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How to Make Szechuan Beef

Hi Today we’re going to make Szechuan Beef and we have to use 1/2 pound of beef slice have to be tenderloin good quality beef first you put a little bit of salt and sesame seed oil and white pepper and mix them up and put 1 egg white mix them together make it to know all kinda even and now now we put corn starch on it so we can make little coating So you make it kind of even you can tell beause its not too runny because the egg is mixed in real good like that now we’re going to put soybean oil harping on mix it evenly so we going to fry this up put about couple tablespoon oil in it wait a little bit for it to heat up Put the beef kind of spread them out let them fry king of browning the beef a little bit before you turn them over Spread them out real good K now you can turn them over you can see the beef browning a little bit it’ll only take a little time to cook you can see its pretty much browned up and its cooked now we scoop them out and we’re going to cook with onions celery carrots and mushroom and pepper green pepper ok so we’re going to put some chopped up garlic and gingers and you browning them a little bit and put a tablespoon cooking wine and 8oz of water about a cup of water in it if not enough water try to make it enough water to cover the whole thing, cover it in the mean time we’re going to mix corn starch and water probably around 1 to 2 try to make it even stir them all together and ok we’re going to put the seasoning in for the szechuan beef dish we’re going to put like 1 tablespoon oyster sauce 1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce 1 teaspoon sugar okay and now we’re ready to put the gravy and you add the beef to it so we’re going to make the gravy just put a little bit at a time and put a little dark soy sauce to make the color and that is Szechuan Beef recipe


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