Jumbo Prawn Crispy Wraps – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today i’m going to make a awesome preparation with prawns we’re going to stuff the prawns with cheese, pomegranate seeds we’re are going to roll them in a nice shortcut pastry sheet so let’s learn how to make first for the prawns cut them into like butterfly just add two drops of tabasco sauce is good for the filling for this prawns take some cheese processed cheese is good in this add some pomegranate seeds, some chili powder, chopped coriander and garlic, the garlic has to be finely chopped and all of this just take a spoon and mix this dough see some of the pomegranate seeds will crush and the cheese will bind it nicely and then we’re going to use this as a stuffing for our prawns now just put this as a stuffing on the prawn look at this very easy just to spread haha na na na I think I thought I will not need the salt but just I’ll sprinkle pinch of salt little bit just make thin sheet of the empanada dough unlike what empanada what we use slightly thicker for this you know make it as thin as possible into a thin sheet and after that here is the prawns with the stuffing now make into a diamond shape kind of cut and just on the edges put some egg wash very easy that the tail part just roll it and tuck it inside okay after that roll it once again and then and here on the edge just seal it and then roll them again ok and then press so your your dressing up these prawns is all ready make a thin sheet of the empanada dough and then wrap them you know all these prawns in them put it on a fire and let them fry you know you have to make sure that the sheet what you roll this prawns with is very nice and thin that is when you will have this sheets nicely cooked outside and inside the prawns will be nice and juicy okay here look at these prawns wow wow oh wow just remember one thing these prawns need to be served right away you know you do not keep it out for long just serve them right away and they’ll taste super while i was working in Bukhara that is in Maurya Sheraton in Delhi we used to make prawns in tandoor, the same kind of prawns we used to roll them in silver foil and put a skewer and put in the tandoor but this is lot better than that because the outside will be nice and crispy and inside will be just juicy you know once you take a bite the juices will be literally flowing out nice cheese pomegranate and juicy prawns what else I want in life dear friends look at it look at it wow mm just so delicate yet awesome wow hmm you’ll be able to get this awesome prawns when you’re able to make a very thin sheet and then wrap the prawns nicely, dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s session but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking.

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