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How To Make Chicken Schnitzel By Rachael

Chicken schnitzel, AKA chicken cutlet (laughs) and we are topping it with our frisee salad with the radishes and apples. When we are making breaded anything, when we’re making a cutlet, a eggplant steak, or a piece of chicken, or pork, or veal, or beef. Whatever we’re breading you want to season every single layer okay? So in other words our chicken cutlets they’re seasoned with salt and pepper. Our flour station, flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, standard breading procedure is what we have on the countertop here. Flour is seasoned, eggs we’re going to season with some Dijon mustard. Spice the eggs up. Oo. For a traditional schnitzel I like garlic and onion, in the fine breadcrumbs, and always, always, always a little freshly graded nutmeg. Also a little lemon zest is nice in your schnitzel. I’ll just steal a little zest Okay. I want a little lemon zest in this. So every single layer of what we are passing the chicken through has some sort of seasoning going on. You are cooking oil should be innocuous, it should be oil you can see through neutral oil you want to have oil that you can see through so that it has a high cooking temp. Okay. I’m gonna put this as close to our oil as possible. Sweet. Okay. Let me get your cutlets down here for you. All right. Flour shake off excess, egg shake off excess, pat evenly all over both sides, then drop it into the oil. Always have a pan ready with a wire rim inside a rimmed baking sheet to go into a warm oven and keep the cutlets crispy on all sides. So when we bring home the boneless, skinless chicken breast from the grocery store. We take our boneless, skinless breast put it down on our gel cutting board, you can sanitize not on your wooden counter, okay, and were gonna put our hand flat on the top of the breast holding it very firmly we’re gonna take a good sharp knife, I’m using a boning knife and you’re going to open the chicken like a book, you’re gonna butterfly the chicken open, and kinda move it over so it looks like a little heart shape. Just like that. Okay. Then you’re going to cover the heart with a piece of parchment or a piece of plastic or you can even put it in a individual baggie so it’s ready to just pop in the freezer, and you are going to take your mallet and pound it out evenly. When we use a meat mallet it is not (grunts) (audience laughs) You’re trying to drag, so you can drag away from your body or towards your body, but you are looking for slow, even strokes that are very flat, and that’s how you get these super sized boys. These big pretty guys. (audience applauds) Nicely done! We’ve got two in the pan. Look at these giant boys, these are the ones that Rita breaded. They’ve been cooking just during the break, they’re gorgeous. So we’re making a salad that we’re going to put on top of the schnitzel. Yeah. Lemon zest, lemon juice, whenever we squeeze the lemons squeeze them cut side up, so that the seeds stay with the lemon and don’t fall into your dressing. (audience applaud) To this we are going to add a drizzle of honey, want a little bit of natural sweetener in our dressing, and a fat squirt of Dijon, which we used in the eggs for our breading station for our schnitzel. Fat squirt of that. Okay. Salt and pepper, and then our acid for this is a little cider vinegar, and then you stream in your olive oil while you are mixing your dressing so it’s uh it’s a, Go ahead. Dijon honey dressing basically with a little shallot in it. We’re gonna add some fresh thyme and then we’re going to add sweet apples, spicy watermelon radishes or you know straight up radish. Frisee which is white and this fuzzy um looks very delicate but it’s actually very sturdy lettuce. Yup. And some endive and endive however you want to say it. So this is Rita’s cutlet she made her chicken schnitzel AKA cutlet (laughs) and we’re topping it with our frisee salad (gasps) with the radishes and apples and the Dijon honey dressing. Gorgeous. (audience applaud) (audience cheering)

  • Just a suggestion- when you squeeze the lemon cut side up, half the juice will fall back into the lemon and so you won't get the most out of your produce, isn't it better to just catch any pits that fall? Otherwise love your show!

  • You are a phenomenon and a blessing in disguise. I love watching your videos. It gives me new ideas and recipes when I need it. Such a life saver. Keep up the great work. You have inspired me so much to start cooking and sharing my recipes with the world. Thank you with ❤.

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  • I say veal is always the best for this recipe. Love love love,

    A ‘cajun’ schnitzel using paprika, piripiri and Cajun spice to season the flour and chicken beforehand is a good hack.

    Serve with Cajun mayo using the same seasoning and just add to the mayonnaise with a squeeze of lemon. I also eat with guacamole . Weird I know, delish! 🥩🥓🥬🥑

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