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The hair is all the time over my face ugh D: Just the face ¿ Cant I move? Or I do? You’re so stupid… No, Im serious. Im kidding! Can I move right? Im going to ignore you. OKAY, READY Yes BUT SIR ;; Excuse me.. They’re filming this for Youtube WHAT A NICE PIC! WHAT A NICE PIC! W H A T A N I C E P I C ! Son of a ***** My heart is about to explode! Hello~ I get lost xD Again again please ;; My neck just cracked I think you can even hear it in the camera xd I cant make it up xd I’ll put it again I did it wrong put it again Dance dance Dance dance See, its still focused Okay Can I stop now? No no, keep going Keep going When you want Mantae Im going, im going AH, I took it off, wait NOKGSLEW I CANT DO SO MANY THINGS AT THE SAME TIME mANTAE ?? I DONT KNOW WHERE AM I XDD HANDSOME HANDSOoOoME EehH cMoN THAT BEAUTIFUL KIDS cmooon CMOOON thats my husband Look Pollo so pretty She’s so beautiful She’s always so pretty HANDSOME! a little louder or even better, come closer NOT THAT MUCH the police is going to get us dude, they’re going to sue us xd I told you to stay close to the speakers if not it stops xd Well, I’ll keep filming until you finish it okay? Cmon Its truly… my gosh… Eat the spinach E A T T H E S P I N A C H The last time… No, you didnt eat them.. Last time I dindt eat them cause I dont like em.. Im filming already u know? My thighs hurt because of this position


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