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How to safely pick up a catfish

The first time you pull in one of these catfish
you’re probably wondering how you should pick it up without
getting hurt. You’ve probably heard of people getting jabbed or stung by catfish. The first thing you need to know is that these whiskers here are harmless that’s what the catfish uses for
smelling and they won’t hurt you at all. You do have to be aware of a couple of
things though on the leading edge of both of these
fins on both sides of the catfish and also the one on top are some sharp spines and you can get poked by one of those and it
will hurt a lot. Now, the way I usually pick one of these up is, I flip it over and come at it from the bottom and put a finger on either side of the spine
on one side – on the other side just put my thumb below the spine and from there there’s really no way that catfish
can hurt me. The problem comes if you have a
catfish that so big that you can’t put your hand around it. In a case like that
you can use a hand on each side of it and then do the same thing – put a
finger above and below the spine. Another thing you can do on a big
catfish is just put your hand in the mouth. A lot of people are reluctant to do that but catfish really don’t have long and sharp
teeth the teeth are more like sandpaper and they can draw some blood but typically
they’re not too dangerous – I’ve really never had any problem with it so to each his own. Whatever you do just avoid those spines and you won’t get hurt.

  • Where I'm from the catfish are world class and on average are about 36 to 45 inches and 30-75 lbs so the first technique won't work but you could just get a lip grip and use that if you're scared of the spines. If you wanna catch the cats I'm talking about do a quick search for lockport manitoba catfishing and check it out. It's the channel cat capital of the world

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