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Ice Fishing Rods & Hand Lines : Rigging an Ice Fishing Hand Line: Hooks

Next, we’re going to take a standard pre-tied
snail hook, with the leader already on it, and we’re going to hook that snail hook, with
its perfection loop on the end, into that conical shape, once again, using our glasses, and we’re going
to retreat that conical shape into this sphere, to create the top hook. Secondly, we’re going
to create a bottom hook, back where we had put on the snap swivel, by opening the snap
and attaching the snail hook onto the lower half of the snap swivel, like such. This will
be your bottom line, or your bottom hook, on the thing. So, going from the top, you
have your line leader connector, which has your top hook, which is hanging right beside
the flasher to attract their attention. Below the flasher, you have your second hook, which
is hanging off of the snap swivel. Now, what we commonly do, is we’ll put a minnow on the
bottom hook, to give motion to the entire rig, and we may put an eyeball or an ice fly,
on the top hook, to attract attention near the flasher.

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