just a hobbyist I have multi color, half black, sunrise tequila n dragon tail guppy I have to create a relationship I guess. AT HOW MANY MONTHS OLD CAN I SELL THE GUPPY?

  • I love this older but relevant series. One of the main reasons I started following and financially supporting the channel

  • I'm fairly new to the hobby and am really into the invertebrates (mystery & pink ramshorns as well as shrimp) and have tried to do my due diligence. The thing is I hear (and see in my LPS & LFS) a LOT about guppies and shrimp being raised together. Here's the thing, everything I've read talks about having hard water for invertebrates. Granted, I don't know ANYTHING about guppies (or soft skins at all) but how does this work? No one ever talks about that in the hundreds of videos I've seen. I add crushed coral to the filter, have a mini mountain in the tank for them to forage through, cuttlebone laying about, liquid calcium added every water change to replenish what was drawn out and every now and again a minor dosing of dissolved baking soda. I started all this because my Mystery snails were showing shell damage due to softer water and I didn't want them to erode away OR look like the shells in all the mixed tank videos I've seen, that would be awful and cruel I think. I haven't gotten into soft skins because they seem to require more care and knowledge than I have currently (in addition to much softer water)and am not comfortable taking on the responsibility of lives I cannot support properly. It seems no one in my LPS or LFS seems to really know much about what I like to do by way of invertebrates and I find myself explaining more to them than they can offer me (they seem to be more into saltwater & soft skins). I'm in Lakewood, just south of Tacoma and am REALLY into permaculture and am teaching myself how to apply the practices to my tanks and this includes tank buddies. I'm into the blue velvet shrimp and of course the cherries, just got a mate for my one single hitchhiker pink ramshorn so they'll be doing their thing over the next few weeks (one is an adult and one is a bubby), but I only have 4 mystery snails and they're all male which is fine by me, I cannot accommodate breeding them at this point they're just my pets whom I dig. I want to grow java moss but no one ever talks about it in any depth either, such as temperature preference (prefer warm or cool?), best way to anchor (mesh pads, aquarium wall, styrofoam wall, etc), average growth time, all I ever hear is how awesome it is. I'm wanting to have a moss wall and some subwassertang ropes for my shrimp tank but every bit I've bought (and it's not exactly cheap) has melted away (the java haven't scored some sub yet). Is it because it was grown out of water or is it really because I'm doing something wrong? I dunno, no one ever goes into detail. I'm just going on now, as I said I'm new to the hobby(4 months new) and am trying very hard to go about the sudden addiction smartly. Thanks for all your great videos and I'm hoping to make it to the shop soon, but don't worry, I won't be disappointed or harassing you if you're not in the store LOL!

  • Hi Cory,

    Do you know if Petco/Petsmart stores buy from small breeders? Is it legal to sell shrimp/fish on craigslist? I live in Tacoma, but I will definitely check your store out next time I am up north.


  • How do you receive money back from people buying from you? Do they pay first , or do I ship first? I’m wondering how to receive the money

  • Im trying to breed Otocinclus for profit i have done all the set up and i will give it a go for at least 6 months. What do you think?

  • You look so young in this video! Still great information, I have watched it several times over the years and still enjoy listening to you when performing water changes.
    Your videos are one of the reasons I got into breeding guppies, and my most recent tank stand is based off your 2×4 cinderblock build. Thanks for everything you do for the community!

  • Basically breed common every day fish not specialty fish. Breed those guppies not those zebra plecos. At least not till you're an established breeder.

  • I "work" at my local pet store. I often come in have a look at their inventory and then just help out around. I did work experience there and have known the owners for 6 or so years. They know me so well I've helped out and when I'm in I get people coming up to me asking stuff because the staff didn't know as much as me and they recommended to ask me

  • I can't find ANYONE to sell to. The smaller petshops require licensing and the big box stores already have contracts with wholesalers..
    I wanted to breed my betta just for fun/ curiosity but I would have no where for the matured fry to go let alone make money.

    Very informative and inspiring still, as always.

  • Hi buddy. Honest, i am sure. But this is the thinking I hate of you people (fish sellers). I am a breeder, and you are talking about to buy a red shrimp about 50 cents. I understand, you pay for local (me too, the space isn't cheap man), and food and employees, etc. But you sell them about $8 or $10!! My profit: $0,35. Your profit: $6. This is the reason because I don´t sell to aquariums! This isn't fair! You people must be more fair with us, or you will know the time when you are having nothing to sell… Just my thoughts. Thanks for your video anyway, is a hugh truth, but an apology, a reaffirmation of this unfair reallity.

  • I have heard about it for years and years, but I have NEVER seen Java Moss sold anywhere. I ask for it and no shop has ever bought or sold it. I would love to buy some.

  • what do you suggest for approaching a LFS on selling/trading some of me gups? should I bring some samples in, or just pictures? where should i start the negotiation?

  • Very true.
    If you can reduce the price of these high cost fish as they are sold for because you breed a ton of them and make an arrangement with the supplier you may have a pocket and create another market instead of the standard.
    May be wrong, I don't breed fish but just thinking.

    Beach worms here are expensive but I catch them myself. Buy if can breed heaps I'm sure the cost would go down and ppl would buy.

  • If I create an eco system of guppies, shrimp and java moss in a 20 gallon tank, wouldn’t it become overcrowded with the hippy and shrimp fry?
    Can someone please give me information and tips about this and how to handle it without buying another aquarium?

  • ugh… professional breeding is way too many requirements and paperwork. So I just breed what is fun and sell as a private person. My biggest profit comes from plants right now, but I heard the US don't do planted tanks so much, so that is not an option.
    I have endler guppy, red crystal shrimp and will do some barbs. Loaches are just my experiment for proof of concept of breeding them.

  • Hi! This video is a few years old. I was wondering if today you maintain the same advice, or if you would change/add something?

  • I want to get my hands on Gary Lange's Boesemani !! I want to put them into a 40 gallon breeder planted tank and make a bunch of babies!

  • Hi! Can someone advise me on this:
    I don't want to breed fish: I just want a 30gal tank that doesn't overflow!

    I will mainly have guppies and platties, so I know I'll have a lot of babies (unless I put only one gender in the tank – which would cause me to have to buy new fish all the time to replace those who pass after a few years…)

    I don't necessarily want to make money: I just want to keep the babies I need and rehome the other ones so they can live.
    But I'm in a rural area with only 1 Walmart and 1 Petco, and they don't buy OR EVEN TAKE FOR FREE from hobbyists 🙁

    What can I do?
    Could I ship them to Aquarium Co-op? Would you take them?

  • Basically what I'm looking into doing. All I have is 2 10 gallon tanks. My goal is to sell plants, guppies and red and blue shrimp. I don't think Pet Smart will buy anything off of me to sell. So I'm leaning towards online and locally. Pet Smart is a good store, but they are very limited on what they have for fish, shrimp and plants.

  • all the local stores within 5 miles wouldnt buy anything from me.Whats another way to sell guppies please comment

  • all the local stores within 5 miles wouldnt buy anything from me.Whats another way to sell guppies please comment

  • Great video!! I make anywhere from $30-150 per OB peacock. Its part time. But, they are in demand in my area. I grow them out fast so, it's not a bad profit. Thanks for all you do for the hobby.

  • Not to brag or anything but I've become quite the duckweed breeder. I sell on eBay and have made tens of dollars doing so

  • Started a 30gal cherry shrimp tank. I got four cherry shrimp in a trade for some unwanted fish. Now I have over 130 of them a couple months later. I need to find where I can sell them though! I mostly can get store credit.

  • So I’ve got three empty 55 gallons, three empty 10 gallons, a saltwater 70 gal, and a 30 Tall freshwater tank. I need to start making money!

  • So there arnt any invertebrates or bottom feeders that you can breed simultaneously with angels?? I've got a pair that actually takes care of their fry so I keep them all in a 55gallon with just the two angels, their fry, and I'm growing bacopa, Java moss and Amazon swords in there with them. I was thinking about adding maybe cory cats or otos in there but I'm not sure how it would work out. I've got some Malaysian trumpet snails in another tank that I was thinking about dropping in too

  • Hey! I watch all your videos of the series but I found this particular video for the reason that you're conserving so much space and using only one tank to breed three different breeds of aqualife! I would love to snow some more combos like this, it is really one of my dreams to breed fish! I'm nearly sixteen years old and the closest pet store is nearly an hour away this won't be much for profit for me but I'd still like to do it as a hobby! Space is a problem obviously cuz I'm not in my own house, so I would love to learn some more combinations like this one to have in a single tank! Thanks! If you have more combos please leave a comment so I can know what to do next!
    I have an 20 gal aquarium with 5 cool guppies(the place I bought them from called them green lanterns) 2 tetras, 4 pelcoes, 1 flower shrimp, and 5 cherry shrimp which are fairly small and still juvenile. I've never had any luck with seeing any eggs or baby's. Why is this and can I expect new borns in the future?
    Note there is no moss or dirt of any sort, plenty if alge for the shrimp, but is a nearly entirely fake plastic environment.

  • Cory. I've been breeding live bearers for the past 4 years and about 2 months back my angelfish paired up and started laying eggs. In Sri lanka the local market price for a guppy is around LKR30( USD 0.16) and I sell my fish to the store for LKR10 per each guppy, as you said in the video I can maximize my income by increasing the numbers, I only urn around LKR2000 per month by selling guppies. I also breed Swardtail and platies and I also sell them, the prices for swt, platies and guppies are the same. I thought of starting to officially breed angelfish. I did a full research on how to breed them and raise the fry. Since I started breeding them I NEVER had any success in raising the fry. I know the reason for that is the food. There is a huge issue whe it comes to live food in Sri Lanka, 10g of brine shrimp is LKR500(USD 2.76) . In Sri lanka a pair of angelfish will cost around LKR120. I can sell an Angelfish for around 25 per fish so If I raise 100 Angelfish I will get LKR2500. The thing I desperately want to know is that how many grams of brine shrimp will I need to raise the Angelfish fry??

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