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If Taylor Swift Got Catfished (Catfish Spoof)

(intense music) (doors close) – Let the games begin. (door opens) – Hey, Max?
– Yes, Nev? – What word rhymes with–
– Email. – You didn’t let me finish– – It’s e-mail. – What word rhymes with– – Oh, you’re still going– – With tall tale? – Email.
– Email. Can you guess what
superstar sent us this one? – Nev, it’s too early in the
morning for this (bleep). – Taylor Swift. – No way.
– Yes, way. – She needs our help? – Yep, her email says, “Dear
Nev and Max, buy my new album.” Wow. – This is deep. (computer beeps) – [Both] Hey. – Hi, guys. – So you’re being catfished? – Ugh, it’s the worst. – Your email left us shook. – My writing always does, but I really need your help. – Don’t worry, Taylor, we’re on the case. (cheerful music) – So, what can you tell
us about this catfish? – Around 2014, I started getting these weird texts from someone. – What kind of texts? – They would say stuff
like “What are you doing?” and “Stop” and “You will not bury me.” – Could it be Kanye? – No, he usually just sends
me pictures of Beyonce. – Could it be one of your exes? – Who, like Tom?
– Or Joe. – I don’t think it’s–
– John? – He wouldn’t–
– Jake? – I never–
– Harry? Calvin? Con– – Get the (bleep) out of my house. – This is probably our most
dangerous Catfish yet, Max. – This person could be anybody. – Taylor sent me the only
picture she has of the catfish, so let’s take a look. (clicks) – What the hell? – That looks like a woman’s mouth. – Do a reverse image search. (clicks) Oh (bleep). – Were you able to find anything? – Well, we took the
photo you gave us and– – We got a hit. – Okay, who is it? – Katy Simerry and Kim Kardasim. – What? ♫ I found a box of Both of them?
– Yes. – It’s gotta be Katy. – That’s what we think too. Have you ever tried calling the number? – Yeah, but it goes straight
to voicemail no matter what. I knew I should’ve just
gone over to her house when she sent me the address. – Wait, you’ve had her
address this whole time? – Yeah, since day one. She lives around the corner.
– Oh wow. – I say, we go over right
now and confront her. – We’re gonna get you out of
the woods and into the clear. – Thank you. – No more bad blood.
– What? – I was doing–
– What are you even saying? That doesn’t make sense. – It’s one of your songs. – Nev, why must you embarrass
me in front of Taylor? (door opens) (door closes) (knocks) This just might ruin your career. – What? – Doesn’t matter, you’ve
gotta face this head on. Are you ready for it? – Let the games begin. – Someone’s coming. – Do you have like super
hearing or something? Shh! (door opens) (door closes) – What the– – How is this happening? – I bet you hardly recognize me, huh? – There’s no way you’re me. – I’m the better you, I’m Old Taylor. – No, that’s impossible. – It’s like you’re in one
of your wildest dreams. – [Both] I will sue you. – Oh my god, it is me. – So, Old Taylor, why
would you do all this? – How are you doing this? – She is the reason I’m doing this, with her pop and hip-rap and whatever. – We needed a change. I couldn’t keep doing
the same music forever. – And now look what you made me do. – That’s a good song.
– It really is. – You thought you could just cross over to a mainstream audience
and leave me behind? – I didn’t leave you behind,
you could’ve come with me. – People don’t want to
hear about love stories and complex (bleep),
and that’s your fault. You made our audience soft. – I grew our audience. My sound matured. – Matured?
– Yeah. – Fake fake fake, hate hate
hate, break break break, is that how you (bleep) mature? – [Taylor] I’m not doing this. – You gonna write a song about
this break up too, Taylor? – I think we should go. (computer beeps) – Taylor?
– Where’s Old Taylor? – I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the call right now. – Why? – Oh, because she’s out getting groceries. – Oh, that’s good. – Yeah, for a second we thought you’d say the Old Taylor was– – I’m gonna kill her as
soon as she gets back. (swooshes) ♫ SIMGM productions ♫ SIMGM productions ♫ SIMGM productions ♫ SIMGM productions


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