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How to Make Fresh Crab Dipping Sauces | Pottery Barn

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Dipping Sauces for Crab How do you do? My name’s Paul Johnson I’m the founder of Monterey fish market in
berkeley and San francisco. I’ve been working the docks of San francisco for
about thirty years now and I’ve written this book called Fish Forever
which relates some of my experiences and lets you know how to choose good seafood, both healthy
and sustainable, and there’s some really interesting recipes in here that’s used for cooking
that seafood. We’re gonna talk a little bit about crabs today.
No other country has incorporated crabs into their cuisine as successfully as the united
states. One of the great things about crabs is that they’re sustainable. They’re caught by traps so we’re able to select
the size, season, sex, and also we’re able to release anything
else which is caught along with the crabs. The way I like ’em best is just freshly cooked
served with dipping sauce. I’m going to show you a couple of quick easy dipping sauces today. The first is just a red pepper mayonnaise. It’s very very
simple. All we do is we take red pepper and great it into a bowl. And we take a half a cup of mayonnaise either commercial a homemade, whichever you prefer. The red pepper, mix it in. Here’s a little bit of the red pepper juice to thin it out just a bit. A touch of cayenne pepper. I’m gonna grate some of the meyer lemon zest in here. Give it another stir. That’s it. Red pepper mayonnaise. Simple. Anyone can make that
at home. It’s absolutely delicious with any kind of
crab. Whether it’s the Dungeness, King, or stone crab. Another option is this Thaistyle dipping sauce. First I take three tablespoons of onion, three tablespoons of red pepper, I add one tablespoon of chile, one teaspoon of salt, one tablespoon of sugar, quarter of a cup of fresh squeezed lime juice, a quarter
of a cup of rice wine vinegar about one two tablespoons of cilantro. Give it all a good mix. One last thing, I’m gonna add some fresh grated ginger. I peeled this ginger.
I’m gonna grate this. there’s some good flavor here. That’s about a tablespoon I would say. Boy that smells good. That smells really good. Ginger always goes really nicely
with seafood So here’s your Thai style relish, and here’s your red pepper mayonnaise, Two great recipes for any kind of crab
when entertaining at home. Please vist
for more tips on fresh crabs.


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