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How To Tie An Easy Fishing Rig That Will Catch A Fish Every Time!

Hi, I’m Killian – maker of salt clams. I’m gonna show how to make a simple bait rig. I had a customer message me yesterday Her son is going to Japan, a six-year-old fishing and stuff And she wants to know how he can catch some fish in Japan, and I figure – pretty much anywhere – a good way to start Especially with the youngster who just wants to catch something… I have 20 pound fluoro leader doesn’t have to be fluoro I tie a double knot on this end, double overhand And then I’m gonna use some big split shots because that’s all I have. You can also tie this end onto a clip That you attach to a weight or I don’t have my pliers. Or you can Just tie it directly to a bank sinker because they’re made for this type of fishing also So there’s the lead I put the lead on first because it helps me to manage the line And then this is not the best way to make the loop, but it definitely works quick. I just take the line Double it Good go around all I’m doing is making a double overhand knot I go through once I Go through twice, and then I use my left hand to kind of keep tension To adjust the length I can adjust the length as I’m tightening the knot so one about that size loop or a little smaller There’s my one drop Then I go up about another few inches So that the hooks won’t tangle in normal use I do the same thing. I take the line double it Like that I can adjust it again as I’m tightening up to get the right length so there We have the two loops, and then I go maybe a foot doesn’t have to be a foot, but I like to go a foot cut the leader I attach a swivel There are also other ways to do it with uni knots and other types of knots where swivels aren’t used Tactical clips, but I found swivels to be pretty effective and uh.. This is a uni knot Uni knot – go through the swivel go back and make a loop. The tag end, which is this end This is the line end. The tag in has to be going back up the line end. As long as it’s doing that it’s correct Then I put this tag end through this loop and around the main line And I do that four or five times. Five times for lighter leader, four times for heavier leader It’s best if I leave a longer tag line like I did this time It’s easier to make the knot. If the tag line is too short, it’s hard to make the final few penetrations through that loop Tighten it down nicely and then you can cut this knot fairly close, it doesn’t pull much at all. A uni knot very Effective knot, easy to tie. And then for hooks I would use If I was gonna be in some Foreign country and wanted to just catch fish, because a lot of these countries these people have caught most of the fish I don’t know about Japan, how it is there But if you do go to a place where they’ve caught most of the fish There’s probably still gonna be a few little fish around for him to catch This hook is uh.. One – number one hook And even a smaller one like a number two or number three would work also. Little gold hooks. I have gold hooks that I use that work very well For demonstration purposes. So the way I attached that hook is I took this loop And then I just I got it. The loop’s a little big to get through the eye so I bite it Just a teeny bit and now the loops pointy and I can stick it Through the eye Ideally, if I can see it Here we go so I put that loop through the eye, and I put this loop back around the hook like this and tighten and you see it just Cinches on to itself. So it’s an easy way to attach loops to that rig. Now what this is right here is a “catch fish in Japan” rig. You get the six year old with his little pole that he either buys there or you can get a travel pole put pieces of salt clam on here Let me demonstrate. I’m gonna grab some clam from my refrigerator right here and I’m gonna show, basically what size bait you could use that would really be best for Catching fish. Just take a nice piece. I just pulled out a random piece. This is a tongue. Nice Jersey surf clam. I just rip off a piece It can be cut off cut into pieces for more precision so not very large piece And then I just take it fold it in half or roll it so I get a couple penetrations into the bait with the hook And then, with this stuff, I just hook it on there one time Fold it over, hook it on there one time. Bam! There’s a baited hook and Throw that in there. Don’t need any more bait than that and you don’t wanna mangle this stuff too much. Just pull off the fold it a little so you can get a couple penetrations. Hook it once, sometimes maybe twice, if you want, bury the hook in it You don’t want the fish to see it like that and there’s great presentation oftentimes people can catch multiple fish with this so for children it’s great because it stays on the hook it will catch fish it doesn’t smell when they’re messing with it it doesn’t go bad if they let it sit on the rail at the end of the day, whatever you haven’t used you can put away and use the next time you go fishing with a Zip-Loc container. So uh..this right here will catch fish in Japan For that young man. This will be a good start and then I recommend looking at what the other anglers are using, going to some of the tackle shops if they speak English, you know But this right here will do it and you can get all this stuff at pretty much any Wal-Mart or tackle shop local tackle shop preferably will be able to set you up with these even pre-tied as a snapper/croaker rigs they’re called typically. Or as bait rigs If you don’t wanna tie your bait And finally you can use sabiki rigs which work really well. You had five hooks typically different sizes I would get the ones with the larger size hooks for him. The problem with sabikis is with all those hooks there’s a lot more danger for somebody getting hooked Or getting tangled or just having issues and when you’re done fishing the sabiki rig it’s hard to store it anywhere So I usually just throw it away. So with this right here, you have less danger of hooking everything in sight except You will hook fish and also you can just leave it on the rod and take it fishing with you the next time and you don’t have to chuck it There it is. I hope this helps and I hope you and you son and everybody has a great time in Japan. And thank you very much for your interest in salt clam. We very much appreciate you.

  • Do you have Riggs already set up that you sell that all I have to do is tie on? I was watching a video from senko skipper he said that you make those in one of his videos. I hope I have his name right it's the guy with the girlfriend that you fish with in other videos

    If you do where can I buy them from can you send me the website

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