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Indian style chicken lollipop recipe ll Schezwan Lollipops ll ll By Cooking with Benazir

PEACE BE UPON YOU You can take lemon juice instead mix well we will add the chicken lollipops i have used 500 gms lollipops one chicken wing gives 2 lollipops you can get them from any chicken shop from 500 gms we get 18 pcs mix well marinate for half an hour. You can keep in fridge if you want. we need to soak them in hot water for half an hour use half cup hot water soak for half an hour later make a fine paste of it its half an hour since the lollipops have been kept to marinate i have kept oil to heat i am not using any food color mix well use less chilli powder if you dont eat spicy food i have mixed them well now lets fry them the oil should be hot enough. i will test it by putting a little batter this way if the batter floats and bubbles come up that shows the oil is hot enough Slowly dip the lollipops in the oil, keep the flame low i have fried them on one side on a medium flame now i will turn them let them fry on the other side keeping the flame low they are fried properly on both sides we can remove them now you can see they have been fried crisp and nice this way i will fry all the lollipops i have fried 10 pcs of lollipop which i will make now the remaining pcs i will fry later lets make the sauce now Friends if you enjoy my recipes please press the LIKE button and yes i like reading your comments heat one tbsp oil and add in it i have mixed both and chopped fry for 20 seconds on medium flame ginger and garlic are fried now add one tbsp of chilli paste that we had prepared we will not use all of it because we are making only 10 lollipops we will use half of it about one and half tbsp fry them on a medium flame now fry on a low flame for 2 to 3 minutes let us add water 3 tbsp boil them on a medium flame Sauce is ready we need exactly this consistency now i will add the lollipops mix well on a low flame lollipops look tempting and the aroma too is awesome after mixing them on a low flame let them sizzle on a high flame put off the flame now. Our Lollipops are ready. Garnish with Spring Onions and Serve


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