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Kununurra – Fresh Water Crocodile In Our Camp 🦘🇦🇺

bit of a change from last night though
I’m going live so we had the beautiful birds here last night but we got a got a
guest turned up today still the fella here so you can see he’s about I’m sat
here he sat there little freshwater crocodile
about two meters 2.2 2.3 meters long it’s quite a good-looking croc actually I will Freshwater’s uh he’s just going
out to get a bit of Sun you can see whis we normally sit on the bank here it’s
Michelle’s seat that’s our friend so I just thought you
might like to see we’re on the the edge of the lake it’s gonna be a short one
today only because the crocodile came up and I thought I’d share it with you it’s
warm so I’m sat here this guy it’s just here just being quiet come on out don’t
come on upset him but he did come to my camp I didn’t invite him look he’s going
in there he goes there he goes so he’s off back into the water he’s a big fella
lost the end of his tail so there he is calling down what do you say I say
probably a little over 2 meters actually looking at the curl of his tail
beautiful oh man he’s hot today hot and I wasn’t
expecting the guests you did come yesterday as well and I think he was on
the bank next to the chairs when we were out but if you’ve just come in and you
want to see the crocodile rewind the video back watch for the beginning and
you can see our our good friend here sorry I’m not holding the camera very
well hoping the there he is he’s a beauty I think he’s probably 2 meters 2
meters 2 meters at least turn around so there’s a little event I’ve got to get a
hat because it’s super warm really 7 I think today again so I need a bit of a
bit of shade very short video today just to just to share our visitor who was set
up on the bank who has now gone back in the water there let’s say that’s
Michelle’s chair where she was said earlier he was laying just there he’s
about definitely a couple of meters I would say the beauty now yeah I will
take care look the freshwater crocodiles are not
as aggressive as the saltwater crocodiles as long as you don’t sort of
touch and sort of antagonize them they’re not going to give you a lot of
bother but they will actually you know the carp on the bank just to just to
cool down and you just you’ve got to be you got to be wary of them today wary
that they’re there don’t go pushing and prodding them very
short video love to you all and I’ll try and do it another live chit chat in the
next 24 hours so we can just catch up and let you know what we’re up to be


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