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Hello, Namaste, Salaam Walaikum, Sat Sri Akal. Welcome back to another session with your vahchef at today we’re going to learn makhani zinga jal pari I’m telling you wow wow wow kind of this !!! you know but for this preparation I’m going to use makhni gravy that is going to be cooked in pressure cooker first i’m going to add some butter, cardamom, clove, cinnamon and
bay leaf so I put everything in a muslin cloth and then just uh… put it in this butter add onion to add some sweeteness to the sour tomatoes we’re going to add some cashew nuts, we’re going to saute these onions till they are slightly transparent add salt add ginger garlic paste we’re going to saute this ginger garlic paste for one minute lot of red chili and little bit of green chili in fact prefer to add kashmiri red chilies that will give a very nice red colour to your gravy just add tomatoes there is so much moisture in this tomatoes and onions that you don’t need to add any water. Just put the lid of this pressure cooker we’re going to cook this for around 15 minutes. Now you know after cooking this for around 15-20 minutes i.e. almost five six whistles of a pressure cooker you know there is no point putting everything in a blender so first we’re going to extract all the liquid that is coming from this and only the solids we’re going to put
in a blender and just make into a puree after straining all this blended paste all you are left with seeds and the skin of the tomatoes you know just add one or two teaspoons of sugar in this much gravy the real good flavor for your makhani comes by adding kasturi maithi you can pretty much add anything any vegetables into this and they will taste fantastic this is a basic you know nice makhani gravy but this is not truly a makhani gravy until unless you add cream and butter once you make makhani gravy with pressure cooker method I’m telling you ssssss !!!! it’s going to be that tasty now the makhani gravy is all ready so first lets coat our shrimp we’re going to deep fry it and then we’re going to serve it on a bed of rice along with makhani gravy so lets go ahead and get our shrimp ready. Here i have got the shrimp but I need to coat them with flour, egg and then bread crumb so first I’m going to make the season flour by taking all purpose flour and add some salt in it and garam masala powder just mix all of these and keep it ready we have the season flour all already and we’re going to take the shrimp first coated with the flour once you put it in the flour now all the moisture is absorbed by the flour and then we’re going to put it in the egg and then we’re going to coat this in the bread crumb this way the bread crumb will nicely coat the shrimp and you will get very fantastic fried shrimp look at this shrimp nicely coated and we’re going to fry them in a hot oil look at the way i’m arranging them in a hot oil so that they remain in good shape okay and we’re going to fry them till they are nicely golden in colour hi have this uh… wonderful prawns all fried and ready the gravy is all ready but we going to heat up with some butter and cream so just heat this up in this I need to add pinch of uh… salt add little bit of cream into this sauce bring it to a nice silky consistency wow look at this i think this is perfect we’re going to serve this along with this awesome shrimps just make this makhani sauce but you know if you want you can pour directly on the prawns or else if you want you can just pour it on the sides that way you enjoy the rice along with this makhani and keep taking the bytes of this prawns and I’m telling you this will be one fantastic preparation wow !! and with some rice a piece of prawn. wow mmm!!! Dear friends, I hope you have enjoyed today’s session of learning makhani jinga jal pari and with pressure cooked makhani gravy but do not forget Vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking. Thank you !!!!!

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