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Lake Somerville State Park & Trailway – Nails Creek Unit

I just completed a trip (Friday afternoon)
around the lake to check out the creeks. Jerdelle, Cedar, Nails and Birch all have some water
running in them but not a lot. Not to worry as the lake nears pool level there should
be enough depth at the lower end of each creek to bring up the fish. More rain will make
these smaller creeks better for whitebass otherwise the crappie will be the fish to
catch. The Yegua is looking good, running muddy and
up a few feet. I hiked up to the ridge in the state park overlooking the upper end of
the lake and confluence of Yegua and Nails creek. I found that there is plenty of water
for the fish to move into either creek. The lake continues to rise and is currently @ 236.19
(4:30PM 11jan2013) More rain is in the forecast and the stage is set for a very good spring
fishing season.


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