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Ice Fishing Rods & Hand Lines : Rigging an Ice Fishing Rod: Snap Swivels

So that my rod doesn’t so my line doesn’t
get twisted up as its being pulled up and down and jigging I’m going to attach another
snap swivel to the bottom of this bullet flasher simply by looping it through on the snap and
closing that snap. This gives us a second swivel right here onto which I’m going to
add a double snap. This will give me the ability to tie on hooks or bibbits as we will go into
on the next section. So we want to attach this double snap to it as well and close that.
So now just to review you’ve got a swivel on the top, you’ve got a bullet flasher, you’ve
got a snap swivel and you’ve got a double snap. The double snap allows you to tie anything
onto this bottom swivel.

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