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Japanese Fish Store Tour. Aqua Jewelry. Throw Back Thursday Edition.

Another ADA tank, as soon as we walk in. And they’re doing the same thing here where
they have the two of the return under sand. So, it kind of creates a really cool effect. I enjoy that. There are lots of rose line sharks in here. Water level is kinda low, obviously. This filling pipe is not exactly doing what
it needs to do, but- That’s a little bolbiitus fern. That’s a cool hanging wood, I’m super jealous
of the wood. It looks like we got saltwater over here,
and then looks like goldfish and stuff here so far. More of the rice fish that I’m just in love
with, man. I gotta get me some of these rice fish. Need these cold water tanks for sure. Goldfish coming in through here. I don’t know if it’s a million degrees in
this store or if it’s because I just spent the last hour walking through the streets
of Kyoto to get here, but, nevertheless we will find some cool stuff. Looks like Congo tetras. And we got Rose Line sharks. Pea puffers. corydoras, some Hillstream loaches. Lots of half black pastel guppies. We have some plants and guppies. Looks like mosses. That’s a hydro pinnitafita there, look like
a sugar beet. Lots of anubias. Looks like more mosses here. These are kinda cool containers for the bettas. Super interesting. Maybe we can see if they have some of those
for sale, those are neat. Let’s see, we got what looks like banjo cats
in that one, some geos, black ghost knives, female bettas, lots of clown loaches devouring
dead catfish. We have mollies, guessing there’s shrimp in
here. Yeah, like the Pinocchio shrimp back in the
block there. Pinocchio shrimp, looks like some other shrimp
I don’t know, maybe some blue velvets, seems like that. Eheim tubing, which I haven’t seen that before,
that’s kinda cool. Anacharis, some more plants. Lots of horned nerite snails, Giant snail
again, that eats plants. Siamese algae eaters. Lots of Horned Nerite Snails, one of my favorites. Trying to see what else- More shrimp, yeah
amano shrimp. Looks like we got some Belixa. Lots of pre-curing driftwood down there. Lots of wabi kusa balls. Other mosses and things, Koke Lab. Some duaku container gardens. Let’s see what else little scape. So here we’ve got a real nice real nice carpet
with some ember tetras and dwarf neon rainbows. What else do we have? Looks like some red delta guppies, some CPO
dwarf mexican cray fish, some Russian laced guppies. This cool little turtle is looking at me might
be logger head. Let’s see what else we can find. Lots of wood and different types of volcanic
rock. Lots of wood here. Looks like we got some rummy nose tetras,
Thomasi Cichlid so far, two for two stores. More norman lampeye killies. What else do we have, timber tetras. Let’s see if we can find some other stuff
here. Store’s pretty big, honestly. There’s a lot of tanks, that goes all around
the store here. Trying not to get in people’s way. So we go around, salt water stuff, some more
cool art. I love this. I wish I could buy it. Some plastic plants with a pearscale goldfish. How’s this for some aquascaping, huh? Guy in the jungle. Same over here, it’s kinda awesome. More saltwater stuff, and come around the
corner here, got some discus. Not bad, these are all forty dollars, I think. I don’t know. Looks like they’re twelve dollars, these are
wild cheap, on sale they say. Lots of discus and angels. This is their water change system, they just
flip this valve and it goes down over there into a floor drain and each one of these tanks
is set up that way. Looks like we got big sumps above, big sumps
up there. Over here- big arowana. That’s one gaseous catfish and delhezi bichir
maybe. A motoro ray, decent size. Oh, it’s a spawning trap. So see this? You float this in your pond, you get them
to spawn in it and then you take the fish out and, see here, it’s got little pieces
of- what am I trying to say- little pieces of floss. Well now you’ve been to Aqua Jewelry with
me. Cool store, lots of fun stuff to look at again,
and definitely some things I want to up and try and implement in my store and I’m still
in love with those rice fish by far, and I do like this underwater sand waterfall thing. So if you guys like this content, go ahead
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to see more tours, I plan on hitting more countries and things like that coming in the
future as well as more US stops and stuff like that, and yeah, we’ll see you in the
next video, make sure you stay tuned, putting out videos three or four times a week, so
we’ll see you next time.


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