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Jack In The Box® | CHICKEN Breakfast Jack™ Review 🐓🍳 | Peep THIS Out! 🤡

welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty good old jack asks the
question which came first the chicken or the egg will no need to stress because
with their latest promo now they’re giving you both at the same time so
let’s go in on the chicken breakfast jack is part of the two for three here
at jack-in-the-box and initially we are greeted with a value size bun guys not
too bad though in terms of the size on this one but it does smell buttery
believe it or not let’s lift this up and see what we got underneath looks like
we’ve got a slice of American cheese a very decently sized egg right there as
well and that’s sitting on top of a very nicely sized piece of chicken here guys
a crispy chicken patty definitely pretty decent value if anything because of the
thinness of it but take a look at that guys that is actually not too bad nice
and crispy nothing in the bottom very basic ingredients list on this just egg
cheese and chicken and I got to say it does look pretty tasty still so let’s give
this one a shot and see how the flavor is this is the all-new chicken breakfast
Jack here at jack-in-the-box part of the 2 for 3
let’s peep out this flavor yeah I’m definitely a fan of egg and cheese this
actually looks alright guys I have to admit and again the butteriness that I’m
smelling from the bun itself is coming across I’m hoping this is gonna be
pretty good but like always before I take the first bite you guys are fans of
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button down below and don’t forget to tap the Bell icon so you can be notified
as soon as brand new content drops every week here we go it’s the chicken
breakfast Jack brand new here at jack-in-the-box 2 for 3 not a bad deal mmm okay alright well right off the
break I’m definitely diggin the nice crispiness of the chicken patty itself
it’s actually the dominant flavor that I’m getting here along with the texture
of the bun which is nice and soft guys and then the cheese and then the egg
comes up on the backend but admittedly the chicken is a little on the thin side
you’re gonna see that in just a second here but again it’s a value sized type
of patty overall quality not bad so far let’s go for another bite well I’m
definitely diggin the egg on this it’s got a very yokey type of flavor to it
there and it’s really coming out nicely with the chicken and speaking of the
chicken like I mentioned earlier as you can see in the bottom there it is very
very thin so not that in terms of the size in this one because the crispiness
is good but it is definitely thin white meat
for sure but still two for three bucks is not a bad deal and considering the
size of this I really wouldn’t go much above a buck fifty for each of these
anyways so this is actually priced pretty well and the flavor is decent
like I said the crispiness of the chicken is the dominant flavor and overall the
nice egg is really shining through as well pretty tasty guys definitely
pretty tasty mmm and speaking of that softness of the bun it’s actually got a
little bit of toastiness to it as well along with just a little bit of butter
maybe just a little bit but it’s primarily the creaminess of the cheese
and then the egg and the chicken but overall guys not bad and the combination
that I think works overall and again you can’t fade it for three bucks guys two
of these for three not a bad deal at all let’s go for one more bite and we’ll
wrap this one up after the rating hang on so a nice little breakfast situation
here at jack-in-the-box guys let me go 360 for you here just around this one
out not bad in terms of the chicken patty I wish it was just a little bit
thicker but considering the price point and for what you’re getting here it’s
not a bad value at all nice and crispy the egg is solid like I mentioned
earlier and again the creaminess of that cheese and the softness of the bun
overall goes a long way not a bad value whatsoever and I know
I’m beating that one to death guys but it really is pretty good and hey you can
also get that all day considering jack-in-the-box has been doing breakfast
all day literally for years now so overall I’m gonna have to give the
chicken breakfast Jack you’re pretty solid value over here at jack-in-the-box
a rock-solid 8.7 out of 10 it’s a couple of points above eight
and a half considering the value that you’re getting on this one along with
the size of the chicken patty itself now granted it’s a little on the thinner
side but it is pretty wide and the quality feels pretty good when you’re
holding in your hands guys I have to admit the softness of that bun is pretty
awesome now of course the obvious question is do you think this one looks
awesome drop some comments down below let me
know first and foremost if you’ve got a jack-in-the-box in the area along with
what your favorite breakfast item is from them and if you do are you gonna be
giving this one a shot drop some comments down below and definitely let
me know and with that this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this
out bringing you brand-new content every single week here on my channel so while
you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay
frosty so which really did come first the chicken or the egg
I still want to know alright everyone until next time I’ll talk to you soon
but hey real quick before you go and just in case you haven’t already take a
look at the last review that I’ve put out right up over here along what I
think YouTube’s gonna recommend for you to check out as well
as always I think you’ll find something like in both of them and I’ll definitely
catch ya in the next one see ya

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  • I actually had This the other day and it’s 2 for 4 here wasn’t really impressed with it thanks for peeping it out

  • Jack in the Box, come East. Please come East!!! 🥺😔…😅

    Great review, Ian. Always enjoy what you put out. Take care 👍👍

  • "It's pretty wide and the quality feels good when you're holding it in your hands?" Yeah, that's what she said… 🤔🤭🤫😉😂

  • If you are talking about all eggs, dinosaurs were laying eggs long before any chicken. For chicken/eggs: the first true chicken (a mutant via evolution) was hatched from an egg that was laid by a true non-chicken so the answer is egg no matter which way you look at it.

  • "It's definitely thin white meat"

    LOL @ Ian for thinking that patty was all white meat chicken or even all chicken period.

  • This looks like a tasty breakfast sandwich especially at 2 for $3! I think I am going for the sausage x1 and the chicken x1 for my $3. That way I get to try them both. We have a local Jack just about a block away, easy walking distance so I thank you for letting all of us folks about this new product. I usually try to stay up on new offerings but some of these places change up items so fast it can be easy to miss them. I just saw the Arbynator has made a come back and I gotta get one as I missed it before!

  • 🍗🧀🍳 two for three that's not a bad deal I'll have to give it a try one of these days thanks for a great review as always Happy holidays 😃🧀🎄😃

  • thanks for the review I love breakfast at jack's way better than mcsomething haha thanks for the heads up Ian!!

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