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How to Catch Prawn | Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Prawning on the Sunshine Coast is
generally in sheltered waters, beautiful scenery and an abundance of prawns. Steps
are in prawning to get your equipment together; you’re allowed four traps per-person.
Pick your location, you got the traps in the water then
we’ll leave them overnight and go back the next day. Grab the balloon and wind
the line in, pulling four prawn traps there as the traps come up with sort the
prawns and we’ll release anything that’s too small or anything that have eggs.
Then we’ll enjoy the oceans bounty. We’re gonna take them shells off, dip them in soy or wasabi if you like that and eat some right on the boat. It doesn’t
get any better than floating around the Sunshine Coast enjoying a fresh feed of
BC spot prawns that we just caught ourselves.


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