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Is She About To Move In With Him? ? Catfish: The TV Show

– This is crazy. Just send a (beep) text. – This is too immature. (intense music) – Uh-oh. – Is that him? – It’s him. – Oh my God. – It’s him. Wow. I’m shocked.
– Oh my gosh. – What happened? We haven’t heard from
you for a couple hours. – Oh my gosh. – A little nervous,
for real (mumbles). Yeah, something new. A new experience for me. – Okay. – This is just crazy. – Jaquan, that’s your name? – Yes. – Aliyah, you wanna join us? – Yeah. – I’m more confused, ’cause
you did get her texts. – What’s been going on? What took you so long today? – I kinda didn’t wanna do
the show, to be honest. I didn’t wanna meet
like this, honestly. That’s kinda
embarrassing for me. – Okay, fine, but it
would’ve never come to this if you had just even
FaceTimed with her. Right?
– Yeah. It took me a big chance to
even get on the phone with her in the first place, ’cause I
don’t even talk on the phone. – So you haven’t sent
her any pictures? – Right. – I was skeptical. You know how online dating goes. At first I didn’t
take it serious, and then she was telling
me that she’s a virgin. To me, I’m a good guy. I wouldn’t wanna take
no girl virginity and not be with the girl. – So you felt like
she got serious, then you guys obviously live
on other sides of the country. You weren’t sure how
where it was gonna go, but from what she told us, it seemed like you guys
were in a relationship. You said you loved her. She said she loved you.
– Right, right. – She was willing
to get on a flight. I don’t get it. – I wanted to meet up, but
that was a big step for me. I was kinda nervous. I’m insecure in person. She wanted to see me so
bad, I would just say yeah, but when it came down to it, I was making an
excuse or something, like I gotta work or something,
or I ain’t got the money. – I hear what you’re saying. There’s just been so
much mystery around you. – Why’d you delete
your Instagram? – Oh, well my brother did that. – So he’s in Park Heights? – Oh, yeah, that’s my brother. – That’s your brother?
– Mhmm. – And he blocked us because
you didn’t wanna do the show? – Yeah. He was kinda playing
stuff in my head, too, ’cause he was the one
skeptical at first. – Skeptical of her? – Yeah, pretty much. – We found a Facebook page
that you use, I guess, and she didn’t know you
had a Facebook page, but on the Facebook page,
you were very flirtatious. You were definitely talking
to girls on Facebook. – I was just doing it
for fun, basically. – You’re sexual, and then what
we seen was recent, you know? – Jaquan in real life is
supposed to begin a relationship with Aliyah. When you’re out and about
and somebody were to ask you, “Do you have a girlfriend?”
do you say yes? – Would I say yes if
somebody were to ask me if I had a girlfriend. – If you gotta think
about it, it’s fine. – Yes, because I really
do love the girl, don’t get me wrong. I really don’t show my feelings
until I know it’s jamming. I was scared to get my heart
broke, if that makes sense. When I wanted to meet her,
I can’t do that on my own. That was a big step for me. I was kinda nervous, and
I’m insecure in person. I can’t do that. – He’s shy. It’s cute. – Aliyah, talk to me. Come on, girlfriend. – It’s hard. At least he’s mine for
the first time, you know? It’s hard not to give in. – So you’re into it? – Yeah, I am. – Just from knowing you
for the past few days, you do a lot to make
other people feel loved, and you wanna give,
give, give, give, give, but how much love
are you getting? You’re giving all of it, but
what are you getting back? I personally don’t think
that he would’ve ever actually met up with you if it wasn’t for this.
– For this. But I don’t know. I could see the
more he was talking, this was hard for him I don’t know. I love him, so it
was more than that. I don’t know this kinda thing. – From the conversations
you guys have had, you’ve talked about wanting
to move to California and to be with her. – Yeah, I’ve talked
about moving to LA. – Right, but you didn’t
imagine moving to LA to be in a
relationship with her. – No, but it’s 50/50. – How serious are you? – I’m serious, right. I love the girl. I got feelings for her a lot. I could see myself
moving out here with her, but I wanna make sure —
– Try to make this work. Alright.
– Exactly. – Alright, let me just
check in with them and see. – Thank you.
– I’ll bring her over. I’ve been talking to him, and it sounds to me
like he has things he wants to say to you. So why don’t we
just let them talk, and we’ll just kinda leave
you guys for a minute. – I wanna hear. – [Aliyah] Nervous? – Heck yeah, I’m nervous. What you wanna do for real? Do you wanna be with me? I wanna be with you, obviously. – I do, I just don’t
wanna look dumb. I don’t know, it’s just
trust is kinda (beep) up. So what are you willing to
do for this relationship? – I’m trying to be with you. – But what are
you willing to do? – Whatever you ask me to do. That’s why I ask you. What you want me to do? – Show your actions
so I don’t get hurt. I could show my actons. – I like it. – So you don’t get
hurt, you know? – Would you wanna
move with me to LA? – I feel like I’d be
okay with doing that. – Yeah, we can live together. – Nev, they’re talking
about living together. – Yeah, good. – No, it’s not good. – So do you love me?
– I want a hug. Yes, I love you. Come here, give me a hug. – I can trust you? – You know you can trust me. – I don’t want it to look
like I was eavesdropping. – You were. – You’re so cute. – (mumbles) – Alright, you two. – No, you’re cute. No, you’re cuter.
– Let’s sit over here for a second so we
can all sit together. You understand she is serious
and she doesn’t (beep) around, and when she’s with someone, she’s really with them
and it means a lot? From what you’re saying, you
feel very much the same way. So there’s definitely
grounds here for some sort of future thing, but you’re gonna
have to prove it. – I think that you guys,
because you are so young, you can both come
here and make moves and do exactly what it
is that you wanna do and be in a relationship
with each other, but still have your own path. Don’t move in together,
for Christ’s sake, please. I have to say that
before I leave. – So that’s it, alright. Wow. (laughs) Why don’t we let you
guys have some time. Nice to meet you, man. Good luck. – Good luck. – It was a blessing to meet you. – I have to make
sure she’s okay. Gotta keep my eyes
on him at all times. – I’ve got butterflies
in my stomach, real talk. – Are you serious?
(laughs) – Yeah. – Still? It’s just me and you. Do you ever have
butterflies with a female?


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