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Japanese Canned Tuna Thoran | Canned ചൂര തോരൻ | Eng Sub | Malayalam Vlog Japan | Chee & Chaa

Hi All, Welcome to Japan Diaries by Chee & Chaa Hope you all are doing good. We got many messages regarding the Corona virus situation. We are safe as of now. As a safety precaution it’s advised to wear masks whenever we go outside and avoid crowds and rush hour travel. We are trying to avoid all other travels except the University and Office commute. Washing hands and face regularly is also good. We are very happy and humbled by all the messages received from you all. Thank you so much. Today we are going to show a recipe using Japanese Canned Tuna. Let’s see the steps. Canned tuna is available in most of the supermarkets in Japan Tuna is known as Maguro in Japanese. This can be found at the canned food items section. This is also known as sea chicken in Japan So you will see either tuna or sea chicken on the can. There are two types like tuna in oil and tuna in water. We mostly buy the tuna in oil type. You can try both type. The recipe is same for both First, we should open the can and drain the oil inside. You can see the tuna and the oil inside. Use a strainer to drain out the excess oil. He don’t like the taste and smell of this oil. So I will clean with water after draining. You should be careful when you open the can The edge of the lid is very sharp. Let’s start the cooking. Heat the pan. Pour oil after the pan gets heated. After the oil gets heated, add mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds add finely chopped ginger and garlic. Later add the curry leaves and 2 green chillies Add 1 medium sized chopped onion. Add salt to taste. Pour a few drops of oil if it looks dry. While the onion is sautéed, we have to prepare the coconut mix. For that we need fine coconut powder, 2 green chilly We have put 2 chillies earlier also. Ginger and garlic. turmeric powder. Onion is now well sautéed. Add 3 pieces of tamarind. Add half tsp of turmeric and chilly powder. Mix it well. Add the tuna flakes to this mix. Again mix it well. This can be prepared in normal pan also. After mixing it well, close it with a lid and cook for 1-2 mins. Take the coconut mix and add it to the pan. Again cook for 1-2 mins in low flame. Our canned tuna thoran is now ready. Usually we don’t find the fishes used for making thoran recipe. So we found this as a better option for making the very tasty kerala style fish thoran. This goes well with rice, curd curry etc. Hope you all liked this video and will try this recipe. It’s our lunch time and we are going to have lunch now with this. Don’t forget to like and subscribe our channel. See you in next episode. Bye Bye!


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