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Inshore Reds and Tarpon 9/22/2018 -4K

Jump Yep. Probably one more time. Yep. Yep. Let him take just a moment more. There he is. Get ready for the jump. That’s not a tarpon. It’s not Jumping. It’s a red or a snook. It’s decent actually. It’s got size. Let’s see here. Red! Yeah. Nice little red. I can probably do it. He’s only like 20 inches. Sure. I knew that sounded different, you know. Jump Probably one more time. Yep. Whenever you’re ready. Hang on to the rod until I get him. Okay, that should be good. Nice job. Yep. Those little ones swim every time. That should be long enough. I think I got this one. Ladyfish, I think. I’m tempted to cut him up. (for bait) No, that’s a tarpon! I’m not cutting that up. I got him. I just got to get him out from the anchor. That’s the skinniest tarpon. Yeah it’s a tarpon. Yeah. Yep. Yeah, I’m not cutting that up. No Nice I can’t tell. It hit hard. Now it feels like that. No, it’s a red. Not a very big red, but it’s a red. No, he’s like 18 inches. Thank you for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please like subscribe and share. This video was filmed and edited Kurt Boyken. All content is either my own or used legally.


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