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How to Make Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches with Mason Hereford

-This review we got,
it says two stars. “Never tried it,
but I passed by on the bus.” Alton Barber, Google Reviews. So, we found that so great —
it gave us great Instagram traction, everybody
thought it was so funny — So, honestly, he really probably
helped us more than he hurt us. ♪♪ Hey, guys, I’m Mason
from Turkey and the Wolf and Molly’s Rise and Shine
in New Orleans. And I’m gonna make a
chicken-fried steak sandwich. It’s gonna be on
some thick-cut white bread. We’re gonna make bird sauce,
pepper jelly, coleslaw, and, um… the steak. So, what we’ve got
is New York strip. But the cool thing is
we’re pounding it out. So, if you wanted to use
something like eye of round or something that you wouldn’t
necessarily, normally sear off and serve like a sliced steak,
you actually have that option ’cause we’re gonna —
gonna flatten her out. Um, that didn’t sound right. We’re gonna, uh,
pound the steak. The idea is you’re gonna take it
and you’re gonna want to cut it as thin as you
possibly can this way. Cut it in half first,
and that’ll give me the option if I have, like, a thicker cut,
I could pound it out flat and it’ll be nice and even. So, out of this guy, I’ll probably get
three slices out of it. One, two. Without cutting our hands off. Probably want it to be
three ounces, this way. So, if you we’re to use
the whole steak, you’d go for a thinner,
thinner little guy like that. So, why do they call it
chicken-fried steak? Google might have
a better answer, but I believe it’s because
of the way you fry it — the procedure for breading it, and then tossing it
into the pot of oil is the same way you fry chicken. So, we’re gonna use buttermilk
rather than, like, an egg wash. At the end,
ours is extra chicken-y ’cause we’re gonna
sprinkle, like, a powdered chicken
bouillon on it which is gonna be super fun. And it’s gonna have MSG,
and everything’s gonna be great. What we’re trying to do
is flatten it out so it fries evenly. Um, but also, flattening it out,
it’s gonna make it so that the breading
adheres to it better so that way we can have
a nice, coated, crispy chicken-fried steak. And even — It’s gonna be even
so we can cook it evenly. So, yeah, into the fridge. We’re gonna mix up
some coleslaw. It’s gonna have cabbage,
white onion, a little Duke’s mayonnaise,
and some vinegar. So, we’re gonna cut this cabbage
in half. Oh, wait. There we go. And then we’re gonna
mandolin it. Like, a year going into
opening Turkey and the Wolf, I had, like, a cellphone memo
page of, like, every idea ever. It’d be like, “Put sunflower
seeds on a salad or something.” And, like, one time,
I guess I’d been drinking. I just wrote down
in all caps, “SHREDDICE” so I wouldn’t forget to put, you know, shredded lettuce in —
I don’t know. We thought it was clever
at the time. Um, it’s still written
on the menu. But, yeah, it’s just lettuce
that’s cut up. So, yeah. To make the coleslaw,
we have our shredded cabbage. We shredded it really nice
and thin here on the mandolin. And now we’re gonna add just
a little bit of white onion. We’re gonna do salt and pepper. When seasoning to taste,
just make it, like, as salty as you can
without actually tasting salty. That’s kind of how we do it. So, we’re gonna do a little bit
of white vinegar. I have a lot here. I’m not gonna use very much,
just, uh — I guess that was, like,
shy of a tablespoon. Here we got some
Duke’s mayonnaise, three or four clumps worth. Duke’s is made in Virginia,
in Richmond. I’m from Charlottesville,
an hour away. It’s got cider vinegar in it, which makes it really,
really tangy. It’s, like, super velvety
and rich. It uses, like, whole eggs
or real eggs. It’s literally, like,
our business plan. It’s like, we open a restaurant based on serving a shit
ton of Duke’s mayonnaise. So far, so good. Hey, Duke’s. So, I’m just gonna taste this. I think I put a little
too much mayonnaise, but I think
that’s gonna be fine. It is gonna need
a little more vinegar, so I’ll add a little more. Mix it up, and we’re good to go. The next thing we’re gonna make
is what we call bird sauce. We call it bird sauce because
Bacardia’s Chicken in New Orleans is, like,
an awesome fried-chicken joint, and they have a bird sauce,
which is basically, like, just a dope
mayonnaise-based sauce that goes good
with fried chicken. Hot sauce, lemon,
we do Worcestershire, pinch of salt,
grinds from the pepper grinder. Back when we had this on the
menu, which was a long time ago, everyone would make it
a little different but it always kind
of worked out right. As long as you hit the acid,
the salt, and the — kind of the savory nature
and it has enough pepper in it, you’re good to go. I made it too strong,
I’ve got a lot of lemon and a lot of hot sauce, so yeah. I’m gonna bring it back
to reality a little with some more mayonnaise. And, uh, I think now
it’s gonna be great. I’m really excited. That’s bird sauce.
That’s gonna do. Um, so next, we’re gonna work
with the bread. Any pullman white bread,
pandami situation will work —
two pretty thick slices. It takes a good amount
of butter. You want to make sure you get
an even coat on there. We’re gonna toast it
on both sides. This sandwich was just
kind of made for white bread. When you think, like,
chicken fried steak or country fried steak,
you think Texas toast —
thick-cut white bread. Just kind of made sense to us. And when we tried it
on the white bread, we knew, like,
that’s where we want to be. Uh, so, yeah. We’re gonna toast
the other side of the bread, and then we’re gonna do
the same thing with all the bread
for all the sandwiches. I’m gonna stand it up like this. And if you don’t have, you know,
really awesome bread that’ll stand up like that,
you can make a bread teepee. Pardon my beer. When you throw it on the table,
it becomes soft because it’s steaming itself. And if you let it sit this way
and air out for a while, it’ll be, like,
ready to be built upon. We’re gonna make the dredge to fry the steak,
and then we’re gonna — we’re gonna fry it up
right after we dredge it. So, we’re gonna have two bowls. One’s gonna be
for the buttermilk, and one is gonna be
for the flour mixture — all-purpose flour. So, I’m gonna add
a little chicken powder into the, uh, dredge,
ground black pepper, some paprika, granulated garlic,
onion powder — or granulated
will work just fine — good pinch of salt. And you just want to make sure
this is all even, spread out. We’re gonna take our steak
out of the fridge, and we are gonna
dredge this thing. Some people at home —
more so restaurants — like to do
a triple-breading procedure where you have panko, egg wash, bread crumbs, or whatever,
whatever, whatever. I just did two ’cause we’re
using the same dredge twice. So, we got this guy
into the flour. Gonna make sure it’s nice
and coated. We’re gonna go into the, uh,
buttermilk. And you want to get it
all the way coated again. Let the excess drip off. And then, into the flour mixture
once again. And then, we’re gonna fry it. We’re gonna drop it in. We have our oil at 350. When you drop a steak in,
it’s gonna drop the temperature dramatically. You can turn up the heat,
but I think it’s gonna be fine. We’re just gonna let it roll. ♪♪ So, those are both in there. Halfway, two-thirds
through the frying process, we’re gonna flip it to kind of
get an even golden brown on both sides. You’ll see it’s
a little light on top. Flip it, little more golden. We’re gonna let this fry
for like, another minute. Yeah.
So, I guess people say, “Hey, why’d you open a sandwich
shop in New Orleans?” New Orleans has, like,
a bunch of po’boy shops and stuff like that. I grew up in Virginia,
and there was sort of, like, a wealth of awesome places
to eat sandwiches there. And when I got to New Orleans
I was like, there’s so many
great sandwiches here, but a lot of them
are in this po’boy variety where you get fried seafood
or roast beef on a French roll. And I was like, “I think
there’s a good chance that I could open up
a place that people liked.” And I used different bread
and different flavors, and I could use
some of the stuff I learned in fine-dining to make,
like, a casual sandwich shop. And that’s what we did. We created a place that we just
try to have a really good time, and that’s kind of the — the mantra behind
Turkey and the Wolf. Make some sandwiches,
try to have a good time. Now I’m making steak in a movie. When you’re frying the steaks,
they’re really thin. They’re pounded out, so you’re
not worried about a temperature. They’re gonna be cooked
all the way through kind of no matter what. If you have a golden brown,
you’re good to go. We’re gonna season them
with that, uh — that chicken powder
I mentioned earlier. And what we did is we threw it
in the blender and mixed it with salt. And what you want to do
is you want to season it right when it comes
out of the fryer, ’cause it sticks better to the
outside of the fried steak. And this is a little less salty
than salt now that it has
chicken powder in it, so I’m able to,
like, really go for it. So, we ran it for maybe, like, six,
seven months when we opened. And it was, by far,
our best seller. Bill Addison, who now works
for LA Times, I think, he wrote an article
about us that was like, “You guys got to try
this new sandwich shop. It’s, like,
everything’s pretty good, but there’s one thing
that you got to try. And it’s the chicken-fried
steak sandwich.” And this thing was already
the bane of my existence ’cause I was, like, pounding
the fucking meat every morning for hours. We had already planned
on eventually taking it off. When the article came out we were like,
“We can’t handle this.” And we pulled it off the menu,
same day. And it’s been gone ever since.
This is actually the first time I’ve made it since that article
came out, I don’t know,
two-and-a-half years ago. We’re gonna take
some dill pickles and just make some slices, ’cause those are gonna go
on the sandwich, too. We’re gonna go bird sauce first,
edge-to-edge, like, cover the bread
so all the bites sort of, you know,
have enough sauce and stuff. We go pepper jelly
on the bottom. This is gonna be a little bit
sweet and a little bit spicy. I’ll lay down some of this slaw. ♪♪ Next, we’ll throw
a steak on there. We got a chicken fried steak. You know, you can —
if you’re really hungry, you can add more or whatever. Um, we’re gonna do it so that it
just covers everything we have so far. We want kind of sort of even
coverage on the pickles. We got the bird sauce
on the top piece of bread. ♪♪ And then…we got
chicken-fried steak sandwich. ♪♪ [ Can pops open ] I’m happy with it. It’s all about that chicken
powder on the steak. It’s, like, crispy. Pickles are great. Good choice.
Yeah. For the recipe, click the link
in the description below. ♪♪ ♪♪


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