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Is This the Creepiest Catfish Ever? | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Hi, welcome back to
another Sneak Peek Show. I’m Amy Pham and today,
we are talking “Catfish”. For the past few weeks,
we’ve been celebrating Catfish’s 100th episode, with “Catfish Keeps It 100”. Tonight, we’re keeping the party going with “Catfish Top Ten Most Wanted” which is all about the most unapologetic, dirty and greedy catfish
on the wild, wild internet. And, like most catfish
on our most wanted list, this one goes from hopeful and like, maybe exciting and sexy,
to scary, real quick. – Where are your feelings for her? – My feelings for her is, you know they’re like through the roof right now. – You guys get frisky? – We have, we talk about sexual things. – [Nev] Hey miss sexy. Wishing that you was right
here rubbing you down, kissing yo body down slow (laughs). – Of course, Artis only
had one photo of Jess and he had never spoken
with her on the phone. – [Nev] So we reached out to
Jess to arrange a meeting. – But we quickly learned that she was not gonna make this easy on us. – She said, oh boy, “You might be them. I’m just wondering how
well you know Artis. – What is this BS that
we’ve gotta prove to her that we know Artis and that
we’ve gotta prove who we are. I mean she’s not who she is. – Alright, well look this is the game she’s been playing with Artis for months. Finally, we get Jess to agree to meet. But as we’d soon find out, we had no clue what we were walking into. (car engine) – Uh, oh. Wait a second. – (beep) out (beep). – I don’t know what this is. (suspenseful music) (door slamming) – I know this ain’t the (beep). (suspenseful music) (slow clapping) (slow clapping) – (beep) is this? – Hey, man. Wanna chill out a second? – Shh. – Shh. (laughs) He just did some Jedi mind
(beep) with me on that one. Excuse me. – [Artis] (beep) this, man? For real? – Don’t touch me. – Better back up, man.
– [Artis] Seriously. – Don’t touch me. – Oh my God. The clapping? Who claps like that? And why (laughs)? Sadly, I don’t have the
answers right now but, but all will be revealed tonight on Catfish at 10, 9 Central on MTV. Since there’s time before then, be sure to hit that subscribe button. And comment with the catfish
who still haunts your dreams. Or nightmares. I’ll be back here
tomorrow with a sneak peak at Jersey Shore Family Vacation and Ex on the Beach so, if you don’t show up I’ll know never to invite
you to a party of mine, because clearly you hate fun. Bye!


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