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Kolaborasi 2 Tempat Andalan ,Ini Yg Terjadi||Perangkap ikan/Pengilar Super Jumbo

Rangas Wood Break the rope ,? indeed broken up or broken up people Break Breaking up with the current huh Maybe it still stuck down there Arrived at the mainstay Until not seen the timber You change the pole Yesterday it was already invisible Lots of rubbish behind it, bang That’s right There is no Means that broke up there was already full of garbage Yes Great again That pengilar over there Often this time There’s more or not this Even though the fish keep on going, bro Yes Why does the one here keep getting it Or maybe the road is asphalt, asphalt Alhamdulillah … this place is amazing, bro I think this is the toll road bro Here it can continue In this place, it’s not too heavy and there’s no trash Until it gets in the head After this, which is the mainstay, bro? Oh, that new installation site, the last one A good start Well, the steering wheel is stuck, bro Already, gas 4 kilos, the steward mania If it has been weighed up to 7/8 kilos, I say 4 kilos continuously Yes it is, until the guessing continues a bit Yesterday it was said 4 kilos, it turns out 5 kilos more Here it is Is this water splashing? The latest catfish fishing bait Splash of water Why didn’t you sell the cat’s cat earlier? I don’t know Clean it immediately The seeds or yellow and yellow, bro What is fed? Yes Yes all of it But this is broken It has been submerged Owh, yes yes This is water spray. Bait for fishing catfish updated Just turn it on, go directly to the mainstay A new mainstay place Why, he said he wanted to be pulled There is no boat yet Wear this is not strong huh Use that big daddy kelotok father Not strong either, the engine is small The sampean for this new big boat? The engine is Domfeng In crank means The boat is small, about this big But it is DomFeng Means I’ll crank up later Well already seen, new reliable place This place is fishy Do not be the same under the rattan to be a new mainstay 2 pounds Apparently quite large, it seems small This is the difference from the same fishing line from the pengilar The strength of the pengilar is still strong Alhamdulillah second rezeky So my spirit helps to pull the branches underneath if I can do this One left Fishing mania, this is the pillar mania, STILL 2 fish This is the last place Shake it shake Zonk Use what bait Tempe Change to a new one Okay, thanks for the guys who watched until the end Today we have 2 tilapia Pengilar mania ,, Great … Don’t forget to subscribe, thank you


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