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Labonte Park full of campers fulfilling Easter Weekend Tradition

dozens of families are betting down in tents tonight all part of an Easter weekend tradition that dates back decades it’s already started camping at Corpus Christi’s abadi Park is as much a part of the holiday as chocolate eggs and of course the Easter Bunny Action 10 Seth Kovar was that at Labonte Park today to see some of these elaborate setups so these people aren’t exactly roughing it this weekend this is my kind of camping let me tell you I saw blowup mattresses in tents generators to power lights and sound systems even a tent specially designed to take showers in the people I talked to out there say it’s not really about getting in touch with nature and on this Easter weekend it’s not really about religion either these folks come back year after year to spend time together as family and friends that’s know Easter him and that’s not exactly roughing it most of the families packing Labonte Park this Easter weekend will sleep comfortably right next to the ones they love the most the whole thing is getting all the Femina together maybe you in Minerva Castro’s case that’s a 20 maybe 25 year tradition no it’s year one for her little dog Luna but she can expect many more to come in a weekend that’s our tradition every year you know as always the kids are grown up but guys that grown-ups go do it Castro’s brother and sister-in-law right there with her and they’ve got some great gear oh it’s a shower and that’s not all the comforts from home right now we’re gonna put up this up and then we’re gonna have our fish fried and french fries these little guys have the right idea with warm weather in the forecast for the weekend they’re part of salvador Leal’s crew that campsite with the bumpin tunes hundreds of people are set up side by side for the next three days but he rose in his seventh year here doesn’t expect any problems people are cool going through it with an item everybody has a good time there’s no problems no fights it’s a good time to beard now the city does charge a fee to camp out in the bonnie park over the Easter weekend they say it’s to cover costs like trash pickup that don’t exist during other times of the year when a few people used that park this year was fifty five dollars for three days for a campsite that can fit an RV it was only $28 for the weekend for a campsite without one reporting live in the studio Seth Kovar Action 10 News

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