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LE PLUS GROS POISSON AU MONDE : LE REQUIN BALEINE ! [The biggest fish in the world ! ]

and he is the … the animal that I
wanted to meet … the biggest fish in the world !
the whale shark! hello Michel I’m on a whole
small island in the middle of the ocean, the island Derawan, east of Borneo
I will spend one night there to try tomorrow morning to meet an animal that I have never seen in the wild,
I’m very excited it’s going to be a real adventure, and I take you with me … it’s four o’clock in the morning, it’s a difficult wake up… but I just got a call from
villagers who saw the animal that I search, so I will quickly prepare myself … ready for 2 hours by boat
is in the middle of the ocean, we are in total darkness and he is the … the animal I wanted
meet … the biggest fish in the world! the whale shark! I just want to go in
water with him, this fish he can do more than 20 meters for more than 20 tons (max) fishermens here have a very strong relationship with the whale shark they make offerings for each great fishing, that’s why some sharks have used to come regularly
at the same boat, ask their little fish, because normally it is
feeds mainly on plankton and fish, which are no more than 10 cm it’s amazing, it’s a shark
but he has no teeth, he gobbles like that the plankton and the fish it’s really an extraordinary fish
also by its longevity, it is common to see centenarian whale sharks
and scientists have particular found a shark that was over 130 years old … we could ask ourselves questions is
what is good or bad that the people feed them here … it’s not
necessarily what we want with wild animals but I stop on the
positive it’s great that the fishermen be ready like that to share their
fish with these soft giants for me it still inspires me a lot of positive things wow whale sharks !!! subscribe to this channel and remember
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