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How to catch Big fish on Beds spring time at Saguaro lake

[music] nothing like being on the water first at day light the Best the best money can buy I can see my bait coming for 20 feet the water is so clear and you say this is dirty man hey we out a Saguaro lake today fishing with a guest Seth Furmeanek we are just fishing for some bed fish right now starting out we did not have much luck with our swim baits this morning. but right now we are trying some bed baits you know so we have some bright colors on like these white and chartreuse so we are mess with these just to see if can get them to go so we have a big one locked on here maybe 4 or 5 pounds so. so we will see if we can get this thing to hit pretty quick Saguaro lake is the fish have move up in this last week now so ah. they are dropping the water to work on the dam on Saguaro so it is down about probably about 8 or 10 feet so you will see alot of shore line as we move out this is lowest I have seen it in years so we will see what we can do we are just kind of let Seth do his magic here. we will try yeah definitely give it a good go. yeah we have seen a lot of fish on beds this morning a lot 2 and 3 pounders we are trying to look for a bigger one 4, 5 or 6 there is not a lot of bigger ones that have moved up that are holding. they are just swimming around he has a nice one locked on right here. and he is bumping it trying to make it a little bit mad and it is not swimming away it is staying there. so that is a good sign get a different angle switch over on this side where can see it a little better there we go oh much better huh. yah! I can see your bait better even without the glasses that’s why she is rough too. that’s why it is rough because it is deep while you setting there I am going to throw something different on there. see what happens sometimes if you work two baits on one fish you can get them all excited and mixed up oooh! get back, back, back she is nosing down on it. come on eat it. she did for a second when they nose down like that any type of distraction like that will get their attention away nosing down on it. at least she is staying in the bed she is just sitting there watching our baits as it bonces across the bottom she is not swimming around or moving around so that’s a good sign oh! she just had it she just had it she is taking it she is’n’t taking the whole thing she is just geabing the tail end eventually. got her that time! oh look at that. finally [laughter] finally got it little male you can always tell those males they like to pee all over you for some reason little guy some fun in the sun at saguaro. look at him going right back to the nest there she goes. Yeah right back to the bed what you think about trying to get two at once that’s a five pounder back there all day she is not aggressive thou yeah she is look at her coming in. is she coming in oh that’s a good one back..yeah that’s a good one back there Gary. that’s the biggest one so far there’s the male see the male this is the female right here there is three of them now that’s the female. that’s a big female swimming right there she is looking at mine, the female she is nosing down on it. the big one look at that see has the tail look at that oh she’s got yours oh Gary get ready the male, I am ready the male is just.. see I am out of the nest now I need to go back in it that’s a big one Gary that’s a nice one isn’t it alright let’s see if… [small laugh] almost [laughter] I have got a male and a female on this one I know it is hard for you see down in the water but I’ve got two of them we are doubling up on bed fish here. it is kind of weird the male is hanging back but the female has all ready come up and stiffed it that is a big female that Gary is on there guys it is a five pounder all day she is looking you would think the male would take it but he is not try it again got it! got her I got her! [laughter] that’s a nice one get that one in. Oh that’s a nice one that’s 2 and a half..yeah! that did not look like that big of a fish you know it solid two and a half right on the upper part of the lip I have got one here that’s that’s pretty big how about it alright! Gary’s on a big one here as long as I don’t hook em [laughter] well there is a little male and a big female. A big female 4 pounder..5 pounder and they are both interested but I wonder lookat him two fish will take two baits he is nipping the tail what happens with two baits on there. I know ooooh! ah ooh, ah ooh! lookat this [laughter] double I think yours came back already did it well knid of boy that is a big nest look at that oh! the male had it male had it little one don’t set the hook on the male don’t set the hook on the male. The female will get agitated that the male is not taking it off and she will come and eat it. watch here she comes guys just a little bed fishing tip right here we got two fish on a bed and see Gary is getting the male to nip at the tail and a lot of times if you get those and they are aggressive both of them on the bed the female and the male an easy way without just catching the male and pulling it and hoping the female gets back on there is to let the male play with it, let him do what ever he wants it until that female gets so mad that the male is not doing his job and she comes up and eats it he is going crazy he is sucking it in and blowing it out now look at her. if you can see what we are seeing she is getting super agitated that is a 4 to 5 pounder Gary that’s a little bit nicer isn’t. yes it is all day look at him now he will come up and watch him he will whoooa! that’s a good sharp turn look at grab the tail on this [laughter] he is just playing with it you would think they would est that lizard you know yep there comes the male oh the males got it oh! Oh! the female came she is agitated now. he nipped at it and I set it a little bit and she.. whoa! get the female get the female there we go team work right here guys [laughter] come on. I am going to keep the male on she’s on it she is going down come on baby bite it she came down on it. but she ah… oop! here she..get that line tight get that line tight. I am ready to go she backed off again come on she is just looking go on the back side of her there you go there you go that’s a sharp turn that’s good get ready, get ready oop! no, no, no no she didn’t have it almost see you agitated her. this just makes her madder now now she is just being skittish now she is wondering where the male is. now she is roaming, she toke off let the male go and see what happens let him go just for the heck of it and see what happens [splash] come on baby she is close by down.oooh! get ready! get ready! she is nose on it she is nose down on it she has nosed it a couple of times she is starting to get anxious again. Whoa! here we go come on, come on come on come on fish oop..oop.. come on she just doesn’t like that lizard man no it is plain to see that the lizard is a better bait. here is something to to go by as far as baits go you know I have got a creature bait on like a breaver and Seth has got a lizard on they will eat that lizard before they will eat my creature bait yeah he is right there oooh! there she is it’s a good one yep! that’s a good one [splash] we knew she was bigger whoa! she is fat isn’t she she is fat. She has not layed her eggs yet no she hdn’t look at that right through the top nice fish guys you can see what I am using there I have got an Dragon head from Bass Pro Shops what I love about this you got a screw lock right here. were you twist your bait in it’s got a big wide gap hook and that football head stands straight up and down on the bed the just can’t resist it quality little 3 pounder bye, bye oop! watch your face he didn’t have it good enough look at him that sorry sucker wants to bite that tail but not the.. that is one you want to just keep flipping as fast as you can that frmale is a solid 3..4 pounder he is not getting it good enough, but he is biting it thou. just keep coming the female is coming he doesn;t do he his job she is going to come up there. she is getting pissed he isn’t taking off the bed but every time she oh almost! almost. [laughter] he is going to get it. be ready Dave when you see that white disappear OH! did you have him. yep almost keep agitating the female got him! [splash] [splash] there we go.OOOH! quick release [laughter] wow that was pretty cool did you get that on film? OK [laughter] got the thumbs up that’s what you cal a quick release just a small one but fun. there was a good female with him. yeah there is a big female here swimming around and the male is up there which is one I got but when the female leaves that nest. and goes over to that nest another male.. ok he came back to the same one. wow same fish just came back and now he is back again alrightI got one got one down there nosing it she is nosing it. she is coming up to it oop! Oh! got her. I got her! [laughter] oh got him that’s the male. that’s the male that male, look at that wow pretty fish in there full colors gosh look at the size hook I am using guys with this look at that lizard, white lizard and big old half oz weight and hook alright let’s get him back he will go right back to ah… nice shot buddy alright there he goes female is still right there she is hovering huge female, big female oh yeah look at her. she is beautiful down there. that is a good one. I am in the bed there’s a decent one right here gary on a bed right here. right underneath you oh yeah he is locked he’s got it. he’s got it! already? yeah. OH! oh my gosh! [laughter] look at that. that was quick. I am waiting for this female dave this is a big ol’ female down there. we got a 6 pounder over there. this one is big but she’s not coming close [splash] we just catch the male off the bed right here and the female is just circling around she is probably 7 or 8 pounds yeah she is big! she is that big she is staying deep thou but she keeps coming around she keeps coming to that shallow that one little shallow spot she keeps coming up in yeah with the water down like this you can see you can see the gravel and rocks on the shore line what we are fishing they just getting in there and fan all that stuff away back there in the back there here is tons of sea weed and it is easy to see the beds because they scoot all that sea weed away and you got a big old bed right in the middle of it ooh! she hit it hang we got another one right in her nest she is going to go you got to get in that dark spot huh? oooh! aw! he’s he is getting nervous humm.. alright pull it right back out you just got to get them agitated you know here he comes back in right now this that the nest right up there. right here there he comes there he comes get ready oop..oop get ready! nooo! what was that hook set? no he didn’t have it he hit the tail [laughter] this has such a big old.. hook on there that. if he grabs it he’s… you got to drive that hook home with that jig here he he comes there he comes again keep it right there until he comes up he is right there. oop is he moving up a little bit oop! here he comes get ready nope ah! [laughter] he’s just like… he’s just grabbing the feet.. or the fecking tail and just.. laughter] hang on let me get another one right in her nest come on yeah keep right there here it comes. off on the left coming up here he comes form the left here he comes oop get ready oooh! Got him GOT HIM! oh it is a good one whooooa! whoa whooo! oh that is a good one look at that that’s a good one hoa hoa! come here fishy whoa! nice AW! that’s bigger.. than he looked down there. he is look at that look how fat he is you think it is a male or.. or a female I will tell you what his tail is all torn up it looks like it could be just a fat male look at that yeah boy he is eating good. nice fish thou. man and pretty whoa! [laughter[ give me some! YEAH! [laughter[ that was good! oop oooh! I got one [clapping for the bost near by] [laughter] release this guy oh [splash] just jiggle it he is on it he’s on it. there he is I got him whoa look at that. it’s a nice one he looks so nice in the water..look at that that’s a good one [splash] yeah Gary whoa! hey that’s no pound and a half fish yeah! he is over 2 hey look he only has one lizard are you serious. he shock the other one off I wonder if I had the female? AWW! you did? you know what there he goes alright we got one down here oop he got it gosh that is a big fish. naaa! it’s a 3 pounder maybe whoa! Gosh there he comes here he comes [Splash] [splash] it’s a decent one. it’s a decebt fish it’s a little bit bigger than the ones we have been catching [splash] oh he is a skinny guy nice. nice nice! gosh dang it alright ready [splash] he’s on it come on baby. he is dead on it finally got that sucker [SPLASH] that a baby [splash] [splash] he’s a jumper [splashing] come on baby feisty huh? I will let you go come here he’s not a bad one [splash] will I think it getting about that time Seth it’s in the afternoon quarter to 3 I want to get out of here before the all the traffic hits on the freeway and stuff we have had a really great day you know the temperature was cooled off we had a cold front hit we didn’t get to catch fish the way we wanted to. with swim baits and that but the we did get some nice fish on film with um.. with bedding yeah and we had a lot of fun oh yeah that was important you know so we figured out the best bait today would be the white lizard so I tried a a creature bait for a while and got bite a little bit but Seth was doing real good on the lizards do I stole some out of his pack and tied them on and we caught fish we caught quite a few fish the fish were up just moving around. we saw some big fish today we saw a couple of big one up on beds we couldn’t get them to go they were not quite locked no they were not locked in if you look at the shore look at the lake level that has droped [laughter] it is different but… Seth says we could provably come back tomorrow or the next day and get a swim bait bite going yeah I have some small swim baits I want to try you like throwing the big ones just try swim bait and show people what we do talk about how you work your swim baits you just don’t cast it and reel it in but you let it hit the bottom you do a of different stuff with it so I will be excited to try that with ya. definitely we just want to thank you guys for watching our videos and show and we appreciate it we also appreciate the comments at our bass fish seminars that Matt and I do on the second Tuesday of every month and I hope you learned something from what we did so thanks again for watching thanks guys and thank you Seth for being on the show today thanks for having me. alright it was a good time . it was fun. it was a good time [music]

  • …I'm not a big fan of bed fishing…especially for tournament fishing, let alone pleasure fishing. Let the bass have their time without the stress or intervention of humans.

  • bed fishing is a punk way of catching them, might as well snag them…….. leave them alone to do there thing and stop stressing them out…

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