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How to setup a New Aquarium -Selecting the tank, stand, filters and driftwood. (Part 1 of 4)

what up fish tank people bringing it to you
on a Sunday baby special Sunday today 420 or Sunday today I hope everybody’s
doing well having a good time hanging out with their family whatever else
you’re up to today it’s Sunday I’m excited I’m always excited I guess Lakes
green you all should be excited it’s springtime it’s beautiful
I’m excited today because I’ve got a great video in store for you it’s
species Sunday but I want to take a step back before we get into species and I’m
actually going to do a little series for you all I’m going to do a series on how
to set up a low tech planted tank I’m really excited about it it’s going to be
a three-part series so today it’s part one and we’re going to get into it I
want to talk today about the size of your tank the stand
what kind of substrate you’re going to use and I want to talk about hardscapes
today and then in the next video I’m going to talk about lighting and plants
aquascaping and then the final video I’m going to talk about maintenance put kind
of putting it all together and tweaking it and yeah and you always want to have
a pretty sharp looking tank so we will get it rolling here um for starters I
want to talk about the size of the tank okay I think this is important just from
the onset you start now you’re like okay dude what am I going to do how I’m going
to set this up what size tank you got well there’s a couple of things to
consider first and foremost is budget what can you afford they might have a
dollar per gallon sale that I can assure you that’s brilliant marketing because
you can go ahead and spend a hundred bucks on 100 gallon aquarium then you
got to fill it up the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen was when Pet
Supplies Plus used to do the $2 10 gallon sale
I was victim of it and I bought a 10 gallon you got to buy everything goes in
it so um they select something that falls within your budget I have a new
guy coming out it’s relatively soon but that goes into all this in more detail
but basically yeah figure out what your budget is ahead
at time don’t just buy a big tank and say I gotta fill it up for instance me
personally I had the 220 that I got for 500 bucks downstairs however I had to go
and drop instantly other 2 or 50 bucks on lights that doesn’t include any sort
of you know filtration and stuff so um you know kind of have your budget
figured out before you jump in also you want to figure out the size of tank
you’re looking at what kind of fish are you going to put in there they are going
to out gonna outgrow the tank or are they going to be just fine huh and I
want to talk about this tank here then I want to talk about its stand this is 8 I
guess it’s a 39 I call it a forward at all so excuse me for the lack of details
if it is in fact other than that I don’t care I’ve always been a big fan of these
and I talked about this in the guy I love this tank because it’s got that
like big viewing area tall and then why this is 29 plus a couple of inches so it
can fit on a standard stand it’s got a lot of gallons one of the things that
doesn’t have those a lot of surface area you like a lot of gas exchange so some
of those like 20 Long’s and all that have good gas exchange compared to the
amount of gallons of water they have same thing when they go 125 big long
footprint open lots of gas exchange so that’s one of the things this is lacking
probably running an air stone so it doesn’t much matter so um this forty
high is actually Steve’s I gave it to me it’s been looking great it’s been
looking terrible announced back to nothing so I’m excited to be setting it
up here I went with the 40 high and I want to talk about this stand here
because this stand was built 3 by a guy named Wayne any you guys go to Ohio
University you should anyway ah it is uh as a as a store I hope it’s still there
it’s called a beach house it’s way up I want to say Richmond Road or not
Richmond Road way up way up home like on your way to Pomeroy or whatever
Southwest I’ll be just he built this stand for me and I want to make a note
about this stand because it’s custom built at what point is they actually
looked pretty good but this stand was built for me at a specific height
because what I was going for at the time in college surprise surprise I had two
tanks I had a forty I had the 40 tall and then I had a
29 and the 29 sad about this tall so I wanted to make sure that I had the 40
tall of the 29 at the same level here so I wanted them to be at the same height
so you could like look at one and then it would go and you look at both so this
stand was built intentionally low and I think that’s important the number one
thing to stand obviously you want to stand to be able to hold the tank I mean
a wall I think a gallon of water weighs about eight pounds something like that
getting on so it’s going to be able to hold a lot of weight out of the 40
gallon tank you know not too not too bad yeah this is a pretty beefy stand that
I’ve used in the past and I know will work well another thing that you want to
make sure the stand is you want to make sure that the stand is level here and I
have a level around here somewhere that you can see you want the stand to be
level level level and it’s very important it’s worth buying a level or
borrowing a level because when the stand isn’t level you’re going to ultimately
put too much stress on the the scenes of the tank and eventually it will leak
okay people can say oh no it won’t leak its level trust me I’m the most quick
hit dude you’ve ever met okay you see how much I ended the videos from the
level um so you want to make sure it sits level so this tank sits on you can
see this in sits level it’s sitting good this is important okay ask me how I know
about a level tanks in my old office I had a 55-gallon tank that I bought used
that I had on a stand it was kind of bush-league
and the stand sack level the water level SATA level I solid
in level and I didn’t care it ultimately started to leak okay and that 55 is
sitting on the other side of my greenhouse right now collecting mosquito
larvae so definitely want to make sure that your tank is level that’s an
important thing go level this way it’s level okay good this way it’s level I’m
good I’m not an expert of leveling tanks but I will say that you know checking
from a couple of different angles also you want to make sure that the standard
is level and you want to make sure that the using this the stand is level and
you also want to see if it’s not level you want to make sure that you can like
shim it so you can put a little like slivers about wood underneath it to shoe
to make it level so make sure you make it level and shim it up here the other
thing about a stand is is it good it doesn’t look you’re just digging the
place shit I mean let’s be honest here this Dan looks like crap at one point it
was a beautiful stand you can see this these little like nail things whatever
there’s a little like small nails techid and I had a black like curtain conover
on it that made it look a little better there’s couple things on this Dan looks
bad one is if you’re trying to impress your wife girlfriend whatever they’re
really good stand for me if you’re looking at the stand you’re not looking
at the tank if you don’t get a tank something’s wrong in the tank I mean
they’ll have a go with the tank so if you’d like let stand looks like crap
than your it’s been a way too much time look at this the stand we surely attack
tangs like crap you got bigger issues in the stand so I say that however you know
my wife wants me to have a real nice looking stand in the family room and I
can’t blame her for that so just something is in there ways to do that
like I was saying you can do a the thing around the bottom here like I
used some black cloth that was tacked in there and it was nice and kind of hit
everything and made you kind of focus on the tank you can also put a front doors
on here kind of a craft you are something all by the way I’ve seen some
irritations are really cool if it stands they kind of hide everything and then
the other part about the stand and it’s a nice segue into the next part of this
is what are you going to put up so for me I’m going to segue from stands to
filtration and it’ll tie back in here I’m thinking to myself what am I going
to do to filter this time what my first options was a wonderful campus by our
friends at football ah that’s great and it looks like it will fit but it won’t
because when you put the attachment on it when you put the return flow piece
this right here this is ultimately no bueno so that’s not going to work so
that is out ah but that’s okay because I’m a filter collecting board and I
happen to have a whisper 60 from 1985 actually is probably more like 95 but
whatever great great filter I’m going to go with this
lots of flow probably more than enough flow more than enough filtration for
this and I’m actually just going to hang on back what I like about these too is
you can get these down tubes that can expand so this can get way down into the
bottom of 40 contexts so this will be my filter of choice for this tank I want to
talk about this background I’ve actually put this on
you guys can see just like my focus is on this and I had a problem with this in
the 220 in the basement at one point you all know a longtime subscribers thank
you for your subscription by the way will recall I had the to 20 to 90 and
475 in the basement and my focus was was gone I had a little I tweaked a little
bit with the 20 and I tweaked a little bit of 10 I you know I’m gonna have all
the 75 so I was always tweaking a little bit I never like had luck or focus on
one tank so I’m doing this for focus of the video I also think it’s important to
like you know if you have like multi tanks like set the one tank aside and
really just give that tank the love get it away from your other tank so you can
really really focus in on it and kind of take a look I’ve also done so you can
see more definition behind what I’m about to put in here I do want to touch
briefly on substrate you walking by the dirted tank guide if you haven’t already
picked that up with the link below but the substrate I am using Dirk here I’ve
capped it with pool filters sand and I’m going to roll with that a couple things
that you want to point fuck’s talked about this step simply in the dirty tank
guy I have actually the dirt a little too visible here now is the time to
really clean this up so I’m going to go ahead and scrape this I’m just going to
push this down a little bit to just shove the dirt down soon
that from the front some people don’t like to look at that so I’m just going
to shove that down and don’t be afraid to throw away some sand if it does get
like they’re near this is dried out dirtying a tank there’s a whole process
of it it’s outside the scope of this video what I’m try to do you can see I’m
pushing this down here gives you a little cleaner edge here instead of
having this gunk here which will eventually look like crap so go ahead
and do that with your subtree ties get your dirted on the other the final thing
I want to talk about today is the materials you’re going to put into the
tank I think this is really you know you can do you can change your filters you
can change your life but the tank is made and you see some of these amazing
aquascapes the hardscape is the hard part
so you really want to nail that out of the gate and have that be your focus
because that everything is going to kind of give it around that keep it certainly
tweak it but everything is going to kind of a ball around the hardscape so I find
that this is a part that you really can’t rush and you’re really going to
want to play with put things in places that let them be Brian that discusses as
is Steve about how I will go and I will have a mess with it and then I’ll walk
away I’ll leave it alone and then I’ll come back to it like okay I’m going to
I’m going to put this in here I’m gonna take a look and then I’m gonna come back
and come back later then you know cuz I don’t like that there to adjust this
some of you guys that are on the Dustin’s Facebook fan page I check that
out if you’re on there give me a like I showed a picture on Friday about what I
was doing I was playing with some of this stuff action was the inspiration
with this video I’ll just add hanging out
I can show this so um I started playing the heart scheme and I realized you know
I didn’t really like it with two I had two things in here so I’m going to show
what I’m working with here I have a couple of things going on I’ve got all
this driftwood here you can see and these are small pieces that I have now
obviously I have more drifter than the average bear because I collected about
as much as I collect filters but I’ve got all of these here I’ve also got some
big boys here so I I like this big this was a piece I found on a beach in Peru
so you know I whether I ever use them in the tank or not it’s never going
anywhere that’s for sure but um sentimental attachment Intel soon this
piece might be used I love the annual of it I love the
character of it I love the memories behind it and I could possibly use hid
some of things that can go with I like I like a little action like this but that
doesn’t really show it off the character so maybe it’s on and he comes this way
and then with these you cannot you know you can really like mess with me like
that actually you could put it rock or another piece of driftwood behind it you
kind of hold it up and I’m just just kind of freestyling that there but with
the hardscape you can use rocks behind it one of the benefits of dirt you can
actually show the weight out in there more with this hard scape I don’t want
this to come really out the top of this tank I actually wanted to be a couple
inches below because I like the height then it will give you with that so I’m
play with this one um I’ve also got I also want to say I want to like draw
this into kind of a thirds here so I would have this as a third and then the
two thirds here with the design flow so you can kind of see that from a design
perspective I also want to show this piece of driftwood right here which I’ve
always thought this was a Brian Campbell Lake Cumberland special right here I’ve
always thought this I have not used to Sonakshi but I really think it’s cool
for a couple of reasons I just sweep use driftwood it comes out
of the top of the tank which I don’t know if I like or not I’ve debated
cutting it down and keeping it a little lower
I like this angle here I like it over here like this as well so this is just a
really all right so can I make this work what what do I like about this here well
I’ve got my open space here I’ve got my my angle coming up here I’ll kind of
pull the eye in and take it on up and out the top I can do some sort of
floating wisteria or Water Sprite which by the way I hope you all noticed it was
hilarious I did too some years ago I did the difference to water spread Mysterio
and then last week I messed up calling Water Sprite water wisteria so that just
goes to show you but comes yeah so I could could I do some stuff on the top
unfortunately this isn’t a rimless tank I’ve actually never done a room this
time I think they’re pretty sweet though but that would look real hot so that’s
something that I’m playing with and I want to show you finally if you’re
driftwood deprived what you can do is you can actually create your own kind of
thing with the driftwood and I’m going to show you how that is around here so
I’ve got all these pieces here and as you know I don’t have enough here I
really want some height in this because it’s got such a tall tank and so what
I’m going to do is I’m going to get in here and I’m actually going to construct
this to be looking like one big piece of driftwood
so I’m going to take it and set it here and kind of get this up here and then I
want to kind of place this something like them guys I saw this on
the Facebook fan page on Friday I’m kind of messing with that so I like I like
that I like I like the hook there I like this and I’m unfortunate these pieces
are fitting together here like this so I like the look of that you know a little
bit of disruption here but not too bad we could also go higher and count aim it
up more that’s actually more how I had it so I just want to show these and this
this you could spend hours like adjusting as I actually was out here
playing already so I already had a kind of a game plan of what I was trying to
do but I’d really like that there and that’s actually not as good as I would
have liked I originally had it so I would keep playing but it takes time to
get your your look the way you really really wanted to go this is not the
hardscape is the hard part like I said that’s a little more like it gives you a
little more that and what you can do is when you get this rolling you can soften
all this with either a moss I wouldn’t recommend moss though because
it does what’s in your tank it never goes away or more importantly maybe like
an anubius for a java fern would be good here but that’s the next video so that
is what I’m doing ah there we go that’s a little more like it looking like I
like how it comes and goes into the other side it’s more about next week’s
video but that’s that may be how I roll here I would actually glue that with
silicone to pull that all together so next week we’re going to talk about
plant selection kind of goals with that what you’re going to do with your plants
what plants you’re thinking based on your setup setup abilities fish that
sort of thing so we’re going to talk a lot about plant selection we’re also
going to talk about lighting in there in the final video we’re going to talk
about what to expect with those plants final tweaks on the Aqua Sphere
and maintenance a little the three-part series out going on for you I’m excited
about that if you like what I’m doing subscribe get on the top 10 planted tank
tips down below if you’re on that I’ve had some great specials recently and I
appreciate all your business from that and yeah everybody make it a great week
make make your Easter holiday great and yeah take on folks late


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