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Kerr Lake Blue Catfish and almost broke the 1 catfish curse

hey everybody its bill and I’m back I’m
back in her Lake again on the Virginia side this is pretty much where Russ and
I came Saturday and hooked up with Travis down there and just kind of
stayed near them and tried to mimic their patterns and they kicked our butts
they pulled in fish after fish after fish all day long and we just got one
eater at the end of the day so anyway I’m back and I am by myself today it’s a
little too warm little too sunny for us but I’m gonna see what I can get mom and
I already ate the filets off that when I kept from Saturday so I need some more
so I’ll probably keep one or two if I catch a couple of eater sighs and if not
oh well at least I gave it a try right so stick around and let’s see how we do
I gotta find a spot to start drifting whoa putting the heck’s going on why am i
turning in circles oh I’m calling on the planer board to
fix that mast owner all right yeah I turned it off because I wasn’t sure if
it was even on but it is a nice little blue catfish come on open up I can get
it out easier if you’ll open up let me get everything untangled here have to get that straightened out maybe I had a bitch thank very big Noah thing if there’s one
there for real I think it is it’s a small fish
I think they’re gum y’all see that I had one but
he come loose stinky poo there’s another eater it was another eater size I’m gonna put a small piece on there
okay folks it’s time to head home the one blue cat one eater blue cat was all
I got but me and Mama’s gonna have some more praise for the next time we want
some fish those blue cat filet sure weren’t good last night anyway time to
head for the house I’m afraid down my B some weather you


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