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Ice Fishing Black Crappie (First Crappie Catch) in Frontenac Provincial Park

What’s up guys? Right now I’m hiking through a provincial
park by myself. Never been here before – whoo – actually I’m
out of breath, I’m dying here. But uh, the reason I’m here today is we’re
gonna do some ice fishing. Benny is on his way, I don’t know his ETA. My main concern, is that we won’t run into
or find each other. So I’m on my way out to meet Ben, as you’ve
probably heard, I’m really late. And Uh- I’m going to try and get out there
as soon as I can. Yeah, see you there. Other thing is, I’m here early but i forgot
my rod. Bens got it so, it’s got me thinking, I’m
going to tie some line to a stick and see if I can old school caveman haul in some fish. ‘Cause that would be cool and it’s really
my only option. It’s a beautiful day, temperature’s like -5
right now, it feels like it’s plus 5 though, which is great. So anyway, guys, I’m going to keep hiking,
try and find this campsite and this bay that we’re fishing. When I get there I’m gonna tie some line to
a stick and try pull something in before Ben gets here, that’s the goal. I never thought I’d say this, but I think
the ice fishing bugs bit me. Last night I went out and bought a bunch of
ice fishing baits. I don’t know why I was so against it. I just – It’s hard to beat sitting it a boat,
you know, 25 plus degrees. But there’s something enticing about ice fishing,
I don’t think there’s anything better, it’s just as exciting so, Fishing’s Fishing. So I’m just drilling some holes checking some
depth. It’s like 3 feet of ice, which is a pain in
the rear end to drill through. But it’s worth it if there’s fish down there. Finally on my hike out to meet Ben. Ben’s been out here or two hours with almost
nothing, I have his fishing rod! He luckily just bought some new baits and
some fishing line and he said he’s gonna try and wrangle some in by hand. Let’s see how he did eh? I just caught a fish with my bare hands. I was like, You know I’m just gonna throw
a line down there by hand look at that, nice little bass. You can’t complain about fishing and catching
it with your hands and line and a lure, no rod. Here we go! Back in you go bub. Haha I can’t believe it that is crazy. I’m just using like a little perch coloured
jig and I- just hand lining it and uh, they’re biting it so. It’s a wild Benny, coming onto the lake mate. Benny! Is that Ben? Maybe that was super embarrassing and that’s
not even him. Naw it’s gotta be him. I’m recording right now, so say Hello. Hey, I’m sorry man. It’s all good dude, dude it was my decision
to come out early. Yeah that’s fair. Trying to get away from ya. You’re catching these fish by hand, you don’t
need me obviously. Dude, I don’t even need line. First time. Yeah? First time, how about you guys? Uh, I’ve never been here, Ben camps here I
guess? Yeah, I’ve been here a few times. We’re both Ben. It’s our first time here, First time trying
to ice fish too. Didn’t realize how thick the ice was. Yeah, that’s the only thing that augers brand
new and like drilling holes is no- Are you trying to axe through? Yeah, I thought it was only 10 inches. Do you wanna borrow an auger? Do you guys mind? No. That’d be unreal. Clean all the ice out? Yeah, just makes the world of a difference. I take pride in a clean hole, you know what
I mean? hahah Also if you have light jigs you’re not
going to be able to drop it through that ice. Oh! True! How’s she looking boys? But hey I would have done the same thing,
had I not had an auger. Guys, you have done some work on that, eh? hahaha You guys should start your own holes
see if you can finish this off. Yeah, we’ll race ya. You really wanna finish it eh? hahaha. It gives me a purpose. Yeah, It does man, yeah. Suck it, Ben. There’s going to be no fish under that hahaha
How much are these? How much are these? Uh, that’s like $80 bucks 20 bucks each boys. hahaha. We’re charging, what, $30 an hour to do this,
it pays it’s self off. Yeah, hahaha. That’s what we can’t find work. My name’s Ben, his name over there’s Ben too-
I’m also Ben. Oh, are you? Yeah hahaha well nic e to meet yeah hahaha. You got three of us on this lake. Oh my god man. Can I see the auger for one second, let me
just dunk it in here. You’re almost through maybe. Nope. You got a ways to go. I give up . You just – you’re calling it eh? You guys win. Good luck boys borrow for as long as – we
got two so. Yeah. No worries. Hey, give us a holler when you catch eh? So just a sit rep, we haven’t caught anything
yet, apart from Ben’s bass, which he miraculously pulled up earlier. Our hatchet bros over there on the other side
of the ice, they haven’t caught anything yet so, we’ll see what’s up. Yeah, they did catch some holes. Lets see what happens. What’s that? Oh yeah. Let’s check it out. Right on. Nice little guy. Yeah it is. I was using the same kind of jig and lure
that you caught your bass on. Yeah? The bass like it eh? Right on. Good fish. First ever ice fishing fish. Yeah there you go dude. Oh! I got one, oh this feels big. Oh yeah, a Pike. *Cheers* So Benny got a pike! Oh dude he inhaled that. Oh did he? You need some pliers? Yep. K. What were you catching it with? Dinner boys? Some action over here eh? Unreal. Yeah. Uh Fish! Fish fish fish fish. Big Crappie, HOLY – Dude this is the biggest
crappie I’ve ever -this is the FIRST crappie I’ve ever caught. Bennys got a crappie? Yeah. Right on dude. A Monster dude! Monster crappie? This is, well this is a good size crappie
dude, look at that. Wow. Gorgeous fish man. Man I feel so good right now. hahaha. This is so like – I gotta get back down there,
there’s more I’m keeping that. Get in the hole dude. Yeah I am. You wanna grab some minnow tails? I’m going to keep trying this bait. I have confidence in it. Oh, there we go. There we go. Another crappie Benny. Or no, sorry. I don’t think it’s a crappie. I’m a summer guy, I don’t catch many of these. This looks like a… I never catch these. Put him back in. Oh there’s one. What do we got here? Another one. These are sunfish. Right? Sunfish? Yeah, little bluegill. Or sunfish, I don’t know. Sunfish It’s hard to tell man these fish are
dark up here. Yeah. …fishing can be the same thing right? Oh I just had a bite too. Yep! Yep. Oh he got off. Brutal eh? Nice you’re onto them over here. Look at that right – Paper mouths eh? You’re having a crappie meal tonight. Oh yeah. That is another pig of a crappie. Dude how come everyfish that I catch on camera
has to be just brutally hooked in the – like, it’s one of these puzzle ones. Oh he’s twisted up. That’s what happened. Look at the size of that guy. Yeah. My god! I think we’re at a limit of crappies dude. Dude these are slabs, you can keep more. That’s a beauty too. That is. Eh? Wow. Here, last one I’m gonna keep. That’s all I need to feed my family. Yeah, yeah yeah, for sure. Oh wow. Excellent catch dude. You’re killing it over here. Yeah, we are. [Music starts] It’s cool how they hit, they
just thump it and there’s just weight there. Yeah yeah. Yeah that’s pretty cool. We’re just on our way out. Had an awesome day of fishing. Got a bit of a hike ahead of us though. Yeah that’s alright.


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