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Jalapeño Fried Chicken | Spicy Chicken Nuggets Recipe | Hilah Cooking

– Hey, dudes, I’m Hilah, and today on “Hilah Cooking,” we’re making jalapeno
fried chicken nuggets. I don’t know why. I do know why ’cause it’s
good, but also, hi again. So I did a video for the first
time in two years last week, and it got such a wonderful response. You can ask Chris, I was brought to tears by y’alls heartfelt comments, and I really have missed you all too, and it was so cool to see
so many familiar names. I was gonna say faces, but
there’s no pictures is there? Well, yeah, there’s pictures, but it’s not anybody’s real face. Let’s be honest, unless
you’re all cartoons. But anyway, thanks for
the warm welcome back, and I’m excited to do a little
series of holiday videos for you even though this
one is not a holiday video, because Halloween just happened, and I just need one tiny break before we hop right into the next holiday. Am I right? Oh, I have some champagne here. (upbeat music) Just like old times. (funky music) Still feel like I’m getting my groove back in the kitchen and on video. I’ve been still cooking
in the last two years since I have stopped making
YouTube videos, of course. So this actually is a recipe that I came up with probably a year ago. So even though I wasn’t making videos, I was still posting recipes
and pictures on my website. So I’m gonna start with
cutting up some garlic, and I always use fresh garlic. If you wanna use the
pre-mixed, pre-chopped one or garlic powder even, I
think that would be fine. Something about the
pre-chopped garlic in a jar has a really weird smell to me, and I don’t know if it’s,
they probably put some kind of acid in there to
preserve it or something. I don’t know, but I’m, Jesus Christ, embarrassing
myself is what I’m doing. No, but there’s just got a
weird smell to me, I don’t know. If it doesn’t bother you,
then go ahead and use that. (speaks foreign language) Okay, I’m gonna shop this up super tiny and if you all hear some
beeping happening, it’s not me, but there’s construction
happening behind my house, and it’s supposed to be happening for the next three years or something. I don’t know, and we’re not gonna be here that long I don’t think. But anyway, we love California, but just not like the particular house, even though it is got a great
kitchen for shooting in. Can’t deny that. I mean, look at that tile. People still email me
asking about that tile, and I don’t know. I think it came from IKEA, but I didn’t remodel this kitchen. My landlady did it before we moved in. Anyway, I digress, I like to digress. That’s my new motto for this
channel is more digressions. I feel like part of the
reason I got really burned out a couple years ago was because I listened to a lot of YouTube advice, which was like, “Get to the point, “make your videos five minutes or less, “don’t spend a lot of
time jibber jabbering.” But I like to jibber jabber, and that’s what makes it fun for me is jibber jabbering with you all. So there’s gonna be some jibber jabbering. So I’ve got some chicken thighs
here, boneless, skinless. This is not like a fried
chicken on the bone. Although I do have a video for
that, so I’ll link to that. If you wanna do this
seasoning on the bone, bone-in fried, there’s just not a great way to say that without thinking about erections. But anyway, maybe that’s just me. You could totally use the
same spice mix and everything and the same procedure, and then just follow
the cooking instructions on the other fried chicken video. But I cut these up pretty tiny. I’m gonna add my garlic, and then I’m gonna add some
salt because we need salt. So we’ve been in L.A., from
Texas, 4 1/2 years now. Yeah, it’ll be five years in July. Somebody asked me recently
how has my cooking changed or how has my palate change
even since we moved out here? And it was a interesting question. No one had asked me that
before, thanks Curby. It was actually my best
friend from high school who had asked me that, and also, his mom gave me the FryDaddy that I’m gonna use later, so I owe the Con family a
large gratitude of thanks. Anyway, but he asked, how has it changed? And you know what? I eat a lot less red meat
since being out here, and I eat a lot more vegetables. There’s not really any vegetables in this. Jalapenos, do jalapenos count? Okay, I just added some onion powder and some chili powder, ancho chili powder, and I’m gonna add a little
bit of cayenne pepper too, or maybe a lot. Hey, Chef John, that one goes out to you. Because the only jalapenos I could find at my fancy food co-op grocery store that I’ve been trying to go to and support my local food co-op
only had the mild jalapenos, which I’m like, “Ugh, please Lord.” So wash your hands thoroughly before and after you do this, just like going to the bathroom. Okay, yeah, so I’m gonna
mix this up in here. And do this as sorta my little dry rub except for the garlic,
which of course is wet. We just wanna get that
all done up like that, and a lot of fried chicken recipes have you marinate it in
buttermilk and stuff. I find that doing a little
dry rub like this ends up with a crispier outside
and juicier inside, which is really ideal. Okay, who wants chicken fingers. Wash your damn hands. Okay, so then you can
set this in your fridge for like 30 minutes, four hours, 10 hours. I think the longest I’ve done
it was probably like 12 hours. Let me get my little lid here. Now it only has a tiny
bit of salmonella on it. Okay, and I’ll see you back in
two shakes of a lamb’s tail, two shakes of a chicken’s butt. Tada! It’s like a sound bath for your insides. My voice is amazing. Okay, so this has been
sitting here for a little bit. I’m gonna add some monster cum. (laughs) It’s a throwback to the last week’s video. Okay, it’s sour cream. You can also use plain yogurt. So this’ll be our moisturizing ingredient. It’s so moisturizing, and then I’m gonna add a little
bit of this jalapeno brine. I’ll just dump it all in. These are tame. Look at this, let me just
show you, Jeff’s Garden. I mean, no offense to anybody named Jeff, but I don’t really, I don’t know, I mean, I’m sure these are delicious. I haven’t actually tried them yet. Yeah, they’re good. They’re salty and vinegary. I don’t know why Jeff’s
Garden cracks me up so much on the inside of my head, but thumbs up if you also
think that Jeff’s Garden is a hilarious name for a
brand of pickled jalapenos. Okay, I’m gonna mix all this wet stuff up. Oh, but yeah, so like I was saying, we went back to Texas in September to visit family and so Chris could do some work with
“Yoga With Adriene,” and also so I could do a book signing for my new Texas cookbook, and that’s when it was so apparent to me how much beef people eat in Texas. I was shocked, I had forgotten. We’ve been doing a lot
more vegetarian stuff. So also, if you’re interested
in more vegetarian recipes, definitely let me know. I know I saw a few comments from people that were like, “Oh, since you’ve been.” ♪ Since you’ve been gone ♪ That, since you’ve been
gone, may have been gone, they’ve gone vegetarian. So I kind of have too. I mean, I feel like we
probably do 80% vegetarian now. Anyway, okay, get to the point Hilah. So this is some flour. This is actually a white wholewheat flour. You could use regular white flour. I just was almost out of it. So and then I’m gonna use (groans) I wasn’t even faking it. This was actually screwed on really tight. Hey oh, that’s what she said. Okay, I did say that actually. And we’re gonna add some masalina, which is the same flour, masa flour, that you use to make tortillas, tamales. If you can’t find it, I
feel like it’s pretty easy to find now, although
not in small quantities. Usually, it’s a giant
five-pound bag or something. I think you could use a fine,
fine cornmeal, not cornstarch. I don’t know, I don’t
know what to tell you. You know what, just go
follow the instructions for the other fried
chicken video and use that. I think it was just
flour or seasoned flour. Okay, I’ma add a little bit of salt there. Oh, hang on, hang on. I need a thing. I got the thing that I needed. It’s called a whisk. I’m gonna combine that together. I don’t know why I’m like,
“It’s called a whisk. “Jalapeno fried chicken.” It’s like I’m on a cattle drive. Okay, then we’re gonna do one of those things they call dredging. Oh, this smells really good. Jeff’s Garden, whatever it is you’re doing with your jalapeno brine,
you’re doing it right, son. Just toss a few of these in
this seasoned flour-masa mix until they’re gently coated. I always think about this
whenever I’m handling raw chicken and raw eggs is I took
a microbiology class when I was in college. It was just Intro to Microbiology. It was 300 years ago. But one thing I always think of is that our teacher
told us that salmonella, like salmonella bacteria,
actually has a very low or a very high infectious dose. You have to eat a lot of
salmonella bacteria to get sick. So that’s what I always remind myself of. You probably won’t get sick, just chill, don’t follow my advice, just cook your chicken thoroughly please. Okay, anyway, I’m getting this all coated, and then I’m putting it
on a little rack here, and this is kind of a key part to making sure that your
breading doesn’t fall off when you throw it in your fryer. And that’s just kinda letting
it air dry on a rack like this for 20 or 30 minutes. So it’s gonna be a little bit of time. I’m sorry, you all are
gonna have to wait with me while this happens. I’m kidding, we don’t have
to, we’ll cut, we’ll cut. Okay, so all my little nuggies are coated. I wanna let them sit
here and sorta air dry for about 20 minutes before we fry them, but in the meantime, you can
start heating up your oil. You’ll want about two
inches of oil in a pot. Make it a deep pot though, so the oil doesn’t explode
over like a volcano that will catch you on fire
and burn your house down. And then you can also go
smoke a bowl or something if you live somewhere like
I do where that’s legal. Peace. Okay, and we’re back. It’s like I’m a news lady. Okay, so this is heated up. It’s actually at 375 but
it’ll cool off in a second. So we’re just gonna drop some of these in, and they cook really quickly
because they’re teeny weeny, and I’m gonna try something I haven’t actually tried before with these. When I’ve done this before,
I blended the jalapenos up with the juice and then
mixed all that in together. But I’m gonna try something
fancy for y’all today. I’m gonna sorta make
little chicken sandwiches with a piece of jalapeno in there, and then maybe this would be
a super cute little appetizer, a little ‘tizer. Look, let’s try it, let’s see. Let’s see what happens, I don’t know. This is my chicken finger rag down here. The chicken finger rag. It sounds like an old-timey song. So I didn’t check the clock, but yeah. So by the time they’re
nice and dark brown, they should be done all the way through. Of course, you can cut
one open to check it. But like I said, I ain’t
afraid of no salmonella. I’m gonna end up in the hospital. Okay, just kidding. I also like to put a little
paper underneath my FryDaddy to catch any grease splatters, and I think it’s very appropriate that there’s a weight-loss ad underneath my fried chicken pot. Inappropriate,
appropriately inappropriate. Oh yeah, this is looking purdy. Look at them, hang on, let me get you one. Look at that. Okay, I’m gonna give it
a couple more minutes. I’m gonna give my little
sandwich a little bit longer, and I’m gonna make a few
more little sandwiches. Oh look, that little jalapeno is kinda getting a little crispy too. That’s fun, you can kinda tell, when you’re frying stuff
when you initially put it in, it’ll sizzle up a lot
as the water comes out, and then it’ll calm down a little bit. This is having a tantrum over here. It is not calming down. Oh yeah, okay, that’s the
color I’m looking for. Yeah, I’m gonna call those done. I’m gonna stick a fork
in them but not literally and call them done, and then I’m gonna let them
drain on a little rack here too. This reminds me of fried
oysters or something. Oh, my Lord. Those look so good. Okay, let’s do some more of
my little sandwiches, boop! I think these will take longer,
’cause they’re folded over. So I’m gonna do all of them at once. Okay, so the last two, whoa. See, don’t be afraid to
let them get real brown. That’s good flavor. So I’d be lying if I said that Chris and I didn’t eat a bunch of these already, while we were frying them, and I have to say that
I am indeed a genius, because this whole chicken jalapeno fried chicken nugget sandwich
thing is a really good idea. I’m not gonna eat this one,
because it’s too pretty, and I wanna take a picture of it later. So, oh look, this one’s kinda popping out. That’s okay, I’m just
gonna do it like this. They’re very hot. Oh, my God, these are delicious. Very hot. (Hilah groaning) What if I just fell
over and died right now ’cause it was so good? Oh, my God, I won’t do that. I’ll try not to do that. I’ll try, anyway. Okay, thank you so much for watching. If you want this recipe,
you can go to my website, Wow, I haven’t said that in a long time. But anyway, thank you
so much for watching. I’m glad to be back, even if
it’s only for a short time. I still don’t really know what’s
gonna happen, no promises, but I can pinky promise
that I have missed you, and I am glad to see all of your shining YouTube
handles and comments again. Okay, bye, I love you. (upbeat music)


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