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Is There Going to Be A Catfish PROPOSAL?! | Catfish: The TV Show

(intense music) (knocking on door) – Is there a door bell? – I don’t see one. I don’t see anyone. (knocking on door) Hello. – There is another door. You do the honors. (knocking on door) – Door doesn’t look like
it gets used a lot though. – The house kind of feels like. – Nobody’s here. – It doesn’t feel super
lived in right now. – It’s blocked. – Oh. I see someone. – You do? – Yeah. Oh I definitely see someone. Someone just came
down the stairs. – Come around to the back. – Here it was a woman in white. – Yeah. – I think? – Oh hello. Hi. – Hi. – Nice to meet you. Do you want to come
down and say hello? – So you’re Cashay? Thats That’s crazy. – Thank you for
agreeing to meet us. Just to be very clear, you’ve been talking to DeJohn? – Yeah. – What’s your name? – My real name is Gervaise. – All right. – Whoa. – Sydney who we met yesterday,
is that your cousin? – Yeah. – Okay. Are you alright? – Yes. I’m all right. – It’s overwhelming. – Yeah. 21 months down the drain, I didn’t know who you were. I got a whole
bunch of questions. – Can we just get your stats? Are you 30? – Yeah I’m 30. And do you have a son? – No. – Do you have any children? – No. – Okay. – Wow. – Have you ever ran
into DeJohn before? Because you guys live
really close to each other. – No – What happened? Why did you mess with me? For one time, just be real. – I didn’t even, like this is not intentional, it just happened I guess. In the beginning it was a game. I was just fishin. One day I’m POF, and some type of way,
he just got hooked. It wasn’t necessarily
you I was fishing for, it just happened. And like over the
years, you know, we just grown to be close
I guess you know? – You had me believing in a whole ‘nother woman. – No, I had you looking at
whole ‘nother woman. But the woman that you
talk to every day was me. – Why use someone else’s photos? Like you’re an attractive woman, you have beautiful eyes. Why not use pictures
of yourself? – When you’re
behind that person, you can do, and you can be. You can create the image
that you want to portray to somebody else. And I already know how people
are gonna respond to me. Because I already know how
I’d been tormented in my past. You know what I’m sayin? I know how I’ve been judged. Cashay probably
might be a little bit better than my real person. – When did you first start
making a fake profile? – I’ve been fishin’ since before
catfish was really catfish. Like the chat lines,
the phone chat lines, and stuff like that. It was like a outlet. – How many profiles
have you had? – Ain’t no tellin’. – I was so caught up
in Cashay that like a couple months ago went and
purchased a engagement ring. I was that serious. – Because you guys talked
about staring a life together. – Yeah. (crying) – I forked over a lot of
money for that damn ring thinkin’ that I’ve found my one. (crying) – I’m sorry DeJohn. I’m sorry. I care about you. Like I really I care about you. I didn’t want to hurt you okay? I can’t do nothing but
stand here as a woman, as me, and apologize. I hope that you can still try to start over as friends
that’s all, you know? – I mean. I need some air real quick. This is a bit much. A bit much for. I’m over it. This is crazy as hell. Totally different people. (sad music) – Nothing was real. (sad music) – What do you think
drove you to kind of hide behind these profiles? – I had a terrible childhood, and I was not nobody’s friend. I found Cashay, she was
really really pretty, and like my profile, just didn’t work like hers. Cashay is just very nice,
and just I don’t know. – Are you not nice? – She’s just different. I get nervous. I laugh when I’m nervous. – That’s fine. – I cry like, I’m weird. – I don’t think
you’re that weird. – You’re different,
you’re interesting. – Thank you. – My only issue with
it is that you’re really hurting other people. – Everything was laughs. Everything. (sad music) I would’ve left with a
figment of my imagination. Or a figment of someone
else’s imagination. I don’t know I’ve never went through
no situation like this. This is. This is crazy as hell. I don’t even know that girl. I don’t. I’ve never felt this way ever. – Should we go back? – Yeah if you want to. – I don’t want to
do this anymore. – All right I care
about that man. He’s a good-hearted person. I never meant to hurt him. – We’re back. – Why don’t we go inside. And we can all sit down, and we can talk a
little bit more. – That’s fine.


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