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How to Make Beef with Broccoli | Hilah Cooking

>>Hilah: Hey dudes! I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking I am
gonna show you a really quick and simple beef and broccoli stir fry. This is one of our go-to meals around my house,
and stir fry is just a great thing to know how to do because you can pretty much throw
whatever you want in there, so and we did a tofu stir fry many, many years ago, but
no we’re going to do a stir fry for the rest of you people, including the men folk
because if you eat too much tofu, you might grow boobs like mine! [MUSIC] [Beef and Broccoli Recipe]>>Hilah: We’ve got a skirt steak here. You can use skirt of flank steak or even like
sirloin tips, but skirt steak is pretty inexpensive. The only thing that you need to remember is
to cut it across the grain really thinly, so and we’re going to do that. First thing I am just gonna just flip it over. The other side is where the fat is and just
trim off any excess fat or this little membrane stuff, and skirt and flank steak are sort
of both, well they are, they are not sort of, they’re both from the underside of the
cow, and they both can be a little stringy and tough, but they’re both really, really
nicely flavored meats if you prepare them right, and I will show you. Skirt steak has got a little more fat than
flank steak, and they’re both pretty inexpensive. This is also the cut that you would use for
fajitas. Banjo and Daisy are gonna love this! Ah oh, I shouldn’t have said their names. I know we can be so, I’m just sort of pulling
and cutting with a really sharp knife to get this off. Okay, so once you’ve got your piece of meat
pretty well trimmed like this, I’m actually just gonna stick it in the freezer for like
10 minutes and having it kind of partially frozen when you slice it is gonna to make
it easier to slice it really thinly, and while our meat is partially freezing, I can go ahead
and start prepping our broccoli. I’ve just got a couple of stalks here, and
I am gonna get rid of the stem, and I usually hang on to these and add them to soups or
like, other stir-frys or make puree, like, broccoli soup out of them, so you don’t
have to throw it away, and then we’ll just start sort of slicing at the bottom here to
get these florets off, and you want to keep them in their little cute tree shape, you
know, to validate yourself making authentic Chinese food at home. It looks a lot prettier that way. Hmm hmm hmmm. Doop doop doop. And then once you get to the center where
it looks a little bit tricky to start separating the florets are really small. We can just go ahead and cut this little center
piece in half, or even quarters if it’s really big. It just depends. You kind of want to just make sure you keep
them all approximately the same size. Okay, awesome! That didn’t really take 10 minutes, but let’s
pretend like the meat is partially frozen. Huh? Between me and you? All right, our not quite partially frozen
meat, but we’re gonna just start slicing it really thinly, and you can kind of see
it better on this side I’ll show you. So you see these grain lines here that run
perpendicular to the direction of the length of the meat? We are going to cut against those, so we’ll
want to cut this way, and that’s going to help make it really tender. I’ll cut it that way first. Get that out of the way, and then it’s really
thin and if you want to even do it like on a diagonal, that’s fine too, and I’ll
do the same basic method recipe with chicken breasts or chicken thighs sometimes as well,
just mix it up, and you can add carrots or onion or whatever, but we’re just gonna
keep it simple with the beef and broccoli today, and as it is sliced, I am dropping
it into this bowl. Rad Tad! And now I’ve got my little beef strips. I am gonna just drizzle this with maybe a
tablespoon of soy sauce and let it kind of hang out there until I need it. That’s what I call a marinade, not really,
that’s just putting soy sauce on something. All right, we’re doing this a little bit
different because I am really trying to recreate the old Chinese restaurant thing, so I am
actually gonna steam the broccoli first as opposed to stir-frying it, so I’ve just
got about a half cup of water here, and if you have a wok you can totally do this in
a wok, but I just figured I’d show you this way since, you know, a lot of people don’t
have fancy stuff like woks. So, ooh, that lid’s hot! All right, so I ‘ll just covering it back
up, got it on high heat, and just like a minute. We just want to get it nice and bright and
crisp because we are gonna toss it back with the sauce later, so just sort of like par
steaming it here, so all right, one minute later. I’ve got this gorgeous emerald green broccoli,
and I am just gonna put it back in my bowl. Oops! You didn’t see that, and we’ll continue
to cook a little bit, but I am not too worried about it. It should still be plenty nice and green,
and I need to get rid of this water. Okay, and now we are gonna cook our beef. Okay, so smokin’ hot skillet here. I am gonna add a couple of tablespoons of
oil. If you wanted to kind of sautee in water to
make it lower fat, you could do that. I don’t really worry about it too much as
you can tell, just kidding, or maybe I’m not. Okay, so then add my beef, and just add it
in single layer, and I’ve tossed it around with the soy sauce, and this really is only
going to take about another minute. It’s not gonna take very long at all. Don’t crowd your pan or your wok. If you have to do it in two batches to get
it all cooked, that’s fine. Whoa! And I’ve got a couple of, well, a few dried,
red chilis here that I am gonna add in that’s gonna make it a little spicy. Of course you could leave that out if you
wanted to, and Just start moving it around, and we’re really almost done. It’s kind of amazing! So once your beef is almost cooked, like,
you don’t want to overcook this cut either or else it could get tough, so once you’re
almost cooked here, you’re gonna add the secret ingredient which is oyster sauce which
is made with oysters. It just kind of adds a really nice like, umami
flavor, and a little bit of chicken broth, and a little bit of garlic, and I like to
add the garlic at the end so that stays really nice and hot, but if you wanted to add it
with the beef and make it a little milder, that’s fine, and now we’re going to add
in our broccoli, get that tossed around. Oh, man, this looks so fresh, smells awesome. It’s gonna be quite a delicious meal, and
it comes together in a cinch. Okay, so great! This looks perfect. Once you sauce is just about evaporated and
the broccoli is nice and coated and shiny, we are ready to eat. Now you can serve this over rice obviously
or noodles, or sometimes what I’ll do is even just throw it into a tortilla and make
a taco out of it. That’s really nice, but I’m just gonna
eat it as is except with some of my favorite sauce, and if you are morally opposed or something
to using oyster sauce, then you can leave it out and just do a little more chicken sauce
and soy sauce, but I really like it. Man that’s so good! It’s so tender. It’s just really, really full of flavor,
and it’s even faster than even getting takeout you guys, and it’s so much healthier for
you. I hope you try this recipe. If you want more quick and easy recipes, check
out my book at, and I also have a healthy foods playlist, healthy
recipes playlist, and thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions about the recipe,
leave them below, and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Please don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll
see you guys later. Bye! [MUSIC]


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