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How to catch 50 bluegills in 4 hours

I’m here on the Raystown branch of the Juniata
River and this happens to be an excellent choice if you’re targeting panfish. There’s lots of rock bass and bluegill out here. There is other fish too. Occasionally you’ll get into some catfish or some smallmouth but when it comes to panfish, it’s pretty hard
to beat this section of river. A lot of anglers like the feel of a heavy fish on the line and that’s true with me as well but it’s nice from time to time to go out and
just catch a bunch of small stuff to take home to eat. Rock bass and blue gill are some of the best
eating you can get and occasionally I like to go out and see if I
can get a whole stringer-full. When I’m fishing ro rock bass and bluegill what
I look for is water that’s about three or four feet deep and I like plenty of structure on the bottom,
so boulders and rocks and logs and things like that that the fish can hide under. Sometimes you can actually see the
bottom and you don’t see any fish there but you’ll be surprised how many fish you
can pull out from underneath a rock. What I like to do is use a wire stringer like
this and just hang it off my belt loop. You have to get used to the fish kinda
swimming around your legs a bit but it makes it handy because if you have to walk
back to shore every time you have to hook one up it will make things take a lot longer. I use a real standard set-up when I’m fishing
for panfish On my main line a put a snap swivel and just
above it I put a slit shot sinker and then I tie on a presnelled hook and leader. I use a size six or a size eight usually as far as hooks go and then usually I also put a bobber on
top. Now you don’t always have to use a bobber
when you’re fishing for panfish. I like doing it to begin with because I can see where
the fish are located. I can let the bobber drift downstream and once I get it
pinpointed where the fish are then I can take the bobber off and fish closer to the bottom. The problem with that, of course, is you get a
few more snags but it can payoff and you can take home more fish. Well, I have 15 fish so far. That’s about all my
stringer can handle, so I’m going to go ahead and take these to shore and put them in the bucket, and then
I’ll see if I can fill it up again. I’m looking to catch fifty fish today. That’s the limit here in Pennsylvania. Some of what I’m catching are pretty small and so those I’ll use for cut bait when I go
for catfish on the Allegheny or Susquehanna rivers. But the rest of them I’ll fry up to eat. Here I got one of those rare small mouth bass
that you pull in here but it’s only about eight inches long
and in Pennsylvania it needs to be at least
twelve inches to take home so I’ll throw him back in for another day. I use European night crawlers and the ones I
have here today are actually pretty small but even then I only use half a worm – I just
pinch it in half and throw one half of it out.


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