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How to Cook Tuna Sisig with Mayonnaise

welcome to PanlasangPinoy! I’m Vanjo Merano. How are you? If you love Sisig, this episode is perfect for you today, we will cook Tuna Sisig from a canned tuna and these are the ingredients canned tuna red onion, minced. Chopped into tiny bits you may use yellow or white onion here’s an optional ingredient. “Dahon ng sibuyas” or scallions or green onion same thing, it’s chopped into tiny bits another optional ingredient, “chicharong baboy”. This will add texture, the crunch, for our sisig we may add this while cooking or as topping soysauce chili, minced. For those who are fond of spicy sisig mayonnaise garlic powder ground black pepper and salt aside from these ingredients, we’ll need cooking oil and butter if you’re ready, let’s start! guys, before we cook the tuna, let’s prepare it first I have here a big owl and a cheese cloth pour the tuna on the cheese cloth to drain out the liquid we’re straining the tuna. It means, we’re removing the water squeeze out the water from it later we’ll fry this tuna if it still have water, the cooking oil will splatter out when frying and we don’t want that to happen so squeeze out the water as much as possible and after you extract all the water, we can now start cooking the good thing in using a cheese cloth is it’s very easy and we can control the extraction it’s like draining the clothes when washing there, it looks like a ball now the tuna is not that wet anymore get ready with the stove and we’ll fry this pre heat a pan and add oil I want the oil as little as possible that’s why I’m using cooking oil spray if cooking oil spray is not available, an ordinary cooking oil will also do. Add a small amount only just make sure you spread the oil across the pan then let’s add the tuna here’s the benefit of taking out the water from the tuna. If we did not drain it that much, tendency is it will splatter out at this point but observe here, it doesn’t splatter out, right? it’s safer for all of us same thing with the canned tuna in oil, remove excess oil only. Do not totally remove oil. We’ll use that oil for frying instead of adding extra cooking oil continue frying until medium brown I prefer cooking this is high heat so it’s faster. Then let’s add the other ingredients you can get the complete list of ingredients with its respective measurements at the end of this video go there directly after watching the steps in a short while, after cooking in a small amount of oil, you’ll notice that it will become smooth to move around the pan and look like a sauted dish it’s brown and it’s dry. It looks like a stir fried rice the texture is firm were not yet done because we’ll be adding cooking oil earlier, small amount of oil was used to avoid splattering while frying the tuna so now, since the tuna has reached the desired color we have reached the desired consistency let’s now add the cooking oil to saute with the other ingredients let’s put the cooking oil here and add the onion add right away because the pan is still hot because we cooked the tuna here in sisig, it’s important to add a lot of onions the onions helps a lot to our sisig it’s one of the main source of sisig’s flavor you’ll notice the cooking oil doesn’t splatter while cooking the sisig with onions let’s continue adding the other ingredients green onion (otional ingredient), this tastes like onion but I added this ingredient for its color so it would look nice later and for those who are fond of spicy dishes, like me, here goes the chili add the amount of chili you can tolerate if you’re not in to spicy flavor, you may opt not to add chili or you may add the long green pepper, which is not that spicy continue to stir fry it’s very beneficial to use canned tuna for our sisig because it’s very easy to cook let’s lower down the heat then add the other seasonings here goes the garlic powder, put in everything here goes the ground black pepper. We need to control the amout we add in here don’t put everything yet add 1/4 tsp only add a bit of salt. Small amount of salt only because we’ll be using soysauce also we don’t want our sisig to be very salty. Speaking of which, here it is mix very well it smells so good. I added the soysauce and it quickly evaporated it blended in our sisig. It’s so fragrant just continue cooking. Were about to finish cooking here goes the chicharon. Add half for now. We’ll add the other half later on for topping here goes the mayonnaise add half of the mayonnaise then mix well the mayonnaise adds the mushy texture to our sisig it has a bit of oily texture because of the mayonnaise continue mixing if you want the sisig to be more mushy, add more mayonnaise but if you’re satisfied with this kind of texture, like me, then you don’t need to add anymore continue cooking for 30 seconds then let’s prepare this we’ll use a sizzling plate so it would look good for our presentation pre heat the sizzling plate and prepare the butter we’ll use a small amount of butter only you don’t need to slice the butter. Just open the tip of the butter and slide it on to the plate like this to melt if we add too much butter, tendency is the butter will splatter out while we cook the tuna sisig here the butter will have same effect like the cooking oil so warm this up and while it’s that yet very hot, let’s add the tuna there you go. Here’s our tuna sisig It’s not required to use sizzling plate because it’s already cooked this is just for the presentation cook it in the sizzling plate a bit we’re not letting the sizzling plate to be too hot because there’s a tendency of splattering out at this point you will know if it will splatter compared to a very hot plate then you’ll add the tuna, for sure it will splatter out cook this for 20-30 seconds. Do not over cook you can hear the tuna’s cooking. So while waiting, let’s add more chicharon on top, see? If you want to pour all the chicharon here, it’s alright but I think this is enough so our tuna sisig is now ready remove from heat take the sizzling plate and let’s serve I’ll take a small amount and have a taste Mmm~ smells so good Mmm~ it’s fragrant ouch it’s still hot this sisig is very flavorful. so we added the seasonings you saw earlier we did not add calamansi but you may opt to add extra toyomansi if you want you can still add it while cooking here in the sizzling plate. Add more chili if you want but it’s the flavor is already complete with the ingredients I listed and the chicharon is still crunchy. Very nice Mmm~ what were missing here is the calamansi that we usually use in sisigs after cooking, right? you can say that this is not just a stir fried tuna, it’s a tuna sisig because of the flavor and texture we can pair this with rice, pair with beer, you can eat this as snack also. You can fill this on top of a soda cracker. That’s a must-try snack! I already tried doing that and this recipe is cheap and the ingredients are very easy to find Mmm~ before I finish eating, I want to thank you guys thank you very much for watching this video thank you for your support some of you are supporting us since 2009, the year we started, until now thank you so much guys by the way, I have a new episode in Panlasang Pinoy called Bisita Kusina (Kitchen Visit) I hope you follow that series so we can see the different version of our fellowmen on how they cook the Filipino dishes We don’t know, we might end up visiting your kitchen if you haven’t subscribe yet, I’m reminding you to subscribe to our Panlasang Pinoy Yotutube channel so you’ll be notified if we have a new video upload the subscribe button is just down here somewhere guys, please follow me in instagram PanlasangPinoy guys, till then!


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