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Hey guys this is me Wulion and I will give
u know and give u see HOW TO GET SUN, and if u wondering HOW TO GET SUN and this is
it, this is the video , before that I not yet get the Sharkpreme level 3 , so I will use the
purpel gem to level it up to level 2 and level 3 so it’s good to do like that because it is
very hard to get the hydra shark and I already prepare for u guys this already all the six
shark at the place and let’s just do this and we need the Jawgged shark one before that
I will just combine the baby shark so it will not eat the purple shark , purple pearl I
mean ok let’s do this and if u already got the Sharkpreme level 3 or above it will give
u the same SUN it will just give one SUN and if u already have The Titan that + sun and
u will got two sun and so this is my Sharkpreme level 2 and already add the purple pearl and
now it’s level 3 and before doing the recreate universe that give u one sun and five diamond
u have the money 3 billion , I have I mean and it will reset the coin so it is better
to buy something with the money and I will also lose this shark and just get the baby
shark but the sharkpedia wont get anywhere so u can still see the sharkpedia even you
just got the baby shark so I will just spend the money and buy some outfit for my shark because it is really hard to get 3 billion u need to have the Sharkpreme again so let me buy some stuff that is really expensive and I got some achievement it is good to buy the outfit because it also open the achievement
like if u get all the shark wear the same outfit u will get an achievement so I’d choose
the very nice one to all the shark but my coin per second is 1.3 Million coin/second
so if I buy lower than that we won’t get anywhere and I will always can buy so let me just spend
it until it is lower than 1.3 Million , ok it’s already and I will just buy tweny of
outfit like this so at the next one I can use all the same outfit at the all shark ok guys let’s recreate the universe I can’t buy anything again let’s do this ! and I will
as I said before I will get 1 sun and 5 diamond and this is it and I will also choose the
red color so my water will be red next recreated universe and this is the DOOMSS DAYY and this
is the recreation A New Universe! You might have noticed that a few things have changed. and the water is red now and I just got the baby shark but the sharkpedia is like before
that not anything changes and now I got the 21 diamond so it is better to buy the submarine
and the upgrade crate ok guys thankyou for watching this video I will buy the titan
at the next video because this video is already too long for u guys to watch ok thankyou guys
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