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Ikan Bulan Dijadikan Laksa | Ultralight Fishing (Catch and Cook)

Good morning. Today i am back at Sungai Rambai. We are here fishing for tarpon. We have Syawal, Fidi and his son Firdaus with me today. Let’s go fishing. I am using Storm Bulky Ring, pink colour. I changed to new spot. Syawal just hooked a fish there. It got away. There are a lot of fish activities on that side. It got away. Maybe i should loosen the drag a bit more. It jumped out and shook off the hook. Let’s try again. If i couldn’t get a bite after a few more cast, i think i need to change the spot. I will move at that side next to Syawal. I guess it’s better for me to move now. Let’s have a look at Firdaus’s first catch. Woah, it’s a decent size. I have cast for an hour until now. Still i couldn’t land a fish. There were many strikes but they all managed to get away. Now i feel a bit hungry. Let’s have a breakfast, then we will continue fishing. Let’s continue fishing. Got a bite. Another one. Let’s have a look at Syawal’s catch. It’s a good size tarpon. Missed. It bites again. Missed again. What a day. Now it’s already 12 noon. Since morning i cast for tarpon, and there were a lot of bites. But all of them managed to shake the hook off and got away. I could not land a single fish today. Today i got skunked. Actually i was planning to make a catch and cook video. Although i did not catch a single fish today, my friends caught some. So i asked from them to take a couple of fishes to cook later. I am planning to make ‘laksa’. Because in previous vlog i have asked for your suggestion for the best menu to cook the tarpon. This recipe was suggested by a friend, Frugal Outdoors & Camping. So he recommended to make laksa using this fish. And today i am going to give it a try. Thank you to all who left comments earlier for the recipes. I will try other recipe in the next vlog. Now i will go back and make the laksa. Now i am at my home. Let’s prepare the items first. (The laksa is ready. Let’s taste it) (The taste is very delicious) (My family and i really enjoyed the laksa. It was awesome)


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