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How to hook a worm for bluegill or rock bass

A couple days ago I had someone ask what was the best way to put a worm on
the hook when you’re fishing for bluegill and so today I’m gonna try to
demonstrate that I have here a baby nightcrawler and I
have a size 6 hook and I’m going to give this a try.
Now, this isn’t necessarily the best way to do it, but it’s the
way I used for a long time and it seems to have served me well. I’m going to put the hook into the
worm just behind the point and they usually squirm around a little bit when
you first poke them and make it difficult for you. Once you get it inside the
worm go ahead and push the worm on to the point of the hook keeping the point of
the hook inside the worm until you push the worm around the end of the hook a little bit and
then go ahead and bring the hook out the side of the worm
and it will look something like this: Now you could leave the entire worm on the
hook if I was fishing for bass I might do that.
But since I’m fishing for bluegill I’m going to go ahead and just pinch the worm in half there’s really no reason to put the
whole worm on – it just wastes the worm because the fish will continue to to bite and chew it off and you won’t be
able to actually get them hooked until they get it chewed clear up to here and and get up
to the hook so I just use half a worm. If it’s a pretty
large nightcrawler you can even use a third or fourth of the worm. And toss it out there and see if you can pull
in a fish. If you have any questions or have some
other suggestions feel free to leave a comment and as
always thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

  • I have w worm threader in my tackle bag ,is it worth using for panfish. BTW,I like your videos,do more panfish videos,please

  • Never heard of a worm threader – I'll have to google that! 🙂 I'm glad you enjoy the videos. I'm currently finishing up a video of Camden and I catching a few sunfish on the lake – look for that to show up on my channel within the next three or four days.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. Probably the reason I haven't done them already is that my knowledge is weak in that area. The best fishing around here is panfish and catfish, so that's what I spend the most time fishing. However, I've been targeting bass and walleye more recently, and as I learn, I'll try to keep the how-to videos coming. 🙂

  • Glad it worked for you… reminds me that I need to get out on the water again soon before old man winter sets in!

  • It used to infuriate me the amount of times the perch would steal my worm without getting hooked, or the amount of times I would hook a perch but it would fall off before I got it on the bank. However ever since I started hooking my worms in this way I have caught a lot more. It's funny though how the worms seem to stretch themselves out and make themselves thinner when you put a hook anywhere near them, which sometimes makes this method a little more trickier.

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