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In Depth: Response M90 fishing Pole with Des Shipp & Scott Geens

(dramatic music) – [Voiceover] I think people’s
eyes are gonna pop out their head, to be honest. Just the people that I’ve shown
on the bank, they’re like, “Hang on a minute. “Something special here,” and that’s what I thought as
soon as I picked it up. I knew we had something. And I think people’ll
think exactly the same. (buzzing) – So here today at the
beautiful Docklow Pools in Herefordshire, your Des Shipp, and we’re gonna be looking at
some of the special features of the brand new Response M90 pole. (confident rock music) (buzzing) Now this is something
you’ve helped up develop over the past 12 months, and
I really do think we’ve got a really special product here. – Yeah, I’ve been using this now for about six or seven
months, the prototype one, which I’ve actually got down here, and it’s been absolutely
wonderful to fish with, Scott, to be honest. I’ve had some massive
weights of carp and F1s, silver fish, and everything, and it’s on a different planet basically. – Yeah I think the biggest
single thing we outlined at the start was to get a pole
that was a true all-rounder that you can fish for
silver fish on your lakes, your canals, your rivers,
but something that’s capable of catching three, 400 pound
of carp on a commercial, one pole to do everything. Only that was
– [Des] That’s right. – [Scott] the remit wasn’t it.
– [Des] Yeah, that’s right. – [Des] That’s what I wanted, and that’s what we come up with. And it’s an absolute
fantastic piece of kit. And that’s the only pole
I want in me holdall to be honest. – Yeah, I think so. I think what’s special about this is we’re using 100% pure, high-performance Japanese
carbon fiber from TORAYCA. And I think this material
development has really helped us to achieve. – Exactly what we want, yeah. Exactly what we want. We’ve asked basically what we want, and they’ve come up with the goods. And they’ve actually done a fantastic job, and I can’t really say
much else about it really. It’s just what I wanted
since I’ve been fishin’. – So there you have it. Des Shipp, happy.
(Des laughs) Not something you see every
day, so let’s have a look at some of the features that’s
put a smile on his face. So Des, we talked about the carbon. This is the number three
section from the pole. – Yeah we’ve actually got no number ones. So the number one now is gone. So when you elasticate
your pole, you haven’t got that little bit in the end. That’s gone, so we’ve
actually made the top threes the same length as what they
would if you actually had the number one in. For obvious reasons, I
think the right length, the right bore sizes for the elastics, and obviously I’ve been
out fishing with them. And to be fair, they’re
absolutely bang on, but as you can see on that,
that’s the third section. – The number three, which
your kit goes straight onto. – Yeah, reinforced, obviously
stoppin’ your wear and tear, and I’ve been using it
for the last six months, and it’s been absolutely brilliant. I’ve just put the pole part. No carbon on your hands or anything, so that’s doin’ it’s job.
– [Scott] Yeah particularly – [Scott] commercial
fishing, when you’re using just top kit, little bit different if you’re fishing natural venue. So basically that’s a 1K carbon weave, which just gives you extra reinforcement, as Des said, stops it wearing, will prevent it wearing as quick, so your pole’ll last you
longer, give you more confidence to fish, not gonna go paper
thin where you keep unshippin’, particularly if you’re
catchin’ as many fish as Des. In addition to the
reinforcement, which you’ve got all the way through your
pole and every section, we’ve got this new anti-friction finish. It’s always been a problem,
particularly like today when it’s sunny at stages, then it’s raining with the pole sticking through your hands, Des.
– [Des] Yeah, it’s been – [Des] absolutely brilliant. Like you said, even
when the pole was damp, it’s still really, really easy to use, and it feel quite rough to the touch. But believe me when
you’re fishin’ with it, it flows through your
hands really, really good. – Yeah, I think that’s the benefit of it. It still flows through
the hands when it’s dry, but that sort of textured finish.
– [Des] Texture, oh definitely – [Des] helps you ship in
and out really quickly. – Yeah, particularly
when it’s wet as well, gives you that little bit of grip. So we’ve talked
(fishing pole whirs) about the carbon and the
reinforcement on the sections. Reinforcement’s one of the
key things we’ve tried to put into the pole, get a lot
of stress these days, now that they’re catchin’ big whites of commercial fish.
– [Des] Yeah, strikin’. – [Des] Striking’s one
of the biggest things. And once again, on all the big sections, your 13, 14 1/2, and 16,
we’ve got a reinforcement. You could probably see
that little rim there. From there to there is obviously
where you’re gonna hold it on your elbow. So for strikin’, you’re
not gonna have any problems with puttin’ your elbow through the carbon, so that’s
really, really important. And it’s on the big sections, which obviously most of the time’s where you’re strikin’ really hard. – It’s under a lot, a lot of stress, isn’t it, where you’re
strikin’ at a long distance. You got about 30 centimeters there. – Another really nice thing
is what we’ve done as well, we’ve got three mini butt sections. This actually fits your eight
and a half, your 10 meter, your 11 1/2, 13, 14 1/2, and 16. So wherever you are, if you’re on a canal and you wanna fish, on a shelf,
and you not quite got it, we’ve come up with three
little mini sections, which fit basically quite a
lot of the pole, to be honest. – Basically the six sections
at the end of the pole, as Des says, this one is
your free 14, and your 16, both fit onto this ’cause
the sections are parallel. These two are actually reversible, fit into two sections each,
and these all come as standard as part of the package. – Yeah really, really good
and mega, mega strong as well. So like he said, if you are
fishin’ shore at 10 meters, and you’re strikin’, you
can put one of these on, and they’re mega, mega strong. You’re not gonna break anything at all. – Yeah we touched on top kits earlier. We worked a lot, didn’t we, on the optimum length?
– [Des] Yeah lengths, – [Des] what I want and obviously I think what most people want, we
don’t want too much elastic ’cause when you’re catchin’
lots of F1s and carp, you don’t want too much elastic
’cause they just run you all over the lake. So we’ve come up with an
optional sort of length we thought was the best for both really,
best for silver fish and carp. We got the power kits there,
(fishing pole rasps) really, really good quality, mega strong, but very light, all pre-bushed.
(fishing pole whirs) So when you actually buy the
pole, the bushes already fit. Everything exactly the same length. The kit for your silver
fish and for your carp are identical, so you
don’t have to do anything. You just basically elasticate
it when you get it, and it’s job done. And the carp ones will probably
take elastics up to 16? – Yeah 16, not a problem.
– [Des] 16 hollow. – [Scott] Comes with a blue slip internal bush ready fitted.
– [Des] Yeah, blue slip – [Des] all ready to go. – And if you can just show
us the match kit, Des. – Yup. There’s the match kit. Got the elastic through
that today at the moment. That’s a orange internal,
so that’ll take up to an eight slip elastic or light hollow. Like I said, exactly the same length. – Yeah, they’re actually
2.4 meters in length, which after a lot of
deliberation, we concluded that that was the optimum length
– [Des] Yeah, we did, – [Scott] for most
– [Des] yeah. – [Scott] styles of fishing. And with this spot-on Kupping
Kit, again that’s included in the package, you can just pull it out to the exact same length,
and every kit you’ve got it’s exactly the same
length, ready to fish with the inclusion of
your 16 meter half butt. The pole is a true 16 meters. So there’s no cutting back,
so you’re fishin’ shorter. What you see is what you get. It’s a 16 meter true pole,
and you’re ready to fish. – Yeah and just one thing, Scott as well, all the power kits come
with the Roller Pulla, bang, already in it.
– [Scott] Yeah, ready fitted, – [Scott] little bit of reinforcement.
– [Des] Reinforcement ready, – [Des] don’t have to do anything. Like I said, just elasticate
it, and you’re ready to go, simple as that. – Absolutely brilliant. (confident rock music) (fishing pole whirs) – So efficient. Again there, Des, slightest indication with a lift.
– [Des] Tiny indication. – [Des] And like I’ve said
in all my features I do, little dinks, little bites. It’s gonna make it a
lot, lot easier to fish. – Just in them tiny indications.
– [Des] Just it, yeah. – [Des] Just the easiness.
(bird chirps) Well, it’s sort of like I’ve
got to actually go back. I’ve gotta think about how
hard I’m gonna strike now ’cause it’s so quick You don’t have to just
give it the big whoosh, you know.
– [Scott] Yeah. (laughs) – [Scott] Particularly with F1s as well, it can be particularly shy biting and very difficult to convert.
– [Des] Yeah, very frustratin’ – [Des] fishin’ as it is. Like I’ve said, I’ve caught some massive weights of F1s, and it is a big, big difference, especially at longer
ranges as well, 16 meters. 30 meters, it’s unreal,
but as we all know at 16, – [Scott] That’s the true test.
– [Des] that’s the true test. – [Des] And I’ve been
fishin’ with it at 16 against islands and that. – And notice how fast it recovers as well. If you do miss a bite, instead of gettin’ the wobble,
– [Des] Your wobble, – [Scott] it sticks straight
– [Des] It’s literally just – [Scott] away again.
– [Des] immediately it’s – [Des] back where it was. – And again that was the intention. Took us a long time to get it right, but it’s exactly what we we were lookin’ for.
– [Des] Exactly yeah. – [Scott] And you’re happy, and that’s not easy
(Des laughs) to achieve, is it sir? It must be good.
– [Des] Oh you know – [Des] I tell you as it is.
(Scott laughs) If I think something’s not
right and the measurements and obviously havin’ a sample, and the sample’s gone back, and we’ve changed a few things. Well I can’t say a bad thing about it. – Big F1 or is that a tiny?
– [Des] No, little carp, that. – [Des] Little common, chunky, little thing like me, me and you, actually Scott would be a. Yeah,
– [Scott] Well that depends – [Des] look at that.
– [Scott] on who you ask. – [Des] where I hooked that.
– [Scott] Yeah perfect. – [Scott] You know everything’s
right and working right, and your gear’s balanced,
(fish splashes) didn’t ya? Top lift every time. Some of the feature that really
do give it that stiffness. (fishing pole whirs) – Well that’s one of them, Scott, section alignments.
(tapping) – Yeah again that’s
something that we worked on just another little factor that aids to the actual overall stiffness. – Yeah, you can see the joint. If you line them exactly right
up, obviously if you get them perfect, makes a difference
in the stiffness. – Yeah well it’s all
part of the manufacturing process, isn’t it. And by aligning them, you get the optimum performance level.
– [Des] Yeah for me – [Des] personally, when I’m
fishin’ really long, 16 meters, that’s when I line ’em up
’cause I think it makes that difference. At 13 meters, don’t
really see it that much. But at 16 meters, if you really want that, makes sort of the maximum
stiffness, I line ’em up, and it makes a difference
at longer distances. – It’s one of the things,
well there’s many factors that have gone in to making it what it is, and that’s just one of ’em. And as you say, it’s more noticeable the longer you fish.
– [Des] Yeah, yeah just makes – [Des] the perfect package
at the end of the day. It’s all there. If you need to it, if you
wanna do it, it’s there. Some people do, some people don’t. But for me personally, like
I said, long distance 14 1/2, 16 meters, does make a big difference. – Yeah that combined
with, as you said before, we got the TORAYCA
high-performance carbon fiber, all these little features. They all add up. And as you say, it’s just
the complete package. So with that in mind, if you wanna put the extra butts on.
– [Des] Try it. – [Scott] We’ll have a look
– [Des] Get ’em out – [Scott] at 16 meters.
– [Des] to 16. – [Scott] And hopefully, we’ll
get a few of those as well. – Just gonna stick the whole lot on. So the thing’s so easy to
ship out as well, Scott, and that’s 16 meters. ‘Cause it’s so stiff,
it flows through your hands better.
– [Scott] You really don’t – [Scott] need to get out there, try one, and just experience it
– [Des] Yeah, it’s – [Scott] for yourself.
– [Des] just a dawdle. – [Des] Like I said,
it’s virtually the same, especially in 13. – [Scott] Yeah, the way it reacts, the performance.
– [Des] The stiffness. – [Des] Yeah, the performance is unreal. Real. – Think one thing worth
talking about, Des as well, it’s something we get asked quite a lot, is the weight of poles. And I think it’s worth explaining, this particular model at 13
meters, I think 790 grams, very, very light. At 14 1/2, it’s a 1,060 grams. And at the full 16 meter, a
genuine full 16-meter length, you’re looking at about 1,300 grams. But it’s all about the
balance, we know it is. – Yeah, it is, it’s about the balance. A lot of people say to
me, how heavy it is. And then I’ll sort of say to people, “Look, it’s not about the weight. “Even though it’s 13
meters, 790 grams, that is.” Oh just hooked one. You see that then Scott, so quick.
– [Scott] Yeah, absolutely. – [Des] And it’s about the balance. It is about the balance of
the pole and the way it feels, and that’s what makes it feel light is because it’s balanced perfectly. – Yeah realistically, you
could have a lighter pole that felt heavier if the balance is incorrect is what we’re trying to say. (fishing pole whirs) – So it’s not all about that. But even so at 790 grams at 13, that’s flippin’ light anyway. – So what we’ve got a really
light pole at 13 meters, perfectly balanced. But most important of
all, it’s strong enough for this sort of fishing. Lots of people are doing lots of commercial fishin’ these days. It’s got to be up to those strains.
– [Des] Yeah, yeah and I’ve – [Des] been out with it. I said over the last six months, give it a right good pastin’, sometimes probably pullin’ a bit harder than
what I should do just to see, and it’s not let me down once. – I think weights up to
approachin’ 400 pound as well.
– [Des] Yeah, that’s right. – [Scott] Some big fish.
– [Des] Yeah about 400. – [Des] Yeah 400 pound of fish on it, some big fish, gettin’
on to sort of mid doubles and stuff like that, edge fishin’. And as long as you use the right top kits, like these Power Top Kits, like I said, they’re really good quality,
and they’re ever so light for how strong they are. And it’s nice really
(fish splash) ’cause we got the power tops. What you’ll find with a lot
of power tops is they bend. A lot of power tops bend.
– [Scott] They change the – [Des] They change.
– [Scott] action of a pole, – [Des] But this doesn’t.
– [Scott] don’t they, yeah. – [Des] The power tops on this, – You maintain the same sort of action and
– [Des] They’re virtually the – [Scott] performance.
– [Des] same as what they are – [Des] on your lighter tops. – But just touchin’ on the
balance and weight thing, that’s worth rememberin’ regardless of whether you’re
lookin’ at a Response M90 or you’re looking at any other pole, the weight is not
(fishing pole whirs) always crucial.
– [Des] It’s not. – [Scott] It’s nice to have
a lightweight pole, but. – It’s the balance that’s most important. – Yeah, if at all possible,
the best thing to do if you are investin’ in a pole at any price point is to
try and get into a shop where you can actually see the pole and pick it up and feel it,
– [Des] Pick it up. – [Scott] or come to one
of the shows that we do, where we’ve got ’em on display. – I think this year when do the big show, I think people’s eyes are
gonna pop out of their head to be honest.
(slingshot snaps) Just the people that
I’ve shown on the bank, they’re like, “Hang on a minute. “Somewhat special here.” And that’s what I thought as
soon as I picked it up. I knew we had something and that I think people’ll
think exactly the same.

  • Pole looks impressive!! Nice if the angler (a) can afford it (b) has regular need to use it up to 16m. Question – Would Preston consider selling a 13m version with same top kits? A lot of anglers don't need to use extensions up to 16m which is a waste of money.

  • no disrespect to des but when your given a top off the range pole that don't cost u anything and u have your wages paid by the same said company then anything will be the best and forget the rest look at bob nudd with browning steve ringer with guru and daiwa will raison and dawia and alan scotthorne and drennan they all say that their poles are the best all poles are down to cost availability and balance to individual preference

  • what sort of weight difference are the power tops to match tops? and also will the kits take bigger elastics strength wise or is it the pre fitted bush that restricts the match to 8 and power to 16 as dess stated in the video?
    im looking to buy a new pole in the next week or so and at the min its a toss up between this preston m90 or the map 901 i just cant make my mind up

  • I want to buy a pole so badly.. i dont know what to buy or from where..I am from sweden and as far as i know there is no shops here that sell take apart poles so i cannot go and feel on them…

    I need to get a pole!!

    A random livestreamer guy.

  • the beast pole yep rite mine in not that them cost in the 2000 mark mine was 150 and will beat them hands dawn

  • Just be comfortable with what you've got. Buying a Rolls Royce may massage your ego but it doesn't make you a better driver!

  • Do the fish know that you have a 2 grand pole and think oooh catch me catch me!!! a bloody chimpanzee could catch fish with broom handle on today`s modern commercials

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