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Ice Fishing Equipment: Maintenance & Adjustment : Placing a Sinker on Ice Fishing Line

Let’s talk now about attaching a sinker or
a split shot to a line. And again, your sinker, your split shot is just a piece of weight
that’s going to help take your bait down to the depth that you want to fish at. These
come in various, various styles. This is probably the most typical, again just called a split
shot. They also have some that are different shapes. They could be elongated. Some look
like a pencil that have rubber at either end that you can twist the line around. I usually
buy these. These are the least expensive, the most basic and they work well. And all
you need is a set of pliers. You can use your teeth. I always did when I when I was a kid,
but its not recommended. To open them up you just simply place the pliers on the back end
and squeeze. That then opens up the front edge so you can put it on to your line. And
then you simply place it so your line is on there, and then squeeze the front back together.
And there you have your sinker on your line.

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