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Jumping Canal Tarpon 8/28/2018

Aw! I jumped him. Oh yeah, he’s looking. There he is. Nice tarpon again. I think I got a fish here. Yep, I do. Tarpon. See if I can get my hands on this guy. I had one. There he is. Not jumping yet. but it hit like a tarpon. Yep, that’s what it is. Nice fish. It’s gotta be about done now. There he is. Not a bad little tarpon at all. Manatee. There, now he’s ready. Nice. Woe another that was right next to him that just ate the bait I lost. I didn’t try to get him off, but oh well. Nice. It’s a tarpon again. He got of. Lost him. There he is. Oh, there he goes. Where did he go? Got one. Nice The wind just shifted. I might need to go. It might mean a storm is coming. Yeah Yeah, I don’t like this. The weather seem to be getting kinda sketchy so, I’m probably going to call it now. I only have one bait left anyways.

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