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How to Rig a Winter Drop Shot

[Music] you’re watching fishing with Gary you
know I get a lot of emails a lot of questions Texts and stuff from the shows
and stuff one of the things a lot of the people want to know is these bobber
Stoppers how do you make those work how do those work you know all it is is a
ring and you know you could buy real cheap ones that have six or a bobber
stoppers on there or you know you could buy expensive ones you know that holds a
little bit better these are more of the cheaper ones you know that I buy and buy
them by the grouse so let me show you how you rig these you
can see that each bobber stopper is on a piece of wire and it has a loop at the
end of it all you do is take your line just stick the line through the loop of
the bobber stopper grab t now look it’he bobber stopper well the line is there and pull
it now look it is on the line all right I put my first one on there all right so I
have one bobber stopper on there I’m gonna thread my line through the hook
the hook is facing up upward up the line now I’m going to add two more if you
bought the real expensive bobber Stoppers you would only have to use one
bobber stopper under that hook I’m going to use two stick it through again
pull the bobber stopper comes out on the line
slide it up get the next bobber stopper stick the line through the the loop on
the wire grab the grab the line and the bobber stopper with your thumb and your
finger grab the hold the other one in the other hand the wire and pull it’s
that easy the bobber stopper comes out right on the line now you can.. now you
can adjust your you can adjust that any way you want you can make a real long
leader a short leader whatever you want I sometimes it bends the wire a little
bit so what you want to do is just go through go through your cylinder wait
your drop shot wait I tied a couple knots in it just to hold it on a little
bit more wola! I take that and I’m trimming that line just a little bit off
of there now you have the bobber stopper drop shot all right I put a small little
mosquito hook on this one and then I just hooked my worm right through the
end of it now we have real dirty water here I mean you can already see two feet
so some guys like to you know hook those on so they’re more or less weedless and
stuff there’s no trees and stuff where I’m fishing here so the hooks don’t get
caught in any brush or or anything so it works out this perfect now if I want to
fish this higher I just grab the bobber Stoppers and now I have like 15 inches
if the fish are on the bottom like they are in the wintertime like right now I
can drop this all the way to right there those fish are laying right on the
bottom if I’m going to fish a drop shot that’s how I’m going to fish it right
now that’s how I’ve been catching them right there that close to the sinker
because the Bass were just laying right on the ground anyway this is the
bobber stopper shot it’s very effective you can fish it
with a weedless hook or an open hook like this [Music] you


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