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How to Swim Bait fish at Saguaro lake

[Music] So here we again, back at it at Saguaro lake this time we are going to be throwing some swim baits So I Seth Furmanek with me he has his specialty witch is.. 316 line though it’s a rising Sun it is my favorite swim bait that’s his favorite I am going to start with a small one I have a bunch of them here that I will try but it is in the afternoon and it’s working toward the evening So I thought I would try this aw this little one here it swims real good I talked Gary into staying later you know he old and such [laughter] I talked him to staying a couple of hours later we have been getting a couple of swim bait fish hopefully we can stick some good ones. Ya! and ah we will be throwing these over Habitats and what not. hopefully you will catch some more swim bait fish we will try and give you as much instruction as we can I need to pull off the bank here for a second but. There is a lot of fish right now on this flat. you guys can that down the shore line you can see they pullied about 10 feet off this lake. So all sorts of stuff you can see I noticed as we were going down. there are a lot of fish that are pulling up to spawn you know I thought we would let these sink and we could both explain to ya how we are working them letting them go down and try and catch some fish you know doing that ya maybe get some maybe we will luck into a big one who knows you never know it’s been good so we will see what we are going to do is just start out. and cast on down and I going to take the boat out not far from shore I am in abut 12 feet. I am seeing alot of fish on the graph right now I mean alot so.. I am going to let mine sink down to the bottom then I am going to reel this in slow you are covering a little bit of the shallower stuff Ya I like working this pretty quick especially as that water starts to heat up I give it a couple of stop and goes. Do ya? and get some of those females those pre spawners feeding hard before they get ready to go up and lay their eggs right. they really like stuff that is high in protein a big swim bait..a trout or yellow bass or.. heck another bass Ya! you know just to try and catch somthing on this they are opportunistic. ya so I am going to let that sink for a while I am in 17 feet right now I am seeing most of my fish 8, 10…. 15 feet so if I get out too deep I don’t see to many so we will just kind of try to get them were they are moving up were the females the males have already moved up to what 3,4..5 feet ya so now we are going to try targeting something a little bit bigger typically they are the farthest in to the shore as the spawn starts heat up so those females will not be far behind but typically they will be a little bit farther out on the on the structure anywhere they can have deep water access close by next week end what do we got full moon full mon so it is on. it is on look at that there’s the moon as we speak right now about 3/4 so my next week it will be full and ah that will be good maybe them big girls will probably be moving up. right! I hope I do hit that duck..oh my gosh that was close I am going to get a little bit shallower you know this bait yours can sink a little bit better than mine ya. mines a little bit smaller. I noticed you have a nice weight inside so that thing is going down that got a good action and I have got a and this little thing has a good action I am just going to work it a little bit slower just reel a little bit them maybe twit it a little bit give it the old bush hog twit you know right I really do not want to pull out the drop shot or anything like that [laughter] oh no we are going to be swim bait fishing we will be swim bait fishing and hit this for a few hours 3 or 4 hours and see what we can catch, give it a good try I know you guys you and a bunch of other guys I have talked to Ron Casner a couple of times boy he he says he will come out here 2,3…4 days and not catch a fish oh ya and ah have you notice that most of the guys you know do the same thing they will come out and just swim these swim baits and one of the days will be the day and you will catch it so you are saying to me closer to the full mon is better to come out typically especially this time of year what that means is more fish move shallow what that moon..ok that really helps the swim bait out when your working shallow stuff and line thoughts glide baits and and three piece baits it really helps out with that moon it get a lot of those bigger fish up shallow and you can capitalize on that so I ma going to ask you a question I do not throw a lot of swim baits..a lot this is probably the only place I do throw them do you think the morning bite is with a swim bait is better or it really does not matter or could it be 9 o’clock. 10..noon You know I tell a lot of people this a lot of guys I have thrown swim baits with will say the same thing but typically that 11 till… 1pm is the best time a 11 to 1? 11 to 1 wow! mid day I do not know if those bigger fish are that their feeding periods are different than those smaller fish it just seams that I catch and those guys have also told me they catch their bigger fish between 11 and 1 first light bite is always good. I mean you have a chance a fish that have been there feeding from the night before or move up to feed with low light you know a chance to capitalize on that stuff but ah I am a big fan of middle of the day that 1 to 1 hour hour, two hours is is pretty key that’s good advise you know for some of the you know at the Bass Pro shops when we have our seminars and stuff we have had you speak a few times and a couple of other guys speak it sure draws a crowd the people are infatuated with these swim baits that you guys throw and how to catch them and so what is funny is… I get this a lot for some reason with the with some of the success I have been fortunate to have I lot people think it’s a lot on swim baits oh ya and a lot of it is not [laughter] I mean I throw them a lot and you know there’s a right time for everything so if you come out here and you are out here for 2 hours if you chunking these big swim baits and stuff and if you are not catching fish you will pick up the rattle trap or a crank bait? Oh ya! start chunking those. make an adjustment just try and figure the fish out. right, right there are days you come out here and they are do going to bite they are not going to bite on a jig you know days they might bite on something else a Carolina rig or something like that ya! on this stretch right here I have had really good luck with deep diving crank baits I do not know if you fish this much but look at all the timber the timber in here my gosh I did not realize there were so much trees did you? No you don’t see this lake down you do not see it down you can see how many trees will be in if you where the water level gets high, when it gets high look at this tree it going to be in 8 to 10 feet oh yeah. You Know I mean and there is more in the water here and you know that those fish are going to be sit under there we were out. oh yeah earlier and and we were looking at the habitat that was out the ones with the trees you should have seen the big old crappies we saw here. we saw several crappies that were 2 and half pounds a piece. WHOA! I just got slammed oh no! alright that’s good the water is kind of dirty here so we can’t see any fish following at all so we don’t know what’s…. look at that she hit so hard she took the hook out of the bait did she? [laughter] nice I did not bring my line throughs today I brought trout baits and but I am going to throw this little one here because I have caught here on this bait we are just trying to catch a fish is all I don’t care if it is you know if it 2 pounds, 2 and a half, 3 or what ever but it would be nice to get a big one but this has a lot of action when I pull it see how it turns. yeah see how it turns like this oh yeah. for a little bait looks like it is a nice it acts like those deps 250’s where you jerk it and it know it turns around I noticed you make a lot of long casts I mean your casts are like a… [laughter] you got to cover the strike zone I mean… ooooh! got one? yeah I got one oh yeah! that is cool..oh watch here he comes oh he is just a little guy oh he is not real big he’s about two and a half 3 pounds [laughter] it’s a nice guys look at that ah a little guy he calls it little but still look at that so he uses a treble hook see that caught him right on the top. right on the top. were you are supposed to so he came from underneath got it just how… awesome that is what I love about these line thoughs they can throw that thing that bait just moves boy he got good too look at that right in the top oh yeah that’s nice look at that decent little fellow yeah that’s good way to go alright [splash] I have been trying to to make longer casts so I could cover more territory so I normally don’t cast that far but I can cast that little sucker pretty far yeah look at that. pretty good not bad alright you got one I have caught them here a long this thing so this is a pretty good shore line and another thing..WOW! [laughter] another thing I noticed too hardly anybody fishes this shore line oh Yeah I hardy ever see anybody here every time I come out here I have got this shore line to myself yep I can throw crank baits here I can drop shot I have got drop shot fish here you know some times you come out on a Friday or a Saturday my gosh this place is packed. Oh yeah I am gonna I am seeing a lot fish along here whip this out way out there whoa you are getting better there there you go [laughter] getting better so I am just going to let it sink then let go dwn and let swim real slow and kind of let it bonce off the bottom and see if I can get one Yeah!! [laughter] holy mackerel did that just about spool that… ah nope! no that’s why you get those swim bait reels you need a lot of line you know throwing big baits. a lot of time I like to long line oh do you on different types of baits I let it sink to to 30-40 feet to work certain areas that way I only have a 7 foot rod on here, I got some 7 and halfs is 7 or 7 and a half? that is 8. this is an 8 footer no wonder you are casting so stinking far I got a 7 and a half so this thing goes better good for a you know for a smaller..Yeah smaller reel How many swim bait fish have you caught with bigger swim baits. you know I was messing around..I got a good story hang on a minute! good god! big? he hit it hard ]laughter] I do not know how big he is but.. how big is he where is he going. He is going out that way I would rather he go out that way, than that way. I am just going to reel him in nice and easy do you got a catfish no he is not turning he is staying down pretty good oh yeah that’s a bass. that’s a pretty nice bass there we go that’s a nice one that is a good one oh my gosh look at that. he has it good look at all the hooks that are in him one just came out didn’t it. yeah look there. oh my gosh look at that look how he eat it. Oh you know what we should get a couple of pictures yeah. let me grab my camera oh you can get a close up of this that’s true Dave can make us a picture look at that how cool is that they are not huge but look how pretty he is. Gorgeous! man they are pretty nice and fat I think these are the males and stuff yeah we are finding those buck bass we need to find those females yeah yeah let her go nice well well we have been casting for quite a while we decided to move from that side of the lake to this side we are going to try some of these deep points coming out into the lake oh my gosh how did he miss that I just put this on what are you throwing I just bought this I will show you guys this little bait I bought gizzard shad looks just like it I picked it up the other day at the Bass Pro Shop I forget what I paid for it 10 bucks or.. no 8 dollars 8.99 it’s a live target swim bait so it’s got a big hook on the top it is weighted I can let it sinl so hey for 8.99 or not bad not too bad we are Seth said he likes to fish points you know nice big finger that come out in the lake and he said he has had luck on this one here. a number of times with swim baits we thought we would come over here. you know fish over the top of them there is fish on the bottom here in 10 foot oh yeah so… I can let this thing go down too you know hit the bottom then reel a little bit let it sink this one this one sinks pretty god that other one I had on. this little jobber here it’s heavy but it does sink a lot it takes a long time to sink so.. but it swims really good what do you call that a BZ.. what is that BBZ..BBZ BBZ that is actually true tungsten is it. yeah that’s right it is I remember that when I got that so we are just drifting off the point let it go 8 to 10 feet.. AH! did you see that! it had a follower right here he came up and swiped at it right at the boat. About a 6 pounder oh my gosh you ever do that with your bait when one comes and does that. yeah you know. do the.. do a figure 8 with your bait sometimes it’d more when you get a follower on a glide yeah. on tha big glide bait when typically you know I say typically sometimes you can get them to commit right you can see them followingit twit it just right and read there personality. you can get to commit and get them hooked that one followed it on this ah on this flatter part right here you said that some days you are out here when the water gets more warmer and the fish get more active and you can come out and get a lot of followers oh yeah. Big ones oh yeah I have had days were 50, 60 ,70 followers it’s almost every cast. a lot of times those are not the good days a lot times those days are they are super interested and keyed because they are so shallow those fish are moved with the warmer weather but they are not necessarily eating. they are not necessarily wanting to eat the big bait but a lot of my better days are when I do not necessarily see followers when I am getting bit and they eating it really well. I noticed a lot fish here in 23..24 feet of water instead of casting really far I think what I will try doing is I got that one close to the boat, that bite so I am just gonna let it go to the bottom and take a chance you can work that one on the bottom it’s got that top hook..yeah it’s weighted really well it well not snag with that swim bait on like a treble hook on the back no it comes though cover pretty well look at the fish here in 21 feet maybe those are the big ones and I well be able right. get a bite I am just kind of you know sometimes you drag a jig under the boat yeah. what I do a bush hog or what ever when I see fish on there so I am going to try that.. just dragging that under the boat well if you can get one of those guys to up on you never know huh we got a great secondary point coming up right here. Oh yeah look at that that comes way out too there is 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6..7 like 7.. in this one cove secondary points coming into this cove wow great places for those pre-spawners to yeah to be around holy cow! look at the graph look how many fish are on the graph right now OOOOH!!! oh my god you got him right there at the boat [laughter] that’s a nice one. decent I stuck him so hard he is stunned he is pluralized. [laughter] little guy he is isn’t he I can’t believe those are hitting that bait but they will. oh yeah specialty those bucks got a bunch of buck males up those are big old buck males aren’t they when you stick with that big old treble hook that thing really.. you need piers? I think I got it I mean look at this he got this giant bait see that with camera the bait is almost half the size of that fish maybe more here we go good god! how big is that fish I do not know. [laughter] he is pulling oh my gosh he is taking out line gees. oh god he just came off are you serious yeah in that habitat I was off the point were I saw those fish I just flipped back there gees [laughter] I am not caught on ant habitat I am just lets this go down to the bottom slow roll just bouncing it on the bottom like a drop shot [laughter] sometimes they want it like that like now! no! yeah! [laughter] big? little live target bait it’s not real big it’s not pulling like the last one oh yeah that’s a decent little fish there you go live target gizzard shad man wow he looks so pretty I am gonna have get him right back in because look at that they are chewing it man look at that shad in his month they are chewing it it’s that cool he’s not giant bt [laughter] oh man swim bait fish whoa woo. that’s what I am talking about ok little guy ok there he goes good bye sucker. good bye there he goes he is going down we do not need to needle him man that is so much fun [laughter] swim bait bite somebody at the Bass Pro Shop..I think it was bud was telling me about these little live target swim baits they got in he said they were selling a lot of them when we were doing those classics things last week I said I am going to try that they are only like 8.99 I said that’s it it’s got good action. it’s real soft..that tail is like it’s like huddleson like tail. yeah but for 8.99 not bad it swims pretty good. I know it did look at that it’s got a little yellow on it..and it catches fish too it does and if you lose it you are not losing one of your yeah one of these or something yeah or one of those other ones so I can afford too you know what what do you say we call it I got to get out of here. yeah I kept you out too long it is probably past your bed time [laughter] it’s 5 minutes to 4 and the 101.. it’s hard to leave when they are biting thou it’s hard to leave. I know it is we can come back again. oh yeah we are going to Apache next week not to film but to fish we are in a tournament it should be a fun time I had a lot of fun with you today yeah me too and we caught some fish. we didn’t catch giants like we were hoping to but we saw them thou we saw them we were with in a flip of 2 fish over 9 pounds yeah I saw two of the biggest fish that I have seen in a long..long time and they were like oh my god he’s catch the 9 pounders. I have caught a couple but they were gigantic they where both 8-9 pounds both of them they were only 5, 4 feet deep we just could get them to go I should have dug this out yeah right hey you never know I know well anyway thank you very much for coming on the show. thanks for having me it’s been a lot of fun. it’s alot fun to learn he has got a lot of exciting information I hope you guys at home watch these videos and stuff I try and teach everything I can that’s why I am having guest stars come on the show now I want to get these guys that that are better at this than I am I am not a big big swim bait..guy like you you will go out for 2 or 3 days.. that’s what so cool about his sport there is always something to learn about weather you are Kevin Van Dam or Joe Smow who likes to go out on the weekends it doesn’t matter it is so cool that the sport you are consistently learning there is no set deal you can’t come out here every day and be dialed in but you can be consistent you can catch more and bigger fish so I saw in facebook at you had a that you had a big fish two weeks ago right. yeah how big was that one. I had a 10.13 so 10 and 13 one hundreds of an oz. so just over ten oh my gosh that’s amazing and your dad he caught a big one too. like a month or two ago right yeah he had his personal best at Canyon how big was that one? that was a 11.28 oh my gosh an a 11 pounder we had double digits within a week of each other oh wow. that’s pretty cool that’s pretty neat well once again guys thanks I get comments from you all the time and you write in stuff to the show and If I don’t answer you Dave Jones will talk to you or something and direct it to me but thanks again we appreciate you watching our shows and stuff we are just trying to have a good time and teach you something if we see you next time we are at the Bass Pro Shop you know you can ask me this is Seth favorite cove now [laughter] did I ask him come on we do not have much time I go lets go some place good were we can catch a lot of fish I will take you to one of my favorite coves and so.. you guy that fish Saguaro a lot you are probably gonna wrecker were this is at. [laughter] I hope we didn’t give away to much I am sure there is stuff in the back that these guy..they always know were you are fishing oh yeah it’s loaded with fish I mean loaded the lake is good and healthy the water is staying up pretty well the deeper beds are harder to see and I like that it let those fish have a good spawn yeah this place gets peppered with people. that’s a good note also to if you bed fish at home Please release the fish oh ya! it is so crucial to have good gene’s in our lakes so we can make sure we can go out and have days like this right. to go out and catch some fish and it is very important during the spring catch those bed fish, release them take your picture and get that female back on her bed. Fast! Fast ya. try not to let your fish flop around on the boat when you get because they have a protective slim on them and that slim gets all over your carpet it’ stands a better than 50 % chance of dying. that is crazy. the biologists from Game and Fish when I used to the shows Good Ol’ Boys and Arizona Wildlife views they said that is one the worst things you can do protect our resources you know if you need to keep some fish keep the small ones Ya! keep the 1, 1 1/2 pounders not 3,4..5 pounders those are usually the females, the bigger fish usually the females it’s crucial so we can have some fun days out and catch big fish have a blast and keep our lakes heatlhy we definitely had a good time today. definitely! thanks again we just call this the end of the show we’ll see you on the next adventure with fishing with Gary [music]


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